Package "cl-asdf-finalizers"

This package belongs to a PPA: Postgresql

Name: cl-asdf-finalizers


Enforced finalization of ASDF Common Lisp components
This library allows you to implement and enforce proper finalization of
compile-time constructs while building Lisp source files. It depends on
ASDF 2.22.3 or later.

Latest version: 20170403-1~pgdg16.04+1
Release: xenial-pgdg
Level: base
Repository: main


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Repository Area Version
base universe 20170403-1
PPA: Postgresql 20150608-1~pgdg12.4+1
PPA: Postgresql 20170403-1~pgdg14.04+1


Version: 20170403-1~pgdg16.04+1 2018-07-05 14:09:52 UTC
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