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Release: bionic (18.04)
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base main 1.6.1
base universe 1.6.1
security main 1.6.12ubuntu0.2
security universe 1.6.12ubuntu0.2
updates universe 1.6.17
updates main 1.6.17

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Version: 1.6.14 2021-06-17 20:06:23 UTC

  apt (1.6.14) bionic; urgency=medium

  * RunScripts: Do not reset SIGQUIT and SIGINT to SIG_DFL (LP: #1898026)
  * Fix downloads of unsized files that are largest in pipeline (LP: #1921626),
    and warn about packages without size (option Acquire::AllowUnsizedPackages)
  * JSON hooks 0.2 and assorted JSON bugfixes (LP: #1926150)
    - encoder fixes:
      + json: Escape strings using \u escape sequences, add test
      + json: Actually pop states
      + json: Encode NULL strings as null
    - json: Flush standard file descriptors before calling hooks
      (this avoids output from hooks in middle of apt output)
    - Minor fixes to include and C++ namespaces
    - non-code changes:
      + test/json: Make the test hook more reliable
      + Fix a typo in json-hooks-protocol.md (thanks to Brian Murray)
    - semantic changes (new fields, hooks, and protocol 0.2):
      + json: Add origins fields to version
      + upgrade: Add JSON hook support (AptCli::Hooks::Upgrade)
      + json: Add `package-list` and `statistics` install hooks
      + json: Hook protocol 0.2 (added upgrade,downgrade,reinstall modes)
    + Fix a typo in json-hooks-protocol.md (thanks to Brian Murray)
  * Avoid infinite loop on EOF on media change prompt (LP: #1928687)

 -- Julian Andres Klode <email address hidden> Tue, 15 Jun 2021 16:12:38 +0200

1921626 size mismatch error if request of unknown size is larger than others
1926150 [SRU] Backport JSON hooks 0.2
1928687 Avoid infinite loop on EOF on media change prompt

Version: *DELETED* 2021-04-09 01:07:17 UTC
No changelog for deleted or moved packages.

Version: 1.6.13 2021-03-25 16:07:11 UTC

  apt (1.6.13) bionic; urgency=medium

  [ David Kalnischkies ]
  * Fix incorrect base64 encoding due to int promotion (LP: #1916050)
  * Harden test for no new acquires after transaction abort (Closes: #984966)
    (LP: #1918920)

  [ Julian Andres Klode ]
  * Implement update --error-on=any (Closes: #594813) (LP: #1693900)
  * Include all translations when building the cache (LP: #1907850)
  * Add basic support for the Protected field
  * Do not require force-loopbreak on Important packages
    (Closes: #983014) (LP: #1916725)
  * Protect currently running kernel at run-time (LP: #1615381)
  * Make ADDARG{,C}() macros expand to single statements
  * Improve immediate configuration handling (LP: #1871268)
    - Do not immediately configure m-a: same packages in lockstep
    - Ignore failures from immediate configuration. This does not change the
      actual installation ordering - we never passed the return code to the
      caller and installation went underway anyway if it could be ordered at a
      later stage, this just removes spurious after-the-fact errors.
      (Closes: #973305, #188161, #211075, #649588)
  * Default Acquire::AllowReleaseInfoChange::Suite to "true" (Closes: #931566)
    (LP: #1918907)

  [ Balint Reczey ]
  * Set LC_ALL=C.UTF-8 for unattended-upgrades environment when parsing its --help
    (LP: #1806076)

 -- Julian Andres Klode <email address hidden> Fri, 12 Mar 2021 14:09:15 +0100

1916050 Invalid base64 for high-bit characters
1918920 Harden test for no new acquires after transaction abort
1693900 apt-get update should return exit code != 0 on error
1907850 Cache not generated for all translations
1916725 Protected/Important packages are not deconfigured, require Force-LoopBreak
1615381 apt-get autoremove may remove current kernel
1871268 Installation fails due to useless immediate configuration error when \
1918907 Default Acquire::AllowReleaseInfoChange::Suite to \
1806076 unattended-upgrade --help raises UnicodeEncodeError when stdout encoding is ascii
984966 apt: flaky armhf autopkgtest: File has unexpected size (27 != 39). Mirror sync in progress?
594813 apt: ListUpdate does return True in the case of network errors
983014 manpages-de: Fails to upgrade from 4.2.0-1 to 4.9.1-5: This installation run will require temporarily removing the essential package manpages-de:amd6
973305 apt-get throws error when run with --simulate and APT::Immediate-Configure set to "false"
931566 Don't complain about suite changes (Acquire::AllowReleaseInfoChange::Suite should be "true")

Version: *DELETED* 2019-09-13 03:06:49 UTC
No changelog for deleted or moved packages.

Version: 1.6.12 2019-09-05 13:06:43 UTC

  apt (1.6.12) bionic; urgency=medium

  [ TilmanK ]
  * Fix typo in German manpage translation

  [ Michael Zhivich ]
  * methods: https: handle requests for TLS re-handshake (LP: #1829861)

  [ Julian Andres Klode ]
  * Unlock dpkg locks in reverse locking order (LP: #1829860)

  [ Simon Körner ]
  * http: Fix Host header in proxied https connections (LP: #1838771)

  [ Brian Murray ]
  * Do not include squashfs file systems in df output. (LP: #1756595)

 -- Julian Andres Klode <email address hidden> Tue, 03 Sep 2019 12:05:35 +0200

1829861 handle TLS session renegotiation
1829860 APT unlocks in same order as it locks
1838771 http:Fix Host header in proxied https connections
1756595 disk space info inadvertently provides all installed snaps

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