Package "kodi-pvr-dvbviewer"

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Name: kodi-pvr-dvbviewer


DVBViewer PVR for Kodi

Latest version: 6:19.1.0-1~focal
Release: focal (20.04)
Level: base
Repository: main


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Version: 7.3.1-1~focal 2021-07-03 19:08:04 UTC

 kodi-pvr-dvbviewer (7.3.1-1~focal) focal; urgency=low
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Version: 7.3.0-1~focal 2021-03-09 15:07:52 UTC

 kodi-pvr-dvbviewer (7.3.0-1~focal) focal; urgency=low
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Version: 7.2.0-1~focal 2021-02-19 15:08:36 UTC

 kodi-pvr-dvbviewer (7.2.0-1~focal) focal; urgency=low
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Version: 3.7.13-1~focal 2020-05-11 20:08:55 UTC

 kodi-pvr-dvbviewer (3.7.13-1~focal) focal; urgency=low
   [ Manuel Mausz ]
   * For changelog information, please consult
   [ wsnipex ]
   * 3.7.13 [fixed] package search for TinyXML [updated] build system
     version [updated] header include way 3.7.12 [fixed] thread stack
     overflow on OS X 3.7.6 [fixed] Seektimes for ongoing recordings
     3.7.5 [added] Add support for (on-the-fly) transcoding of recordings
     3.7.2 [fixed] Hidden profile id setting [fixed] Assignment error
     3.7.1 [updated] Modify stream read chunk size setting so that 0 is
     Kodi's default 3.7.0 [added] Support for new key/value store API.
     Requires DMS or higher [added] Store recordings play
     position and play count on the backend. Thanks to popy2k14 for
     testing 3.6.8 [fixed] Fix stream read chunk size unit 3.6.7
     [added] AutoTimers: Populate the series-field with the timers name
     [added] PVR API 5.10.0: Add stream read chunk size as addon setting
     3.6.2 [fixed] Some general timer fixes [fixed] AutoTimers backend
     check 3.6.1 [updated] Autotimers: Changed default value for
     deduplication to EPG title + subtitle 3.6.0 [added] Support for
     autotimers [updated] Rewrite threaded part of timeshift buffer
     [updated] General code cleanup [fixed] Memory leak in translated
     strings 3.5.0 [updated] to PVR API v5.10.0 3.4.7 [added] Custom
     timeout setting for livetv connections and timeshift 3.4.6 [added]
     Support for guest privileges 3.4.5 [fixed] Recording playback if
     EDL is disabled 3.4.4 [added] EDL support for recordings. Requires
     DMS or higher 3.4.3 [fixed] Creating timers from epg guide
     [updated] Timers code cleanup 3.4.2 [updated] Rename RS to DMS
     [updated] Add support for custom timers [fixed] Playback of ongoing
     recordings [fixed] Group by directory: Don't lowercase the group
     [fixed] Check API return code after deleting a recording 3.4.1
     [updated] to PVR API v5.9.0 3.4.0 [updated] to PVR API v5.8.0
     3.3.3 [fixed] Preserve whitespaces in EPG 3.3.0 [updated] to final
     PVR API v5.7.0 3.2.2 [updated] to PVR API v5.7.0 3.2.1 [removed]
     legacy functions 3.2.0 [updated] to PVR API v5.6.0 [updated]
     migrate add-on settings to settings library 3.1.0 [updated] to PVR
     API v5.3.0 3.0.6 [added] Support for Wake-on-Lan [fixed] Channel
     parsing if no favourites have been defined 3.0.5 [added] Support
     for grouping recordings by title (by heikobihr) [updated] Load
     remote favourites from channellist [fixed] Group recordings by
     recording directory (by heikobihr) 3.0.4 [changed] Remove of never
     used addon interface function 3.0.3 [updated] Debian package
     control [changed] PVR addon callback way 3.0.2 [updated] Removed
     old no more needed version functions 3.0.1 [updated] Set dependency
     versions automatic during build [updated] Removed never used kodi to
     addon functions [fixed] Truncate buffer file on stop [fixed] Make
     sure bufferpath exists [updated] Add support for on-pause/on-demand
     timeshifting 3.0.0 [updated] Initial Kodi v18 version 2.4.6
     [fixed] added support for connection state change callback [removed]
     RTSP support 2.4.3 [updated] Language files from Transifex 2.4.2
     [updated] Language files from Transifex 2.4.1 [updated] Language
     files from Transifex 2.4.0 [cmake] rename find_package kodi to Kodi
     2.3.3 [fixed] includes 2.3.2 [fixed] crash if timer isn't repeating
     [fixed] timer ids didn't start at 1 2.3.1 [fixed] timerlist utf8
     url parameter. As a result the xml wasn't UTF-8 2.3.0 [updated] to
     PVR API v5.2.0 2.2.0 [updated] to PVR API v5.1.1 [updated] Require
     DVB Viewer Recording Service 1.30.1 or later [updated] implemented
     PVR_RECORDING.iChannelUid (PVR API v5.0.0) [updated] code cleanup
     [fixed] timeshift buffer path: allow escaping from
     special://userdata 2.1.0 [updated] to PVR API v5.1.0 [updated]
     extend low performance mode [fixed] fixed channel switching with
     timeshift enabled [fixed] various thread saftey and code fixes
     2.0.1 [updated] Language files from Transifex 2.0.0 Initial Kodi
     Krypton version. 1.11.10 [updated] Language files from Transifex
     1.11.9 [updated] Language files from Transifex 1.11.8 [updated]
     Language files from Transifex 1.11.7 [updated] to PVR API v4.1.0
     1.11.6 [updated] to PVR API v4.0.0 1.11.5 [updated] to PVR API
     v3.0.0 (API 1.9.7 compatibility mode) 1.11.4 [updated]
     Automatically fill in platform and library name 1.11.3 [updated] to
     PVR API v2.1.0 1.11.2 [fixed] Debian packaging: fix library install
     path [fixed] Miscellaneous backend fixes 1.11.1 [updated] to PVR
     API v2.0.0 1.11.0 [updated] to PVR API v1.9.7 1.10.33 [updated]
     Language files from Transifex 1.10.32 [updated] to use new
     libplatform-dev 1.10.31 [fixed] Authentication credentials with
     symbols. [fixed] Playback of ongoing recordings didn't work if the
     channel has been renamed [updated] to PVR API v1.9.6 1.10.30
     [updated] to PVR API v1.9.5 1.10.29 [added] RecordingReader: Allows
     playback of ongoing recordings There are still some minor
     quirks. e.g. In case we reach the end during playback/seek
     we'll sleep until the next refresh. This should happen once
     but sometimes this happens twice. [added] Support for putting
     outline before plot [fixed] Removed custom notification if backend
     is unavailable [fixed] A new timer has been removed and re-added
     again shortly after it has been added the first time 1.10.0
     [updated] to PVR API v1.9.4 1.9.27 [updated] Language files from
     Transifex 1.9.26 [updated] Language files from Transifex [fixed]
     Minor changes to conform with C++11 1.9.25 [ad

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