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Name: python3-django-sass


simplest way to use Sass with Django
The module is the absolute simplest way to use Sass with Django. Pure Python,
minimal dependencies, and no special configuration required. django-sass only
depends on libsass.

Other packages such as django-libsass and django-sass-processor, while nice
packages, require django-compressor which itself depends on several other
packages that require compilation to install.

* If you simply want to use Sass in development without installing a web of
unwanted dependencies, then django-sass is for you.
* If you don't want to deploy any processors or compressors to your
production server, then django-sass is for you.
* If you don't want to change the way you reference and serve static files,
then django-sass is for you.
* And if you want the absolute simplest installation and setup possible for
doing Sass, django-sass is for you too.

Latest version: 1.0.0-1~pgdg20.04+1
Release: jammy-pgdg
Level: base
Repository: main
Head package: django-sass
Homepage: https://github.com/coderedcorp/django-sass


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Repository Area Version
base universe 1.0.0-3
PPA: Postgresql 1.0.0-1~pgdg20.04+1


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