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Origin Bug number Title Packages
Launchpad 1900897 Please build the package as upstream does google-osconfig-agent
Debian 970606 src:openjdk-*: autopkgtest times out on Debian/Ubuntu infrastructure openjdk-15
Debian 965342 openjdk-15: Please update build configuration for sparc64 openjdk-15
Debian 942788 Fix FTBFS for GNU/Hurd libproc-processtable-perl
Launchpad 1897751 Introduce the new NVIDIA 455 series nvidia-graphics-drivers-455
CVE CVE-2020-11996 A specially crafted sequence of HTTP/2 requests sent to Apache Tomcat 10.0.0-M1 to 10.0.0-M5, 9.0.0.M1 to 9.0.35 and 8.5.0 to 8.5.55 could trigger hi tomcat9 tomcat9
CVE CVE-2020-13934 An h2c direct connection to Apache Tomcat 10.0.0-M1 to 10.0.0-M6, 9.0.0.M5 to 9.0.36 and 8.5.1 to 8.5.56 did not release the HTTP/1.1 processor after tomcat9 tomcat9
Debian 972381 python-biopython FTBFS with more than one supported python3 version python-biopython
Launchpad 1887312 [SRU] Cinnamon session doesn't shutdown until all apps close regardless if they act to Cinnamon's logout request cinnamon-session
Launchpad 1899051 [SRU] Neutron Stable Releases neutron neutron
Launchpad 1899633 Repeated kernel warnings/stacktraces with kernel 5.4 and newer v4l2loopback
Debian 972038 Update gpaste to 3.36.4 gpaste gpaste
CVE CVE-2020-7729 The package grunt before 1.3.0 are vulnerable to Arbitrary Code Execution due to the default usage of the function load() instead of its secure repla grunt grunt
Launchpad 1892643 [SRU] Update libgweather to 3.36.1 libgweather
Launchpad 1896509 initramfs always tries to bring up the network even when unnecessary clevis clevis
Launchpad 1873914 initramfs clevis no carrier after 1s, no retry clevis clevis
Launchpad 1873593 clevis-initramfs no ethernet because of Error: argument \ clevis clevis
Launchpad 1896289 user should be warned about problems with multiple nics clevis clevis
Launchpad 1896294 ip: can't find device '/sys/class/net/enp1s0' clevis clevis
Launchpad 1900718 ubuntu-image turns non-sparse swapfile into a sparce file forcefully ubuntu-image ubuntu-image

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