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Origin Bug number Title Packages
Launchpad 1591784 [update-request] FreeFileSync - New version 8.2 freefilesync
Launchpad 1604499 include loopback and squash4 modules in EFI binary grub2 grub2
Launchpad 1603719 [regression] NFS client: access problems after updating to kernel 4.4.0-31-generic linux linux-lts-xenial linux
Launchpad 1580740 [SRU] Cannot open a browser link from a snap that provides a link snapd-xdg-open
Launchpad 1599491 kdump-tools install script uses deprecated syntax makedumpfile
Launchpad 1570775 makekdump should re-exec with cio_ignore on s390x makedumpfile
Launchpad 1599561 Ubuntu 16.04.01 kdump: IP prefix is missing in the directory name after first dump during kdump over ssh. makedumpfile
Launchpad 1568952 ISST-LTE:pVM:thymelp2:ubuntu 16.04: change \ makedumpfile
Launchpad 1571590 pVM:pinelp2:ubuntu 16.04: Network is unreachable when using ssh in kdump makedumpfile
Launchpad 1605276 Please update linux-firmware to add 1.7 broxton firmware linux-firmware
Launchpad 1599071 Add Intel 8265 Bluetooth firmware linux-firmware
Launchpad 1604007 [SRU] mitaka point releases aodh openstack-trove ceilometer ceilometer
Launchpad 1585942 Mesa causes a segmentation fault on arm64 (wrong count of uniform locations) mesa mesa
Launchpad 1604851 Missing arm64 xmir binaries xorg-server xorg-server
Launchpad 1574320 package xserver-xorg-core 2:1.18.3-1ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/xorg/modules/libglamoregl.so', which is also in xorg-server xorg-server
Launchpad 1571295 pptpd module config loaded at wrong location pptpd
Launchpad 1578201 ampache does not work on xenial/php7 ampache
Launchpad 1571402 icingaweb2 2.1.0 fails to run with PHP7 icingaweb2
Launchpad 1590688 clamav-daemon doesn't start after installation clamav clamav
Launchpad 1577916 Missing dependencies ganglia-web

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