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Name: lxd


Container hypervisor based on LXC - daemon

Latest version: 3.0.2-0ubuntu1~18.04.1
Release: bionic (18.04)
Level: proposed
Repository: main
Homepage: https://linuxcontainers.org/


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base main 3.0.0-0ubuntu4
base universe 3.0.0-0ubuntu4
updates universe 3.0.1-0ubuntu1~18.04.1
updates main 3.0.1-0ubuntu1~18.04.1
proposed universe 3.0.2-0ubuntu1~18.04.1

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Version: 3.0.2-0ubuntu1~18.04.1 2018-10-03 03:06:36 UTC

  lxd (3.0.2-0ubuntu1~18.04.1) bionic; urgency=medium

  * New upstream bugfix release (LP: #1788280):
    - container: containerCreateAsCopy() update pool
    - forkmount: ignore ENOENT and EINVAL on umount2()
    - nsexec: simplify attach_userns()
    - Fall back to alternate way of detecting minor version of NVIDIA driver
    - lxd/maas: Make error more readable
    - lxd-p2c: Send rsync output to stderr
    - lxd/migration: Don't pass -vP to a hidden rsync
    - lxc: Properly handle --target in copy and move
    - memory: fix format string
    - lxc/move: Support config and profile overrides
    - i18n: Update translation templates
    - exec: fix format string
    - images: fix format string
    - migrate: remove debug residuals
    - lvm: fix format string
    - db: fix format string
    - nsexec: prevent fd leak
    - Fix the storage_pool_id filter for the WHERE clause of StoragePoolsConfig
    - Fix lints
    - Extract cmdInit.ApplyConfig into a separate initApplyConfig function
    - Split initApplyConfig into initDataNodeApply and initDataClusterApply
    - Fix broken alternate TLS server cert in integration tests
    - lxd/containers: Don't update MAAS for snapshots
    - lxd/maas: Allow starting with MAAS offline
    - Enable tcp KeepAlive
    - lxd/cluster: Improve error on bad target
    - reader: Handle EINTR
    - allow uidmaps to be parsed from alternate roots
    - lxd/storage/zfs: Improve defaults
    - test: Fix static analysis
    - Allow identity mappings for unprivileged containers
    - container: adapt allowedUnprivilegedOnlyMap()
    - shared: Dereference directory symlinks
    - lxd,shared: Move parseNumberFromFile to shared
    - lxc/network: Add --format option to list
    - lxd/db: Don't hang after bad request
    - lxd/apparmor: Allow ro bind-mounts and remounts
    - idmap: support skipping directories
    - lxd: Properly set containerArgs in all cases
    - lxd/storage: Fix PATCH on storage pools
    - container: use lxcSetConfigItem() for lxc.log.file
    - lxc/cluster: Remove bad alias
    - lxd/storage: Fix volume creation API
    - tests: Add alternative TCP port finder
    - doc: Document hostname requirements
    - networks: Support stateful DHCPv6 with prefixes longer than /64
    - lxd/networks: Skip DHCP mangle if firewall off
    - network: do not print writer struct on error
    - lxd/patches: Force a one-time config re-gen
    - storage pools: move structs
    - storage volumes: move structs
    - images: move structs
    - client: Export OperationWait
    - lxd/cluster: Only restart local containers
    - images: consistently name command structs
    - cluster: move structs
    - api 1.0: move struct
