Package "linux-nvidia-tegra-5.15-tools-common"

Name: linux-nvidia-tegra-5.15-tools-common


Linux kernel version specific tools for version 5.15.0

Latest version: 5.15.0-1017.17~20.04.1
Release: focal (20.04)
Level: updates
Repository: universe
Head package: linux-nvidia-tegra-5.15


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security universe 5.15.0-1017.17~20.04.1


Version: 5.15.0-1017.17~20.04.1 2023-09-20 17:07:53 UTC

  linux-nvidia-tegra-5.15 (5.15.0-1017.17~20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

  * focal/linux-nvidia-tegra-5.15: 5.15.0-1017.17~20.04.1 -proposed tracker
    (LP: #2033698)

  * Packaging resync (LP: #1786013)
    - [Packaging] update helper scripts
    - debian/dkms-versions -- update from kernel-versions (main/d2023.07.17)

  * Jammy update: v5.15.44 upstream stable release (LP: #1981649)
    - [Config] remove blake2s_compress_generic EXPORT_SYMBOL

  [ Ubuntu: 5.15.0-1017.17 ]

  * jammy/linux-nvidia-tegra: 5.15.0-1017.17 -proposed tracker (LP: #2033697)
  * Re-enable CONFIG_MEMCG on the Tegra kernels (LP: #2032954)
    - [Config] linux-nvidia-tegra: Re-enable CONFIG_MEMCG
  * NVIDIA pull requests 2023-08-07, 2023-08-11, 2023-08-22 (LP: #2031567)
    - SAUCE: memory: tegra: add nvlink clients for NVGPU
    - SAUCE: arm64: configs: Disable BRCMFMAC driver
    - SAUCE: arm64: config: Enable ZRAM config as module
    - SAUCE: soc/tegra: cbb: set ERD bit during resume for error interrupt
    - SAUCE: tty/serial: tegra-tcu: skip esc and ccplex_id
    - SAUCE: arm64: configs: Set USB_CONFIGFS_F_ACC to y
    - SAUCE: arm64: configs: Sanitize arm64 defconfig
    - SAUCE: arm64: config: Enable configs for nf_tables
    - SAUCE: ina3221: add support for summation channel control
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: arm64: defconfig: Enable CONFIG_DEVFREQ_THERMAL
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: configs: Sync defconfigs using make defconfig
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: configs: Enable nvme target, tcp driver
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: driver: cpufreq: use refclk delta based loop instead of
    - NVIDIA: SAUCE: arm64: configs: disable inbuilt IMX219 driver
    - [Config] linux-nvidia-tegra: integrate defconfig changes
  * jammy/linux-realtime: 5.15.0-1045.50 -proposed tracker (LP: #2030402)
  * Packaging resync (LP: #1786013)
    - debian/dkms-versions -- update from kernel-versions (main/2023.08.07)
  * Jammy real-time patch set update: v5.15.125-rt66 (LP: #2031687)
    - rcu/tree: Protect rcu_rdp_is_offloaded() invocations on RT
    - sched: Introduce migratable()
    - arm64: mm: Make arch_faults_on_old_pte() check for migratability
    - printk: rename printk cpulock API and always disable interrupts
    - console: add write_atomic interface
    - kdb: only use atomic consoles for output mirroring
    - serial: 8250: implement write_atomic
    - printk: relocate printk_delay()
    - printk: call boot_delay_msec() in printk_delay()
    - printk: use seqcount_latch for console_seq
    - printk: introduce kernel sync mode
    - printk: move console printing to kthreads
    - printk: add console handover
    - printk: add pr_flush()
    - printk: Enhance the condition check of msleep in pr_flush()
    - sched: Switch wait_task_inactive to HRTIMER_MODE_REL_HARD
    - kthread: Move prio/affinite change into the newly created thread
    - genirq: Move prio assignment into the newly created thread
    - genirq: Disable irqfixup/poll on PREEMPT_RT.
    - efi: Allow efi=runtime
    - mm: Disable zsmalloc on PREEMPT_RT
    - net/core: disable NET_RX_BUSY_POLL on PREEMPT_RT
    - samples/kfifo: Rename read_lock/write_lock
    - crypto: testmgr - Only disable migration in crypto_disable_simd_for_test()
    - mm: Allow only SLUB on PREEMPT_RT
    - mm: page_alloc: Use migrate_disable() in drain_local_pages_wq()
    - mm/scatterlist: Replace the !preemptible warning in sg_miter_stop()
    - x86/softirq: Disable softirq stacks on PREEMPT_RT
    - Documentation/kcov: Include types.h in the example.
    - Documentation/kcov: Define `ip' in the example.
    - kcov: Allocate per-CPU memory on the relevant node.
    - kcov: Avoid enable+disable interrupts if !in_task().
    - kcov: Replace local_irq_save() with a local_lock_t.
    - net/sched: sch_ets: properly init all active DRR list handles
    - gen_stats: Add instead Set the value in __gnet_stats_copy_basic().
    - gen_stats: Add gnet_stats_add_queue().
    - mq, mqprio: Use gnet_stats_add_queue().
    - gen_stats: Move remaining users to gnet_stats_add_queue().
    - u64_stats: Introduce u64_stats_set()
    - net: sched: Protect Qdisc::bstats with u64_stats
    - net: sched: Use _bstats_update/set() instead of raw writes
    - net: sched: Merge Qdisc::bstats and Qdisc::cpu_bstats data types
    - net: sched: Remove Qdisc::running sequence counter
    - net: sched: Allow statistics reads from softirq.
    - net: sched: fix logic error in qdisc_run_begin()
    - net: sched: remove one pair of atomic operations
    - net: stats: Read the statistics in ___gnet_stats_copy_basic() instead of
    - net: sched: gred: dynamically allocate tc_gred_qopt_offload
    - sched/rt: Annotate the RT balancing logic irqwork as IRQ_WORK_HARD_IRQ
    - irq_work: Allow irq_work_sync() to sleep if irq_work() no IRQ support.
    - irq_work: Handle some irq_work in a per-CPU thread on PREEMPT_RT
    - irq_work: Also rcuwait for !IRQ_WORK_HARD_IRQ on PREEMPT_RT
    - irq_poll: Use raise_softirq_irqoff() in cpu_dead notifier
    - smp: Wake ksoftirqd on PREEMPT_RT instead do_softirq().
    - fs/namespace: Boost the mount_lock.lock owner instead of spinning on
    - fscache: Use only one fscache_object_cong_wait.
    - sched: Clean up the might_sleep() underscore zoo
    - sched: Make cond_resched_*lock() variants consistent vs. might_sleep()
    - sched: Remove preempt_offset argument from __might_sleep()
    - sched: Cleanup might_sleep() printks
    - sched: Make might_sleep() output less confusing
    - sched: Make RCU nest depth distinct in __might_resched()
    - sched: Make cond_resched_lock() variants RT aware
    - locking/rt: Take RCU nesting into account for __might_resched()
    - sched: Limit the number of task migrations per batch on RT
    - sched: Disable TTWU_QUEUE on RT
    - sched: Move kprobes cleanup out of finish_task_switch()
    - sched: Delay task stack freeing on RT

