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  • Header files related to Linux kernel version 4.4.0
  • Header files related to Linux kernel version 4.4.0

Latest version: 4.4.0-1103.114
Release: xenial (16.04)
Level: base
Repository: main


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security universe 4.4.0-1012.21
security main 4.4.0-1102.113
updates universe 4.4.0-1012.21
updates main 4.4.0-1102.113
proposed main 4.4.0-1103.114

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Version: 4.4.0-1103.114 2020-02-20 08:09:59 UTC

 linux-aws (4.4.0-1103.114) xenial; urgency=medium
   * xenial/linux-aws: 4.4.0-1103.114 -proposed tracker (LP: #1863311)
   [ Ubuntu: 4.4.0-175.205 ]
   * xenial/linux: 4.4.0-175.205 -proposed tracker (LP: #1863338)
   * run_afpackettests in ubuntu_kernel_selftests failed with "./in_netns.sh:
     Permission denied" (LP: #1861973)
     - [Debian] autoreconstruct - add resoration of execute permissions
   * pty03 from pty in ubuntu_ltp failed on Eoan (LP: #1862114)
     - can, slip: Protect tty->disc_data in write_wakeup and close with RCU

Source diff to previous version
1861973 run_afpackettests in ubuntu_kernel_selftests failed with \
1862114 pty03 from pty in ubuntu_ltp failed on Eoan