    - api internal: move structs
    - certificates: move structs
    - events: move structs
    - operations: move structs
    - profiles: move structs
    - resources: move structs
    - container logs: move structs
    - container post: move structs
    - lxd/storage/btrfs: Fix recursive snapshots
    - lxd/cluster: Fix attaching CEPH custom volumes
    - lxd/storage: Fix double quoting
    - Reduce the frequency of raft snapshots
    - lxd/storage/ceph: Don't keep snapshots mounted
    - util linux: add abstract unix socket helpers
    - proxy: Rework to match master
    - lxd: Cleanup logging
    - lxd: Improve error messages
    - proxy: Properly handle relay errors
    - lxd/certificates: Log password failures
    - proxy: handle full socket buffer
    - gpu: special case passing all GPUs
    - gpu: don't fail during parse
    - gpu: handle cards among Nvidia devices
    - gpu: fix Nvidia minor index parsing
    - lxd/containers: Fix removing NVIDIA containers
    - doc: Add links to REST API
    - doc: Fix storage volume examples
    - lxd/operations: Forward to right cluster node
    - lxc/{copy,move}: Allow overriding device config
    - i18n: Update translations
    - tests: Perform a lazy umount in case of errors
    - lxd/networks: Improve dnsmasq leases cleanup
    - migration: fix cross version migrations
    - doc: Note that default profile cannot be deleted/renamed
    - lxc/profile: Fix "get" command
    - lxd: Prevent renaming/deletion of the default profile
    - test: Test default profile renaming/deletion
    - Fix "neighbour: ndisc_cache: neighbor table overflow"
    - lxd: Fix StoragePoolVolumesGetNames
    - lxd/apparmor: Fix typo in nesting profile
    - lxd/patches: Make config re-gen fault tollerant
    - fix links in api-extension
    - lxd/db: Fix handling of NetworkConfigClear
    - lxd/networks: Fix PATCH operations
    - lxd/networks: Improve error on missing openvswitch
    - tests: Add test for network put/patch
    - lxd/networks: Fix revert on update failure
    - Allow deleting storage pools that only contain image volumes
    - lxd/storage: Remove image on pool deletion
    - lxd/storage: Keep images when deleting pool
    - lxd/init: Allow selecting custom Fan underlay
    - lxd/init: Fix typo in Fan question
    - lxd/networks: Calculate Fan MTU based on parent
    - shared/util: Fix unit parsing (metric vs iec)
    - lxd/storage/lvm: Round size to closest 512 bytes
    - lxd/storage: Drop late size check
    - lxd/storage/lvm: Fix umount logic during btrfs copy
    - lxd/storage/ceph: Mount the fs after growing the block
    - tests: Switch to MiB for btrfs resize
    - tests: Fix race in network test
    - lxc: Switch to Ubuntu 18.04 as initial container
    - lxc: Be clever about when showing "lxd init"
    - client: Split LXD download code into own function
    - client: Attempt to fetch through devlxd
    - Make lvm.thinpool_name and lvm.vg_name node-specific
    - This should have been a patch, for easier backporting
    - i18n: Update translation templates
    - zfs: Support querying version through modinfo
    - lxd/networks: Fix port number for DHCPv6
    - Don't include container name in backups/snapshots
    - client: Fix CopyContainerSnapshot API
    - lxc/copy: Update to fixed CopyContainerSna

