Bugs addressed in recent updates

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Origin Bug number Title Packages
Launchpad 1585948 Mitaka Ubuntu theme has a number of bugs horizon
Launchpad 1586048 ipmi sel time set is setting 30 mins less than given time in OOB, and 30 mins more than given time in in-band method (ipmitool) ipmitool
Launchpad 1575339 Gnome Software catalog entry missing for Scribus scribus
Launchpad 1582687 workbench crashes metacity on ubuntu 16.04 metacity
Launchpad 1580463 Snap blocks access to system input methods (ibus, fctix, ...) im-config
Launchpad 1492443 bluetooth-wizard cannot pair with a 1byone bluetooth keyboard (or possibly, any keyboard that requires a PIN code?) unity-control-center
Launchpad 1584509 hybrid CDs/DVDs not mounted in xenial util-linux
Launchpad 1388743 iOS 8.1 - Could not start com.apple.mobile.installation_proxy! libimobiledevice libimobiledevice
Launchpad 1585797 Distinguish between input method \ language-selector
Launchpad 1577268 Brasero can't find libdvdcss when going from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 brasero
Launchpad 1574090 Brasero not translated at all on ubuntu 16.04 brasero
Launchpad 1585614 libc on 2016-05-25 causes Apache not to restart, libm.so.6: symbol __strtold_nan, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file libc.so.6 with link time glibc glibc eglibc eglibc eglibc eglibc eglibc eglibc eglibc eglibc glibc glibc
Launchpad 1562346 [Bottom launcher] Workspace icon switcher changes workspace when it shouldn't compiz compiz
Launchpad 1521302 gnome-terminal maximize than un-maximize behaves odd compiz compiz
Launchpad 1575168 Selecting a scaled window with mouse breaks keyboard navigation compiz compiz
Launchpad 1574866 Compiz does not paint background compiz compiz
Launchpad 1573897 Workspace Switcher Shows an Empty Space in Left Side when Launcher is Moved to Bottom unity unity
Launchpad 1580212 /usr/bin/compiz:11:nux::ObjectPtr:nux::ObjectPtr:nux::ObjectPtr:unity::dash:::sigc::internal::signal_emit0 unity unity
Launchpad 1580211 /usr/bin/compiz:11:unity::switcher::Controller::Impl::GetCurrentSelection:unity::switcher::Controller::Impl::Hide:unity::switcher::Controller::Hide:u unity unity
Launchpad 1574689 Middle-clicking application icon in switcher, doesn't close it unity unity

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