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Origin Bug number Title Packages
Launchpad 1081022 logging.SysLogHandler doesn't close UNIX socket when connection failed python2.7
Launchpad 1292118 virtualbox-dkms 4.1.12-dfsg-2ubuntu0.6: virtualbox kernel module failed to build [error: incompatible types when returning type \u2018kuid_t\u2019 bu virtualbox
Launchpad 1403472 fails to start in trusty - missing package dependency smc
Launchpad 1368737 Pacemaker can seg fault on crm node online/standby pacemaker pacemaker pacemaker pacemaker
Launchpad 1382842 pacemaker should have a binary version dependency on pacemaker libs pacemaker pacemaker pacemaker pacemaker
CVE CVE-2014-3611 Race condition in the __kvm_migrate_pit_timer function in arch/x86/kvm/i8254.c in the KVM subsystem in the Linux kernel through 3.17.2 allows guest O linux
CVE CVE-2014-3610 The WRMSR processing functionality in the KVM subsystem in the Linux kernel through 3.17.2 does not properly handle the writing of a non-canonical ad linux
Launchpad 1403918 Lucid update to stable release linux
Launchpad 1363785 package icedtea-netx:amd64 1.5.1-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2 icedtea-web
Launchpad 1400232 system-config-printer crash UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xe9 in position 1441: invalid continuation byte (only UTF-8-encoded system-config-printer
Launchpad 1397750 Not able to install packages using the PackageKit D-Bus API system-config-printer
Launchpad 1394244 pycurl gives 'gnutls_handshake() warning: The server name sent was not recognized', curl on command line and wget work with same URL system-config-printer
Launchpad 1401835 system-config-printer does not automatically download and install printer driver packages any more system-config-printer
Launchpad 1394327 unmapping of persistent grants in qemu qemu qemu qemu qemu
Launchpad 1382843 uoa publishing on flickr, corrupted double-linked list error libsignon-glib
Launchpad 1307657 [SRU] UBUNTU_MENUPROXY should not be set in Xfce unity-gtk-module unity-gtk-module
Launchpad 1398171 Update firmware for Intel 3160 / 7260 / 7265 wireless linux-firmware linux-firmware
Launchpad 1396068 [Xen/xl] dom0 needs to run qemu for qcow access xen xen xen xen
Launchpad 1334950 [HP 14 Touchsmart][HP 15 Touchsmart] Volume mute LED is not working linux-lts-trusty linux-lts-trusty linux linux
Launchpad 1402853 Trusty update to v3.13.11-ckt12 stable release linux-lts-trusty linux-lts-trusty linux linux

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