1788280 SRU of LXD 3.0.2
1788314 Conflict between zfs-linux and s390-tools

Version: *DELETED* 2018-06-27 18:07:11 UTC
No changelog for deleted or moved packages.

Version: 3.0.1-0ubuntu1~18.04.1 2018-06-14 10:07:20 UTC

  lxd (3.0.1-0ubuntu1~18.04.1) bionic; urgency=medium

  * New usptream bugfix release (LP: #1775290):
    - lxc: Fix mistakenly hidden commands
    - i18n: Update translation templates
    - lxd/migration: Pre-validate profiles
    - client: Improve remote operation errors
    - Fix some typos and wording.
    - Wording fix.
    - lxc/image: Fix crash due to bad arg parsing
    - lxd: add missing limits.h include
    - lxd/init: Fix --auto with network config
    - lxc: Consistent naming of clustering terms
    - i18n: Update translation templates
    - lxc/file: Fix pushing files to remote
    - lxd/init: Don’t setup a remote storage pool by default
    - Fix lxd init failing to join cluster interactively with existing zfs pool
    - lxc/query: Fix -d and -X
    - lxc/help: Make help respect --all too
    - Fix typo in help of “lxc network”
    - Properly filter node-level storage configs by pool ID
    - i18n: Update translation templates
    - lxd/init: Consistency
    - Make new gofmt happy
    - lxc/file: Allow using -r to follow symlinks
    - Replace juju/idmclient with CanonicalLtd/candidclient
    - lxc/config: Fix adding trust cert on snap
    - lxc/alias: Fix example in help message
    - i18n: Update translation templates
    - client: Introduce LXD_SOCKET
    - Makefile: Add a manifest
    - containers: fix snapshot deletion
    - lxc/init: Add missing --no-profiles
    - i18n: Update translations
    - lxc/file: Fix pull target logic
    - doc: Fix example in userns-idmap
    - devices: fail if Nvidia device minor is missing
    - Add db.ContainersNodeList
    - storage: createContainerMountpoint() fix perms
    - ceph: s/0755/0711/g
    - lvm: s/0755/0711/g
    - storage utils: s/0755/0711/g
    - zfs: s/0755/0711/g
    - patches: add “storage_api_path_permissions”
    - sys/fs: s/MkdirAll/Mkdir/g
    - btrfs: fix permissions
    - Pass a logger to raft-http
    - Add new cluster.Promote function
    - Add new cluster.Rebalance function
    - Notify the cluster leader after a node removal, so it can rebalance
    - Add integration test
    - doc: Tweak backup.md
    - lxd/init: Require root for interactive cluster join
    - Disable flaky unit tests for now
    - Log the error that made Daemon.Init() fail
    - client: Expose http URL in ConnectionInfo
    - lxc/query: Add support for non-JSON endpoints
    - Handle empty query strings
    - Support reading queries from standard in
    - Support passing multiple queries
    - Rename database files
    - Support querying both local and global database
    - Update integration tests
    - Normalize name of images_aliases table
    - Add query.Dump helper to dump schema and data
    - Add support for dump command in lxd sql
    - lxd/containers: Fix lxc.net 1 check
    - doc/backup.md: update snap path
    - Add lxc cluster enable command
    - Fix command description formatting
    - Update .pot files
    - Use an isolated LXD instance in integration tests
    - Start a container in the integration test
    - Address style comments
    - add LXD_UNPRIVILEGED_ONLY to disallow privileged containers.
    - lxd: tweak LXD_UNPRIVILEGED_ONLY
    - tests: add tests for LXD_UNPRIVILEGED_ONLY
    - Reword errors when LXD_UNPRIVILEGED_ONLY is set
    - lxd/containers: Allow sending progress
    - lxc/rename: Deal with remote renames
    - lxd/db: Don’t crash on empty queries
    - lxd/sql: Drop custom table renderer
    - lxd/network: Fix fan subnet calculation logic
    - Update translations from weblate
    - lxc/main: Fix remote caching
    - lxc/storage_volumes: Various fixes
    - tests: Add extra cleanup code
    - lxd/storage: Also set zfs.pool_name on upgrade
    - migration: fix btrfs live migration
    - lxd/containers: Fix broken unix hotplug logic
    - lxc/list: Reduce number of API calls
    - Make the interaction betwean lxd daemon and waitready non-blocking
    - Increase logging during startup
    - Remove log alias for waitready
    - Remove log alias for db.OpenCluster
    - Make Unavailable accept an error parameter
    - Add a new Schema.File() method to load extra queries from a file
    - Add support for patch.local.sql and patch.global.sql
    - Add integration tests
    - Add shared.DirCopy to recursively copy a directory.
    - Update database.md
    - Backup global database if non-clustered
    - lxd/init: Offer to setup a Fan bridge when clustered
    - lxd init: fix maas.api.url check when setting up existing bridge
    - Take raft snapshots more frequently and at shutdown
    - Add --schema flag to lxd sql to dump only the schema.
    - Update database.md with information about lxd sql and patch.*.sql
    - Document how to dump the content or schema of databases
    - Fix shell lints
    - Disable snapshot logging, as it’s too verbose now
    - Make .dump and .schema special queries, for consistency with sqlite3
    - Run make i18n
    - xattr: Support empty values
    - doc: s/status command/info command/
    - lxd/init: Explain password less behavior
    - Make waitready less verbose
    - devices: clone mode of device
    - lxd/init: Have --auto setup networkng if missing
    - container_lxc: fix optional property for disk devs
    - test: Fix busybox image
    - lxc/action: Fix pause
    - lxd/callhook: Respect LXD_SOCKET environment variable
    - forkfile: only open O_RDWR if necessary
    - Consider a copy to be local only when not clustered
    - Add integration tests
    - api: Add backup structs
    - client: Implement backup functionality
    - shared: Implement RunCommandWithFds
    - btrfs: add doContainerCreate()
    - btrfs: add doContainerSnapshotCreate()
    - ceph: ensure fs consistency when snapshotting
    - ceph: ensure fs consistency when restoring
    - ceph: add doContainerCreate()
    - ceph: add doContainerMount()
    - lvm: add doContainerMount()
    - zfs: add doContainerMount()
    - zfs: add do*() helpers
    - lvm: use internal pool name

1775290 SRU of LXD 3.0.1 (upstream bugfix release)
1770395 lxd missing dependency on iproute2

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