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Bugs addressed in recent updates

All Launchpad Ubuntu Debian CVE

Origin Bug number Title Packages
Launchpad 1354341 14.10 Wallpapers package ubuntu-wallpapers ubuntu-wallpapers
Launchpad 1365032 \ gallery-app
Launchpad 1370018 igb driver does not initialize network cards - no link intel I210 rev03 linux linux-lts-utopic
Launchpad 1359146 Kernel crash when mounting bcache on a vm with virtio linux linux-lts-utopic
Launchpad 1370535 linux: 3.16.0-16.22 -proposed tracker linux linux-lts-utopic
Launchpad 1370211 cloud package should not be built when DEB_STAGE=stage1 / DEB_BUILD_PROFILE=bootstrap is set linux linux-lts-utopic
Launchpad 1364725 logind session ID not used due to race condition lightdm
Launchpad 1370327 Add API to get UID for users lightdm
Launchpad 1348251 please make use of pam_tally2 for Touch login and screenunlock lightdm
Launchpad 1350357 Support disabling of user switching per seat lightdm
Launchpad 1305006 Crashes running display server scripts for non X servers lightdm
Launchpad 1190581 Support logind's automatic multiseat feature lightdm
Launchpad 1362321 color management patch breaks PPD updating via web-interface in CUPS 1.7 cups cups
Launchpad 1269017 Emojis not fully supported which results in blank received SMS messages messaging-app
Launchpad 1073108 grub-pc fails to boot (system resets after GRUB prompt) on degraded RAID grub2 grub2
Launchpad 1358870 update numpy to 1.8.2 in trusty python-numpy
Launchpad 1366868 kvm: dompmwakeup fails if domain becomes pmsuspended seabios
Launchpad 1367241 Incorrect udev-fallback-graphics.conf systemd systemd
Launchpad 1325629 After an app update is installed the main panel still shows update available ubuntu-system-settings
Launchpad 1370443 Crash after enabling line numbers retext

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