3rd Party Repository: Super OS

This repository is available for: Lucid 

Title: Super OS repositories

Super OS (formerly: Super Ubuntu) is just a modified version of Ubuntu 10.10 (see: Super OS and Ubuntu) with the goal of making it more usable.

Daily Build: no

Install deb package at the bottom of http://hacktolive.org/wiki/Super_OS_repository.
As of 5/16/2011, the latest package is http://hacktolive.org/download/super-os-repo-installer.deb. It sets up both keys and repository.


Most recent updates in Super OS PPA (Lucid)

Date Package Version
2011-09-08 17:05:08 UTC virtualbox-4.1 4.1.2-73507~Ubuntu~lucid
2011-09-08 17:05:08 UTC wuala 0.2-15
2011-09-08 17:05:08 UTC virtualbox-3.2 3.2.12-68302~Ubuntu~lucid
2011-09-08 17:05:08 UTC zumodrive 0.989
2011-09-08 17:05:07 UTC locrepo 0.2.02

Super-os Versions in Super OS PPA

UbuntuUpdates arbitrarily picked super-os as the main package of this PPA.

Package Release Latest Version Latest Update
super-os lucid 0.2.7 2011-05-17 01:02:46 UTC

Packages in PPA for Lucid

See packages for selected release: Lucid 

Deleted packages are displayed in grey.

Head packages

mpg123 openal-soft limewire uckflow ubuntu-calendar-november
super-os ubuntu-calendar-october nautilus-dropbox super-os-installer rpm-installer
crossover-pro-demo samba crossover-standard-demo frostwire runz
super-os-repo superdeb-creator spideroak wisotool acetoneiso
file-mounter foxit-reader msttcorefonts boxee autopackage
skype getdeb-repository adobe-flashplugin adobeair adobereader-enu
amazonmp3 app-runner cabextract wine1.2-gecko furiusisomount
gnome-exe-thumbnailer google-chrome-stable google-desktop-linux googlecl googleearth
huludesktop icoutils junglediskdesktop symphony locrepo
memopal ubuntu-calendar nerolinux opera peazip
peazip-unace-plugin-linux picasa realplay reconstructor-engine remastersys
ubuntu-calendar-february teamviewer5 truecrypt ubuntu-calendar-december ubuntu-calendar-january
ubuntu-calendar-march winetricks ubuntu-restricted-extras-java ubuntu-tweak uck
uex virtualbox-3.2 w32codecs wine1.2 zeroinstall-injector
zumodrive nas libdvdcss teamviewer6 virtualbox-4.1
wuala flashplugin-nonfree google-talkplugin crossover-games-demo google-earth-stable
google-musicmanager-beta keryx

Dependent packages

limewire-basic libwbclient0 samba-common libaudio2 libdvdcss-dev
libdvdcss2 libmpg123-0 smbclient libopenal1 python-uckflow
ttf-mscorefonts-installer ttf-symbol-replacement winbind wine adobe-flash-properties-gtk
adobe-flash-properties-kde flashplugin-installer


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