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Origin Bug number Title Packages
Launchpad 2039754 please merge openjdk-11 11.0.21+9-1 from Debian unstable openjdk-lts openjdk-lts openjdk-lts openjdk-lts openjdk-lts openjdk-lts
Debian 1051543 grub2: Fails to load normal.mod from a XFS v5 parition. grub2 grub2-unsigned grub2
Launchpad 2043101 Mantic+noble inadvertently includes the luks2 module in signed grub-efis grub2 grub2-unsigned grub2
Launchpad 2036251 FTBFS: missing strl* symbols fail the build libqb libqb
Launchpad 2003673 KVM: Enable Secure Execution Crypto Passthrough - qemu part qemu qemu
Launchpad 2038957 ppcel64 images unpack to /boot/vmlinux not /boot/vmlinuz leading to kernel feature mismatch livecd-rootfs
Launchpad 2037326 [SRU] Alacarte requires python3-cairo, however it is not listed as a dependency alacarte
Launchpad 2038834 GPU acceleration via VirGL is broken in qemu mesa mesa
CVE CVE-2023-40217 An issue was discovered in Python before 3.8.18, 3.9.x before 3.9.18, 3.10.x before 3.10.13, and 3.11.x before 3.11.5. It primarily affects servers ( python3.11 python3.11 python3.10 python3.10 python3.8 python3.8 python3.11 python3.10 python3.8 python3.8 python3.11 python3.10
CVE CVE-2022-48522 In Perl 5.34.0, function S_find_uninit_var in sv.c has a stack-based crash that can lead to remote code execution or local privilege escalation. perl perl
CVE CVE-2023-47038 Write past buffer end via illegal user-defined Unicode property perl perl perl perl perl perl perl perl
Launchpad 1970672 makedumpfile falls back to cp with \ makedumpfile
Launchpad 1931847 The ras-mc-ctl script does not match the SQLite structure rasdaemon
Launchpad 2043551 Fix headset microphone for Dell laptops with audio codec ALC295 linux-oem-6.5 linux-oem-6.5
Launchpad 2044091 Long resume on surprise dock unplug linux-oem-6.5 linux-oem-6.5
Launchpad 2039925 Realtek RTS5264 SD 7.0 cardreader support linux-oem-6.5 linux-oem-6.5
Launchpad 2044096 Support Cirrus CS35L41 codec on Dell Oasis 13/14/16 laptops linux-oem-6.5 linux-oem-6.5
CVE CVE-2023-5366 A flaw was found in Open vSwitch that allows ICMPv6 Neighbor Advertisement packets between virtual machines to bypass OpenFlow rules. This issue may openvswitch openvswitch openvswitch openvswitch
Launchpad 2037604 Backport packages for 22.04.4 HWE stack directx-headers
Launchpad 2040273 [SRU] Enable support for Caracal Cloud Archive software-properties software-properties

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