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OpenOffice 3.2 finally available in Karmic PPA

The openoffice-pkgs PPA finally got populated today with the 3.2.0 packages. See for example the openoffice.org-base package.

I haven't tried to set it up yet. If you do, please let everybody know how it went by adding a comment below.

posted at 2010-03-24 01:20:34 UTC by uupdates

Track Lucid packages at ubuntuupdates.org

All Lucid Lynx software packages are now tracked in this website. The Lucid home page shows all the Lucid upgrades as they happen.


posted at 2010-03-22 00:12:58 UTC by uupdates

New kernel 2.6.24-27 for Hardy

A new 2.6.24 kernel is available for Hardy 8.04 in the main repository with the proposed status. The 2.6.24 changelog indicates a bunch of USB related bug fixes. Most of them address issues with Nokia phones but also Mororola Razr and some MP3 players.
posted at 2010-03-01 18:19:58 UTC by uupdates

Google Chrome in Ubuntu: 2 repositories, 3 versions

There is no less than 3 different versions of Chrome available in Ubuntu. None is available in the official Karmic repositories but the browser you want is just a PPA away.

The safest bet is to use the Google Chrome PPA. It's maintained by Google itself and that's where the official version of Chrome for Linux are. If you install Chrome from the Google website, you'll get the google-chrome-beta version from this repository.

The second option is google-chrome-unstable. It also comes from the Google repository, it's just a little bit more bleeding edge.

And the 3rd one, for those feeling really brave, there is a PPA with the Chromium builds: it's called Ubuntu Chromium Daily Builds and the package you need to install from this repository is chromium-browser. Now, this one is not for the faint of heart as this package is built entirely automatically and does not get tested at all. It's generally ahead of google-chrome-unstable by a few days.

Still undecided? You can compare all 3 versions on the chrome(*) page. It's updated daily, list all the available version and links to the PPA pages for installation instructions.

Here is a snapshot of the 3 packages taken on Feb 24th:

And finally, good news, in Lucid (soon to be added to ubuntuupdates.org), chromium-browser is in the universe repository, no need for a PPA anymore.

posted at 2010-02-25 04:39:59 UTC by uupdates

Firefox 3.5.8 changelog

Firefox 3.5.8 for Karmic was released on all platforms today February 17th. It includes security and stability fixes. Firefox 3.0.18 was also released for Intrepid.

No sign of a new 3.6.2 version.

The full list of bug fixes is available at bugzilla.mozilla.org and I copied it here for your convenience:

508760 Remove MSVC6 support from the tree
511967 Create complete and partial patches on build slaves instead of on prometheus-vm
521780 extension upgrade with a moved location breaks extension manager
536478 Assertion failure: (cx)->requestDepth || (cx)->thread == (cx)->runtime->gcThread running Thunderbird Mail Bloat tests
531712 Update shipped copy of blocklist.xml, again.
516117 no handlers listed in Tools->Options->Applications
526789 UMR in nsCookieService::CountCookiesFromHostInternal, GetCookiesFromHost, and GetCookieInternal when given empty host string
536650 Cookie values not saved for pages loaded from file://
518412 clipboard data added in Private Browsing Mode causes Windows Explorer to crash when accessing menus which include Paste after closing firefox
399412 "ASSERTION: overflow containers must be zero-height" with -moz-column, overflowing height
526739 Add iki.fi to Public Suffix List
526756 Check .mv entry in Public Suffix List
531252 Add operaunite.com to PSL
527400 OOM null deref introduced by fix for bug 514872
500777 Crash in [@ nsMimeTypeArray::GetMimeTypes() ] while logging into QMO
525300 Make it simpler to test modal dialogs (e.g. alert/confirm/prompt).
525373 Make customizable toolbars play nicely with children with disabled attributes
510920 Sync to breakpad revision 350 for breakpad fix 248, 10.5+ SDK compat
526462 Java does not get cookie information from browser
529459 crash at [@ CFDictionaryGetValue] in Safari profile migration code
494969 GSSAPI negotiate authentication may fail if /etc/resolv.conf changes
499716 Enable Buypass Class 3 CA 1 for EV in PSM
527759 Add multiple roots to NSS (single patch)
528277 Release 3.12.4 + new roots to Mozilla
515217 Crash [@ oggplay_buffer_set_last_data ] in test_media_selection.html
510040 Fix JS debugger crash on 64-bit: don't truncate PC to jsuint in jsds_FilterHook
502959 Permission denied for <http://sendsome.org> to create wrapper for object of class UnnamedClass
503926 Ignore QueryInterface exposed by non-chrome-privilege content
530939 New crash [@ GenerateFlatTextContent] in Firefox 3.6b3
492197 password manager is extremely slow at reencrypting base64-encoded signons
511474 input type password loses value when gaining focus by tabbing from previous field
534341 XPConnect should not unroot globals of non-main thread contexts
536124 Update browser/toolkit copyright dates to 2010
528470 Follow up leads from ietldlist.xml for Public Suffix List
514151 Spelling dictionary names not human readable on Linux
528184 Invalid read, missing null check in nsNSSIOLayer.cpp
541398 Windows SeaMonkey 2.0 is perma-orange on browser_ApplicationPrefs.js, since bug 504021 landing
522682 backport Breakpad issue 323 - OS X exception handler / minidump generator should set exception address correctly for EXC_BAD_ACCESS to branches
522729 mochitest-browser-chrome: intermittent "browser_aboutCrashesResubmit.js | Timed out"
526484 symbol dumper behavior fails to include certain code blocks produced by PGO (some sections of functions missing in output)
270042 Crash on startup [@ nsXULDocument::OnStreamComplete(nsIStreamLoader*, nsISupports*, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned char const*)]
496774 XPCJSRuntime::XPCJSRuntime shouldn't touch mJSRuntime without null checking something
526709 LS_QueryInterface throws the wrong exception (NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED) instead of (NS_ERROR_NO_INTERFACE)
534082 Crash at Wikipedia with -moz-column and list-item [@ nsLineBox::MarkDirty()] [@ nsBlockFrame::DoRemoveFrame(nsIFrame*, unsigned int)]
507453 negative indexes on built-in objects sometimes return special properties
515211 topcrash:[@arena_chunk_init ]
491759 Clear geolocation token when exiting private browsing
497665 images are downloaded multiple times if defined multiple times, on Shift-Reload / Ctrl+F5
440486 The FAX dialog disappear and Fax cannot be done from Firefox, but works otherwise
508774 nsGlobalModalWindow traverses mArguments twice
515700 [10.6] Browser freezing when clicking 'Help'
521306 DoS in prdtoa after bug 516396 is fixed
520500 Vorbis files rejected when fishsound fails to parse comments
543071 Perma-orange in Firefox3.5 mochitest-browser-chrome, since 2010/01/22, with timeouts in browser_privatebrowsing_beforeunload.js & others
498913 Crash when visiting www.bicycling.com with JAWS 10 running
508221 Favicons in search bar dropdown not shown if menus_have_icons=false
506249 JavaScript error: chrome://global/content/bindings/tree.xml, line 1038: Permission denied to create wrapper for object
529371 crash [@ nsWeakFrame::Init(nsIFrame*) ] [@ nsWeakFrame::InitExternal(nsIFrame*) ] checking for extension updates
534647 mochitest-browser-chrome: perma/random "browser_ApplicationPrefs.js | Timed out" after bug 152526 landing, caused by browser_bug431826.js
498648 Start private browsing while editing a message, cancel, doesn't cancel private browsing
502687 GCGraphBuilder::AddNode crashes on OOM
509824 Accessing ScriptSecurityManager off the main thread
524256 Crash stacks not unwound past XPCWrappedNative::CallMethod
posted at 2010-02-18 01:51:07 UTC by uupdates

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