Source diff to previous version
1786013 Packaging resync
1981649 Jammy update: v5.15.44 upstream stable release
2032954 Re-enable CONFIG_MEMCG on the Tegra kernels
2031567 NVIDIA pull requests 2023-08-07, 2023-08-11, 2023-08-22
2031687 Jammy real-time patch set update: v5.15.125-rt66
2031093 libgnutls report \
2015400 losetup with mknod fails on jammy with kernel 5.15.0-69-generic
2029401 Jammy update: v5.15.116 upstream stable release
2028550 Backport support to tolerate ZSTD compressed firmware files
2016398 stacked overlay file system mounts that have chroot() called against them appear to be getting locked (by the kernel most likely?)
2026028 usbrtl sometimes doesn't reload firmware
2029138 cifs: fix mid leak during reconnection after timeout threshold
2028799 Jammy update: v5.15.115 upstream stable release
2028701 Jammy update: v5.15.114 upstream stable release
2028408 Jammy update: v5.15.113 upstream stable release
2026607 Jammy update: v5.15.112 upstream stable release
CVE-2022-40982 Information exposure through microarchitectural state after transient execution in certain vector execution units for some Intel(R) Processors may al
CVE-2023-4015 netfilter: nf_tables: skip immediate deactivate in _PREPARE_ERROR
CVE-2023-3995 ** REJECT ** This CVE ID has been rejected or withdrawn by its CVE Numbering Authority because it is a duplicate of CVE-2023-4147.
CVE-2023-3777 netfilter: nf_tables: skip bound chain on rule flush
CVE-2023-20593 An issue in \u201cZen 2\u201d CPUs, under specific microarchitectural ...
CVE-2023-4004 A use-after-free flaw was found in the Linux kernel's netfilter in the way a user triggers the nft_pipapo_remove function with the element, without a
CVE-2023-2898 There is a null-pointer-dereference flaw found in f2fs_write_end_io in fs/f2fs/data.c in the Linux kernel. This flaw allows a local privileged user t
CVE-2023-31084 An issue was discovered in drivers/media/dvb-core/dvb_frontend.c in the Linux kernel 6.2. There is a blocking operation when a task is in !TASK_RUNNI

