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Origin Bug number Title Packages
CVE CVE-2016-0744 RESERVED nginx nginx nginx nginx
CVE CVE-2016-0743 RESERVED nginx nginx nginx nginx
CVE CVE-2016-0742 Invalid pointer dereference might occur during DNS server response processing nginx nginx nginx nginx
Launchpad 1538165 Security Issues Impacting NGINX: 1.8.x, 1.9.x nginx nginx nginx nginx
Launchpad 1540731 SocketMessenger::update_session_creds() fails to get client PID, causing \ linux linux-lts-wily linux
Launchpad 1542049 lxc: ADT exercise test failing with linux-4.4.0-3.17 linux linux-lts-wily linux
Launchpad 1540965 Support Joyent lx-brand environment in smartos datasource cloud-init cloud-init cloud-init cloud-init
Launchpad 1494141 Please backport haproxy 1.5.14-1ubuntu0.15.10.1 from wily-updates haproxy haproxy
Launchpad 1523637 grub-installer fails due to alternate disk partition error - 14.04.3 debian-installer libdebian-installer
Launchpad 1539885 Please backport svtplay-dl 0.30.2016.01.10-1 (universe) from xenial svtplay-dl
Launchpad 1540933 /var/lib/lightdm not created by default lightdm
Launchpad 1480349 thermald breaks frequency scaling in Xeon\u00ae E5-2687W v3 \u0026 E5-1650 v3 thermald thermald
Launchpad 961166 lb_binary_disk doesn't check compression of the initramfs live-build live-build
Launchpad 1538775 multipath-tools-boot relies on scsi_wait_scan module, fails multipath setup multipath-tools
Launchpad 1486370 ISST-LTE: not all mpath device files are symbol link multipath-tools
Launchpad 1496210 multipath-tools lacks the default settings for IBM 2810XIV storage system multipath-tools
Launchpad 1526984 ISST-LTE: root mpath device unavailable after installation multipath-tools
Launchpad 1432062 multipath-tools-boot: support booting without user_friendly_names on devices with spaces in identifiers multipath-tools
Launchpad 1540537 make ovs-vsctl not raise error if there's no portData available. libvirt
Launchpad 1503034 Autofs 5.1.1-1ubuntu2 crashes with segfault on startup autofs autofs

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