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All Launchpad Ubuntu Debian CVE

Origin Bug number Title Packages
Launchpad 1375322 [Security \u0026 Privacy/Wizard] Should be possible to accept HERE T\u0026Cs after running through the wizard ubuntu-system-settings
Debian 766142 distro-info: Invalid date in ubuntu.csv - Debian Bug report logs distro-info distro-info
Launchpad 1380699 org.ofono.Error.Failed: Operation failed when activating context nuntium
Launchpad 1375951 word prediction doesn't work correctly after moving cursor ubuntu-keyboard
Launchpad 1374397 Camera app takes 1 minute to load libusermetrics
Launchpad 1382133 Issue with servers with SSLv3 disabled due to Poodle evolution-data-server evolution-data-server
Launchpad 1347257 Shouldn't add -Wformat-security and -Werror=format-security arguments if -Wno-format or -Wno-format-security is specified by the caller hardening-wrapper
Launchpad 1383138 New BT firmware for Intel 7265 D0 chipset ROM spin linux-firmware
Launchpad 1382085 python-werkzeug 0.9.4 needs an update to work with Python 2.7.8 python-werkzeug
Debian 743825 [pitivi] crashes after moving media to timeliine - Debian Bug report logs pitivi
Launchpad 1307746 [SRU] pitivi crashed with SIGSEGV in __GI___pthread_mutex_lock() pitivi
Launchpad 1382245 [MRE] Tracker 0.16.5 tracker
Launchpad 1351921 lshw needs DDR3 support lshw lshw
Launchpad 1308760 lshw doesn't deal w/ device-tree endianness lshw lshw
Launchpad 1350291 cloud-archive:juno unsupported software-properties software-properties
Launchpad 1372665 apport reports suspend/resume failure twice on boot (apportcheckresume) apport apport apport apport
Debian 703381 awl: doesn't handled that CGI's AUTH_TYPE variable is specified to be case-insensitive - Debian Bug report logs awl awl
Debian 745306 /etc/init.d/apt-p2p start fails - Debian Bug report logs apt-p2p
Debian 763156 activemq: fails to start with java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError - Debian Bug report logs activemq activemq
Launchpad 1383332 maas-cluster-controller is uninstallable on non-Intel architectures syslinux syslinux syslinux syslinux

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