Version: 5.15.0-1016.16~20.04.1 2023-08-28 13:08:03 UTC

  linux-nvidia-tegra-5.15 (5.15.0-1016.16~20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

  * focal/linux-nvidia-tegra-5.15: 5.15.0-1016.16~20.04.1 -proposed tracker
    (LP: #2028872)

  * Jammy update: v5.15.105 upstream stable release (LP: #2023230)
    - [Config] updateconfigs for SERIAL_8250_ASPEED_VUART

  * Jammy update: v5.15.107 upstream stable release (LP: #2023320)
    - [Config] updateconfigs for ns module merger

  * Packaging resync (LP: #1786013)
    - [Packaging] resync update-dkms-versions helper

  [ Ubuntu: 5.15.0-1016.16 ]

  * jammy/linux-nvidia-tegra: 5.15.0-1016.16 -proposed tracker (LP: #2028871)
  * Jammy update: v5.15.105 upstream stable release (LP: #2023230)
    - [Config] updateconfigs for SERIAL_8250_ASPEED_VUART
  * Jammy update: v5.15.107 upstream stable release (LP: #2023320)
    - [Config] updateconfigs for ns module merger
  * Apply 2023-07-20 Orin enablement patches from NVIDIA (LP: #2028400)
    - SAUCE: arm64: configs: Enable HW_RANDOM config
    - SAUCE: arm64: tegra: Enable PWM users on Jetson AGX Orin
    - SAUCE: arm64: tegra: Populate Tegra234 PWMs
    - SAUCE: arm64: tegra: Add PWM fan for Jetson AGX Orin
    - arm64: tegra: Add Tegra234 SDMMC1 device tree node
    - SAUCE: dma-buf: Add downstream deferred unmapping flags
    - SAUCE: memory: tegra: Add clients used by DRM in Tegra234
    - SAUCE: Revert "UBUNTU: SAUCE: memory: tegra: Remove MC-SID override
    - SAUCE: memory: tegra: Skip SID override on HV
    - SAUCE: Revert "PCI: tegra194: Reduce AXI slave timeout value"
    - SAUCE: PCI: tegra194: Disable interrupt before link status check
    - SAUCE: dma-buf: Fix flags for dma-buf mapping
    - SAUCE: arm64: configs: Enable UCLAMP_TASK configs
    - SAUCE: hsierrrptinj: update driver
    - SAUCE: usb: hub: Add NULL check to hub_is_superspeedplus
    - SAUCE: drivers: dma: adma: Fix channel offset for virt
    - SAUCE: dma-buf: Provide way to enable deferred unmapping for a device
    - SAUCE: spi: add "tegra-spidev" name string.
    - SAUCE: arm64: configs: Enable userspace thermal governor
    - SAUCE: soc: tegra: Add config variable for platform helper support
    - SAUCE: soc: tegra: platform-helper: rename APIs for identifying hypervisor
    - SAUCE: Revert "UBUNTU: SAUCE: PCI/ASPM: Enable LTR for endpoints behind VMD"
    - SAUCE: memory: tegra: make icc_set_bw return zero if BWMGR not supported
    - SAUCE: memory: tegra: add check if MRQ_EMC_DVFS_LATENCY is supported
    - SAUCE: hwmon: support setting limits in dts for lm90
    - SAUCE: arm64: sanitize defconfig using savedefconfig
    - SAUCE: arm64: Enable minimal config to support Docker
    - usb: gadget: tegra-xudc: Remove unneeded return variable
    - SAUCE: usb: typec: ucsi: Find connector fwnode without relying on order
    - ASoC: audio-graph: Fixup CPU endpoint hw_params in a BE<->BE link
    - ASoC: soc-pcm: Don't reconnect an already active BE
    - ASoC: tegra: Add routes for few AHUB modules
