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Origin Bug number Title Packages
Launchpad 1564653 trusty: arm64: no grub.efi generated by d-i debian-installer
Launchpad 1593378 crash in slap_bv2ad using repeated tags openldap openldap
Launchpad 1595627 Pacemaker fails to start and reports a Library Error libqb
Launchpad 1595021 Backport dh-golang 1.13 to trusty dh-golang
Launchpad 1436940 Qualcomm Atheros QCA6164 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter [168c:0041] is not supported linux-firmware
Launchpad 1594118 Indicator shows outdated translates evolution-indicator
Launchpad 1595749 Correct Apache syntax for PHP7.0 fusionforge
Debian 820856 bash: Please add ~/.local/bin to the default $PATH - Debian Bug report logs bash bash
Launchpad 1588562 Please add ~/.local/bin to the default $PATH bash bash
Launchpad 1595869 SRU: apply four upstream bug fixes in bash for 16.04 LTS bash bash
CVE CVE-2016-3134 The netfilter subsystem in the Linux kernel through 4.5.2 does not validate certain offset fields, which allows local users to gain privileges or cau linux-lts-vivid linux-lts-wily linux-lts-utopic linux linux linux linux-lts-vivid linux-lts-wily linux-lts-trusty linux linux-lts-utopic linux linux
Launchpad 1052936 Progress bar in \ ubuntu-themes
Launchpad 1101881 software-properties-gtk crashed with TypeError in __new__(): object of type 'NoneType' has no len() software-properties software-properties
Launchpad 1595350 Linux netfilter local privilege escalation issues linux-lts-vivid linux-lts-wily linux-lts-utopic linux-lts-xenial linux linux linux linux linux-lts-vivid linux-lts-xenial linux-lts-wily linux-lts-trusty linux linux-lts-utopic linux linux linux
Launchpad 1583563 System will not start with multipathd enabled multipath-tools
Launchpad 1589526 fcp multipath devices does not exist after reboot multipath-tools
Launchpad 1578638 multipath tools wrong dependecy multipath-tools
Launchpad 1581853 Source prefs.sh as privileged user to allow user mods lightdm
Launchpad 1509829 lightdm-guest-session profile is too strict to input Japanese text with fcitx-mozc lightdm
Launchpad 1575200 Error connecting to X server via IPv6 lightdm

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