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Origin Bug number Title Packages
Debian 986674 dkms: wrong-path-for-interpreter etc/dkms/kernel_install.d_dkms (#!/usr/bin/bash != /bin/bash) dkms
Launchpad 1923116 Broken WebGL in Firefox 87.0 in xorg session firefox firefox
Launchpad 1923245 linux-aws 5.4.0-1042.44 has incorrect DKMS versions linux-aws-5.4
Debian 986526 openjdk-17: FTBFS: build-dependency not installable: openjdk-16-jdk-headless openjdk-17
CVE CVE-2020-36158 mwifiex_cmd_802_11_ad_hoc_start in drivers/net/wireless/marvell/mwifiex/join.c in the Linux kernel through 5.10.4 might allow remote attackers to exe linux-oem-5.6 linux-oem-5.6
CVE CVE-2020-0465 In various methods of hid-multitouch.c, there is a possible out of bounds write due to a missing bounds check. This could lead to local escalation of linux-oem-5.6 linux-oem-5.6
CVE CVE-2020-27830 Linux kernel NULL-ptr deref bug in spk_ttyio_receive_buf2 linux-oem-5.6 linux-oem-5.6
CVE CVE-2020-0423 In binder_release_work of binder.c, there is a possible use-after-free due to improper locking. This could lead to local escalation of privilege in t linux-oem-5.6 linux-oem-5.6
CVE CVE-2021-3411 A flaw was found in the Linux kernel in versions prior to 5.10. A violation of memory access was found while detecting a padding of int3 in the linki linux-oem-5.6 linux-oem-5.6
CVE CVE-2020-14390 A flaw was found in the Linux kernel in versions before 5.9-rc6. When changing screen size, an out-of-bounds memory write can occur leading to memory linux-oem-5.6 linux-oem-5.6
CVE CVE-2020-25285 A race condition between hugetlb sysctl handlers in mm/hugetlb.c in the Linux kernel before 5.8.8 could be used by local attackers to corrupt memory, linux-oem-5.6 linux-oem-5.6
CVE CVE-2021-3178 ** DISPUTED ** fs/nfsd/nfs3xdr.c in the Linux kernel through 5.10.8, when there is an NFS export of a subdirectory of a filesystem, allows remote att linux-oem-5.6 linux-oem-5.6
CVE CVE-2020-0466 In do_epoll_ctl and ep_loop_check_proc of eventpoll.c, there is a possible use after free due to a logic error. This could lead to local escalation o linux-oem-5.6 linux-oem-5.6
CVE CVE-2021-29154 BPF JIT compilers in the Linux kernel through 5.11.12 have incorrect c ... linux-oem-5.6 linux-oem-5.6
Launchpad 1919277 l2tp.sh from net in ubuntu_kernel_selftests cause dmesg flooded with \ linux-oem-5.6 linux-oem-5.6
Launchpad 1919147 ip_defrag.sh in net from ubuntu_kernel_selftests failed with exit code 255 on F-oem-5.6 linux-oem-5.6 linux-oem-5.6
Launchpad 1923108 FTBFS against docker 20.10 golang-github-fsouza-go-dockerclient
Launchpad 1923145 Actually support Ubuntu mkosi mkosi
Launchpad 1894862 \ virtualbox-hwe virtualbox-hwe
Debian 986447 python-django: CVE-2021-28658 python-django

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