Package "logwatch"

Name: logwatch


log analyser with nice output written in Perl

Latest version: 7.5.2-1ubuntu1.1
Release: focal (20.04)
Level: updates
Repository: main
Homepage: http://www.logwatch.org/


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base main 7.5.2-1ubuntu1


Version: 7.5.2-1ubuntu1.1 2020-09-30 07:06:58 UTC

  logwatch (7.5.2-1ubuntu1.1) focal; urgency=medium

  [ Bryce Harrington ]
  * d/p/0020-dhcpd-Ignore-lease-age-under-threshold-messages.patch:
    dhcpd: Ignore lease age under threshold messages
    (LP: #1578001)
  * d/p/0019-exim-Handle-self-signed-certs-warnings.patch:
    exim: Handle self-signed certs warnings.
    (LP: #1892269)
  * d/p/0018-audit-Treat-Denial-Errors-same-as-Denied.patch:
    audit: Treat Denial-Errors same as Denied.
    (LP: #1577948)
  * d/p/0017-audit-Apparmor-DENIED-entries-don-t-always-include-p.patch:
    audit: Apparmor DENIED entries don't always include parent=N.
    (LP: #1577948)
  * d/p/0015-pam_unix-Ignore-issues-about-etc-securetty-being-mis.patch:
    pam_unix: Ignore issues about /etc/securetty being missing.
    (LP: #1890751)
  * d/p/0014-zz-sys-Suppress-warnings-if-Sys-CPU-or-Sys-MemInfo-a.patch:
    zz-sys: Suppress warnings if Sys::CPU or Sys::MemInfo are missing.
    These are not installed by default in Ubuntu's logwatch packaging.
    (LP: #1890749)
  * d/p/0013-secure-Ignore-warnings-about-gnome-keyring-daemon-it.patch:
    secure: Ignore warnings about gnome-keyring-daemon items already
    (LP: #1890752)
  * d/p/0012-postfix-Handle-backwards-compatible-mode.patch:
    postfix: Handle backwards-compatible mode.
    (LP: #1583705)
  * d/p/0011-postfix-Ignore-Resolved-loghost-to-
    postfix: Ignore Resolved loghost to
    (LP: #1583705)
  * d/p/0010-00-debspecific-disable-su-reporting-in-secure.diff.patch:
    Use $PATH to determine location of zpool and zfs.
    (LP: #1880211)

  [ Lucas Kanashiro ]
  * d/p/0021-audit-use-the-term-ALLOWED-instead-of-Grants.patch:
    audit: use the term ALLOWED instead of Grants.
    (LP: #1577948)

 -- Bryce Harrington <email address hidden> Thu, 03 Sep 2020 04:22:00 +0000

1578001 unmatched entries for isc-dhcp-server
1892269 Unmatched entry for exim with selfsigned certificate
1577948 unmatched entries for apparmor STATUS messages
1890751 unmatched entry for securetty on focal
1890749 Missing perl 'Sys' module in system config summary on focal
1890752 unmatched entry for gnome-keyring-daemon on focal
1583705 [SRU] unmatched entries for postfix
1880211 Logwatch package points to wrong location for zfs utils

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