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Introducing ubuntuupdates.org

UbuntuUpdates.org's goal is to present all software changes happening daily in Ubuntu. This website will address a number of questions Ubuntu users may have about the life and evolution of their favorite OS.

For updates:

  • what software packages have been updated today?
  • what's the difference between the old and the new version?
  • what bugs have been fixed in that update?
  • at which level was the update released (security, updates, proposed,...)?

For packages:

  • what does Ubuntu package X do?
  • in which area does package X exist (main, universe, multiverse,...)?
  • what are the versions of package X in past, present and future Ubuntu releases?

Some directions...

  • This home page shows a detailed list of package upgrades for the selected Ubuntu release.
  • In the Dashboard, number of updates per release, area, level and time period are displayed.
  • The Updates page shows a condensed list of package updates for a selected Ubuntu release or for any release.
  • You'll find the list of all bugs that have recently been addressed in the Bugs page.
  • If you're interested in the full description and release history of a particular package, enter the first letters of its name in the search box at the top of this page and hit Enter.
And naturally if you want news on Ubuntu updates, just go here.
posted at 2009-10-12 01:22:52 UTC by uupdates

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