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Origin Bug number Title Packages
CVE CVE-2016-9939 Crypto++ (aka cryptopp and libcrypto++) 5.6.4 contained a bug in its ASN.1 BER decoding routine. The library will allocate a memory block based on th libcrypto++ libcrypto++
CVE CVE-2016-3995 The timing attack protection in Rijndael::Enc::ProcessAndXorBlock and Rijndael::Dec::ProcessAndXorBlock in Crypto++ (aka cryptopp) before 5.6.4 may b libcrypto++ libcrypto++
Launchpad 1798426 Nautilus leaks memory for each recent engine search nautilus
Launchpad 1795028 Nautilus crashes during search in is_recursive_search (search-engine) nautilus
Launchpad 1798367 [SRU] nodejs should use openssl1.0 in testing as well nodejs
Launchpad 1798185 Enable CONFIG_INFINIBAND_USER_MAD linux-azure
Launchpad 1796081 dpkg frontend locking dpkg dpkg
Launchpad 1796808 frontend locking regression: dpkg::post-invoke scripts can't install packages apt apt apt
Launchpad 1790613 Regression: packagekit crashes updating itself to a new version packagekit packagekit
Launchpad 1798424 Xenial Azure: Make generation of network config from IMDS hotplug scripts configurable opt-in cloud-init cloud-init
Launchpad 1788102 ntpsec's ntpd fails to write ntp.drift file because of apparmor ntpsec
CVE CVE-2016-1240 The Tomcat init script in the tomcat7 package before 7.0.56-3+deb8u4 and tomcat8 package before 8.0.14-1+deb8u3 on Debian jessie and the tomcat6 and tomcat6 tomcat6
CVE CVE-2018-1000805 Paramiko version 2.4.1, 2.3.2, 2.2.3, 2.1.5, 2.0.8, 1.18.5, 1.17.6 contains a Incorrect Access Control vulnerability in SSH server that can result in paramiko paramiko paramiko paramiko paramiko paramiko
Launchpad 1784347 ISST-LTE: KVM:UBUNTU1804: BostonLC: fdisk -l shows the conflicting partitions name for the mpath util-linux util-linux
CVE CVE-2017-5934 Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the link dialogue in GUI ... moin moin moin moin moin moin
Launchpad 1797342 console-conf crashes on UC18 on arm64 (dragonboard and pi3 in 64bit mode) probert
Launchpad 1797304 Keyboard backlight sysfs sometimes is missing on Dell laptops linux-oem linux-oem
CVE CVE-2018-18065 _set_key in agent/helpers/table_container.c in Net-SNMP before 5.8 has a NULL Pointer Exception bug that can be used by an authenticated attacker to net-snmp net-snmp net-snmp net-snmp net-snmp net-snmp net-snmp net-snmp net-snmp net-snmp net-snmp net-snmp
Launchpad 1796940 ubuntu-release-upgrader-core missing a dependency ubuntu-release-upgrader ubuntu-release-upgrader ubuntu-release-upgrader ubuntu-release-upgrader
Launchpad 1797209 do-release-upgrade should block release upgrades in some circumstances ubuntu-release-upgrader ubuntu-release-upgrader ubuntu-release-upgrader ubuntu-release-upgrader

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