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Title: Pidgin Developers PPA

This PPA contains packages of the current version of Pidgin for all versions of Ubuntu currently supported on the desktop. This allows you to stay current with Pidgin while using a stable release of Ubuntu.

Daily Build: no

To install this PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pidgin-developers/ppa 
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install <package name>
where <package name> is one of the packages below.


Most recent updates in Pidgin PPA (Trusty)

Date Package Version
2015-01-12 11:07:55 UTC pidgin 1:2.10.11-1ubuntu0+pidgin7.14.04
2015-01-12 10:07:54 UTC libgadu 1:1.12.0-5~pidgin6.14.04
2015-01-12 03:08:05 UTC libgadu *DELETED*
2015-01-12 03:08:05 UTC pidgin 1:2.10.11-1ubuntu0+pidgin6.14.04
2015-01-12 02:08:00 UTC pidgin 1:2.10.11-1ubuntu0+pidgin5.14.04

Packages in PPA for Trusty

Deleted packages are displayed in grey.

Head packages

Dependent packages


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