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Maverick soon to be added to UbuntuUpdates

Maverick went into feature freeze today and it's now time to track 10.10 updates here.

But beware, the number of Maverick daily updates is still very high and ubuntuupdates.org home page, as well as the updates Atom feed, will get flooded with Maverick changes.

For those of us who are not yet interested in 10.10, there is a solution: in the home page, select "Show updated packages for: Lucid" and Go. That will filter out all packages that don't belong to Lucid. What it does is append "dist=lucid" to the URL. That preference is saved in a cookie so you don't have to select it again the next time you load the page.

The same applies to the Atom feed, simply add "dist=lucid" to the URL to see only Lucid updates. For a complete list of ubuntuupdates.org Atom feeds, please read All UbuntuUpdates News Feeds.

posted at 2010-08-13 02:23:06 UTC by uupdates

Thunderbird 3.1 in Lucid

Thunderbird 3.1 was released several weeks ago but sadly, there is still no clean solution to set it up in Lucid.

Of course there is thunderbird-3.1 in Ubuntu Mozilla Daily Builds but it's a very old alpha version that never got updated.

Fortunately, I just found about the Ubuntuzilla repository, it has .deb packages for the binaries published by Mozilla for Firefox, Seamonkey and Thunderbird. This repository is now tracked by UbuntuUpdates.org at Ubuntuzilla.

Things to be aware of:
  • This is 32-bit only.
  • The Ubuntuzilla binaries are installed under /opt, they don't replace the official Ubuntu binaries for Thunderbird except that /usr/bin/thunderbird gets renamed to /usr/bin/thunderbird.ubuntu and that a symlink is created from /usr/bin/thunderbird to /opt/thunderbird/thunderbird.
  • The Ubuntuzilla packages come with all the dependencies they need. All libraries from libssl to libldap are part of the packages and are installed under /opt/thunderbird for example. This way the packages are compatible with any version of Ubuntu.
  • The Thunderbird profile directory from the official Ubuntu installation is reused.
  • Addons for the new version get updated automatically.
  • Gnome interaction is okay but font smoothing is imperfect.
  • You may or may not like the new search boxes: there are now 2 of them, the first one at the top is always visible and uses the main Thunderbird search engine. The other one can be toggled ON or OFF and correspond to the search box there was in Thunderbird 2: search subject, sender or recipient. For me, this latter form of search resolved 95% of my problems and it's much faster than the new search engine. I also regret the lost vertical space due to the superposition of 2 search boxes.
The main draw of the new version is improved performances. Thunderbird 3.0 search engine was a CPU hog but 3.1 appears to be behaving very nicely.
posted at 2010-07-19 00:36:55 UTC by uupdates

Opera 10.60 in Opera PPA

The Opera PPA got updated a few hours ago with Opera 10.60. Check it out!

The release notes for 10.60 are available on the opera website.

posted at 2010-07-01 16:45:50 UTC by uupdates

All UbuntuUpdates News Feeds

UbuntuUpdates feeds got a much needed makeover today.

The changelog feed is the one that received the most attention. There are now several variations of that feed based on the desired release and the inclusion/exclusion of PPA updates. It's now formatted in HTML and includes links back to the website.

Here is the full list.

New package versions with changelog



posted at 2010-06-21 00:38:55 UTC by uupdates

KDE 4.4.4 in Lucid

It's there, in the Kubuntu Updates PPA. All packages were updated today to version 4.4.4. Check out kdeutils for example.

The changelog only says:

   * New upstream release
     - Bump build-depend versions
     - Bump up package standards version
but the official kde.org changelog page has more info.

posted at 2010-06-02 02:25:36 UTC by uupdates

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