    - ASoC: tegra: Add Tegra210 based MVC driver
    - ASoC: tegra: Add Tegra210 based SFC driver
    - ASoC: tegra: Add Tegra210 based AMX driver
    - ASoC: tegra: Add Tegra210 based ADX driver
    - ASoC: tegra: Add Tegra210 based Mixer driver
    - ASoC: tegra: Constify static snd_soc_dai_ops structs
    - ASoC: soc-pcm: restore mixer functionality
    - ASoC: tegra: Fix wrong value type in SFC
    - ASoC: tegra: Fix wrong value type in MVC
    - ASoC: tegra: Fix kcontrol put callback in MVC
    - ASoC: tegra: Fix kcontrol put callback in SFC
    - ASoC: tegra: Fix kcontrol put callback in AMX
    - ASoC: tegra: Fix kcontrol put callback in ADX
    - ASoC: tegra: Fix kcontrol put callback in Mixer
    - ASoC: tegra: Balance runtime PM count
    - ASoC: tegra: Use normal system sleep for SFC
    - ASoC: tegra: Use normal system sleep for MVC
    - ASoC: tegra: Use normal system sleep for Mixer
    - ASoC: tegra: Use normal system sleep for AMX
    - ASoC: tegra: Use normal system sleep for ADX
    - ASoC: tegra: Add master volume/mute control support
    - ASoC: tegra: Update AHUB driver for Tegra234
    - ASoC: tegra: Add Tegra186 based ASRC driver
    - ASoC: tegra: AHUB routes for ASRC module
    - ASoC: tegra186_asrc: mark runtime-pm functions as __maybe_unused
    - ASoC: tegra: Add Tegra210 based OPE driver
    - ASoC: tegra: AHUB routes for OPE module
    - ASoC: tegra: Fix MBDRC bypass mode check
    - ASoC: rt5640: Update MCLK rate in set_sysclk()
    - net/mlx5: Implement thermal zone
    - soc/tegra: fuse: Add missing of_node_put() in tegra_init_fuse()
    - SAUCE: arm64: configs: disable CONFIG_RT_GROUP_SCHED
    - clocksource: Add Tegra186 timers support
    - clocksource/drivers/timer-tegra186: Add support for Tegra234 SoC
    - ALSA: hda: Fix crash due to jack poll in suspend
    - SAUCE: tegra-epl: fix deinit notification to fsi driver
    - ASoC: test-component: add Test Component for Sound debug/test
    - ASoC: add Audio Graph Card2 driver
    - ASoC: simple-card-utils: Add new system-clock-fixed flag
    - ASoC: simple-card-utils: Don't reset clock of active DAI
    - ASoC: simple-card-utils: fix sysclk shutdown
    - ASoC: audio_graph_card2: Add support for variable slot widths
    - ASoC: simple-card-utils: Avoid NULL deref in asoc_simple_set_tdm()
    - ASoC: simple-card-utils: Fixup DAI sample format
    - ASoC: simple-card: Fix up checks for HW param fixups
    - gpu: host1x: Register context bus unconditionally
    - clk: tegra: Register clocks from root to leaf
    - clk: tegra: Replace .round_rate() with .determine_rate()
    - clk: move from strlcpy with unused retval to strscpy
    - clk: tegra: Support BPMP-FW ABI deny flags
    - misc: sram: Add compatible string for Tegra234 SYSRAM
    - soc/tegra: Add devm_tegra_core_dev_init_opp_table_common()
    - spi: tegra210-quad: use device_reset method
    - spi: tegra210-quad: add new chips to compatible
    - spi: tegra210-quad: combined sequence mode
    - spi: tegra210-quad: F

Source diff to previous version
2023230 Jammy update: v5.15.105 upstream stable release
2023320 Jammy update: v5.15.107 upstream stable release
1786013 Packaging resync
2028400 Apply 2023-07-20 Orin enablement patches from NVIDIA
2025095 Jammy update: v5.15.111 upstream stable release
2025090 Jammy update: v5.15.110 upstream stable release
2024265 Jammy update: v5.15.109 upstream stable release
2024900 Disable hv-kvp-daemon if /dev/vmbus/hv_kvp is not present
2008745 [SRU] Intel Sapphire Rapids HBM support needs CONFIG_NUMA_EMU
1853306 [22.04 FEAT] Enhanced Interpretation for PCI Functions on s390x - kernel part
2003374 Undefined Behavior Sanitizer (UBSAN) causes failure to match symbols
1977827 ftrace in ubuntu_kernel_selftests failed with \
2023650 Add microphone support of the front headphone port on P3 Tower
2023539 Add audio support for ThinkPad P1 Gen 6 and Z16 Gen 2
2023311 Resolve synchronous exception on arm64
2018591 Enable Tracing Configs for OSNOISE and TIMERLAT
2003053 NFS: client permission error after adding user to permissible group
2022098 Severe NFS performance degradation after LP #2003053
2020319 Encountering an issue with memcpy_fromio causing failed boot of SEV-enabled guest
2023328 Jammy update: v5.15.108 upstream stable release
2023233 Jammy update: v5.15.106 upstream stable release
2023225 Jammy update: v5.15.104 upstream stable release
2023224 Jammy update: v5.15.103 upstream stable release
2020393 Jammy update: v5.15.102 upstream stable release
2020391 Jammy update: v5.15.101 upstream stable release
2020387 Jammy update: v5.15.100 upstream stable release
CVE-2023-35001 Linux Kernel nftables Out-Of-Bounds Read/Write Vulnerability; nft_byteorder poorly handled vm register contents when CAP_NET_ADMIN is in any user or
CVE-2023-31248 Linux Kernel nftables Use-After-Free Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability; `nft_chain_lookup_byid()` failed to check whether a chain was active a
CVE-2023-3439 A flaw was found in the MCTP protocol in the Linux kernel. The function mctp_unregister() reclaims the device's relevant resource when a netcard deta
CVE-2023-3141 A use-after-free flaw was found in r592_remove in drivers/memstick/host/r592.c in media access in the Linux Kernel. This flaw allows a local attacker
CVE-2022-48502 An issue was discovered in the Linux kernel before 6.2. The ntfs3 subsystem does not properly check for correctness during disk reads, leading to an
CVE-2023-2124 An out-of-bounds memory access flaw was found in the Linux kernel’s XFS file system in how a user restores an XFS image after failure (with a dirty l
CVE-2023-0597 A flaw possibility of memory leak in the Linux kernel cpu_entry_area mapping of X86 CPU data to memory was found in the way user can guess location o

Version: 5.15.0-1015.15~20.04.1 2023-07-17 16:07:10 UTC

  linux-nvidia-tegra-5.15 (5.15.0-1015.15~20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

  * focal/linux-nvidia-tegra-5.15: 5.15.0-1015.15~20.04.1 -proposed tracker
    (LP: #2026728)

  * Use new annotations model (LP: #2019000)
    - [Config] linux-nvidia-tegra-5.15: use annotations v4

 -- Jacob Martin <email address hidden> Mon, 10 Jul 2023 09:17:10 -0500

Source diff to previous version
2019000 Use new annotations model

Version: 5.15.0-1014.14~20.04.1 2023-06-13 01:07:13 UTC

  linux-nvidia-tegra-5.15 (5.15.0-1014.14~20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

  * focal/linux-nvidia-tegra-5.15: 5.15.0-1014.14~20.04.1 -proposed tracker
    (LP: #2022004)

 -- Brad Figg <email address hidden> Wed, 31 May 2023 12:48:31 -0700

Source diff to previous version

Version: 5.15.0-1012.12~20.04.1 2023-04-26 22:07:29 UTC

  linux-nvidia-tegra-5.15 (5.15.0-1012.12~20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

  * focal/linux-nvidia-tegra-5.15: 5.15.0-1012.12~20.04.1 -proposed tracker
    (LP: #2015906)

 -- Brad Figg <email address hidden> Tue, 11 Apr 2023 10:40:21 -0700

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