Version: 4.4.0-1102.113 2020-01-29 17:09:02 UTC

 linux-aws (4.4.0-1102.113) xenial; urgency=medium
   * xenial/linux-aws: 4.4.0-1102.113 -proposed tracker (LP: #1861107)
   [ Ubuntu: 4.4.0-174.204 ]
   * xenial/linux: 4.4.0-174.204 -proposed tracker (LP: #1861122)
   * Xenial update: 4.4.211 upstream stable release (LP: #1860681)
     - hidraw: Return EPOLLOUT from hidraw_poll
     - HID: hidraw: Fix returning EPOLLOUT from hidraw_poll
     - HID: hidraw, uhid: Always report EPOLLOUT
     - cfg80211/mac80211: make ieee80211_send_layer2_update a public function
     - mac80211: Do not send Layer 2 Update frame before authorization
     - media: usb:zr364xx:Fix KASAN:null-ptr-deref Read in zr364xx_vidioc_querycap
     - p54usb: Fix race between disconnect and firmware loading
     - ALSA: line6: Fix write on zero-sized buffer
     - ALSA: line6: Fix memory leak at line6_init_pcm() error path
     - xen: let alloc_xenballooned_pages() fail if not enough memory free
     - wimax: i2400: fix memory leak
     - wimax: i2400: Fix memory leak in i2400m_op_rfkill_sw_toggle
     - ext4: fix use-after-free race with debug_want_extra_isize
     - ext4: add more paranoia checking in ext4_expand_extra_isize handling
     - rtc: mt6397: fix alarm register overwrite
     - iommu: Remove device link to group on failure
     - gpio: Fix error message on out-of-range GPIO in lookup table
     - hsr: reset network header when supervision frame is created
     - cifs: Adjust indentation in smb2_open_file
     - RDMA/srpt: Report the SCSI residual to the initiator
     - scsi: enclosure: Fix stale device oops with hot replug
     - scsi: sd: Clear sdkp->protection_type if disk is reformatted without PI
     - platform/x86: asus-wmi: Fix keyboard brightness cannot be set to 0
     - iio: imu: adis16480: assign bias value only if operation succeeded
     - mei: fix modalias documentation
     - clk: samsung: exynos5420: Preserve CPU clocks configuration during
     - compat_ioctl: handle SIOCOUTQNSD
     - tty: serial: imx: use the sg count from dma_map_sg
     - tty: serial: pch_uart: correct usage of dma_unmap_sg
     - media: exynos4-is: Fix recursive locking in isp_video_release()
     - spi: atmel: fix handling of cs_change set on non-last xfer
     - rtlwifi: Remove unnecessary NULL check in rtl_regd_init
     - rtc: msm6242: Fix reading of 10-hour digit
     - rseq/selftests: Turn off timeout setting
     - hexagon: work around compiler crash
     - ocfs2: call journal flush to mark journal as empty after journal recovery
       when mount
     - ALSA: seq: Fix racy access for queue timer in proc read
     - Fix built-in early-load Intel microcode alignment
     - block: fix an integer overflow in logical block size
     - USB: serial: simple: Add Motorola Solutions TETRA MTP3xxx and MTP85xx
     - USB: serial: opticon: fix control-message timeouts
     - USB: serial: suppress driver bind attributes
     - USB: serial: ch341: handle unbound port at reset_resume
     - USB: serial: io_edgeport: add missing active-port sanity check
     - USB: serial: quatech2: handle unbound ports
     - scsi: mptfusion: Fix double fetch bug in ioctl
     - usb: core: hub: Improved device recognition on remote wakeup
     - x86/efistub: Disable paging at mixed mode entry
     - mm/page-writeback.c: avoid potential division by zero in wb_min_max_ratio()
     - net: stmmac: 16KB buffer must be 16 byte aligned
     - net: stmmac: Enable 16KB buffer size
     - USB: serial: io_edgeport: use irqsave() in USB's complete callback
     - USB: serial: io_edgeport: handle unbound ports on URB completion
     - USB: serial: keyspan: handle unbound ports
     - scsi: fnic: use kernel's '%pM' format option to print MAC
     - scsi: fnic: fix invalid stack access
     - arm64: dts: agilex/stratix10: fix pmu interrupt numbers
     - netfilter: fix a use-after-free in mtype_destroy()
     - batman-adv: Fix DAT candidate selection on little endian systems
     - macvlan: use skb_reset_mac_header() in macvlan_queue_xmit()
     - r8152: add missing endpoint sanity check
     - tcp: fix marked lost packets not being retransmitted
     - net: usb: lan78xx: limit size of local TSO packets
     - xen/blkfront: Adjust indentation in xlvbd_alloc_gendisk
     - cw1200: Fix a signedness bug in cw1200_load_firmware()
     - cfg80211: check for set_wiphy_params
     - scsi: esas2r: unlock on error in esas2r_nvram_read_direct()
     - scsi: qla4xxx: fix double free bug
     - scsi: bnx2i: fix potential use after free
     - scsi: target: core: Fix a pr_debug() argument
     - scsi: core: scsi_trace: Use get_unaligned_be*()
     - perf probe: Fix wrong address verification
     - regulator: ab8500: Remove SYSCLKREQ from enum ab8505_regulator_id
     - Linux 4.4.211
   * Xenial update: 4.4.210 upstream stable release (LP: #1859865)
     - chardev: Avoid potential use-after-free in 'chrdev_open()'
     - usb: chipidea: host: Disable port power only if previously enabled
     - ALSA: usb-audio: Apply the sample rate quirk for Bose Companion 5
     - kernel/trace: Fix do not unregister tracepoints when register
       sched_migrate_task fail
     - tracing: Have stack tracer compile when MCOUNT_INSN_SIZE is not defined
     - HID: Fix slab-out-of-bounds read in hid_field_extract
     - HID: uhid: Fix returning EPOLLOUT from uhid_char_poll
     - HID: hid-input: clear unmapped usages
     - Input: add safety guards to input_set_keycode()
     - drm/dp_mst: correct the shifting in DP_REMOTE_I2C_READ
     - can: gs_usb: gs_usb_probe(): use descriptors of current altsetting
     - can: mscan: mscan_rx_poll(): fix rx path lockup when returning from polling
       to irq mode
     - can: can_dropped_invalid_skb(): ensure an initialized headroom in outgoing
       CAN sk_buffs
     - staging: vt6656: set usb_set_intfdata on driver fail.
     - USB: serial: option: add ZLP support for 0x1bc7/0x9010
     - usb: musb: Disable pullup at init
     - usb: musb: dma: Correct paramete

Source diff to previous version
1860681 Xenial update: 4.4.211 upstream stable release
1859865 Xenial update: 4.4.210 upstream stable release
1859640 Xenial update: 4.4.209 upstream stable release
1851243 overlayfs : broken access to r/w files
1853375 net selftest psock_fanout fails on xenial s390x due to incorrect queue lengths
CVE-2019-20096 In the Linux kernel before 5.1, there is a memory leak in __feat_register_sp() in net/dccp/feat.c, which may cause denial of service, aka CID-1d3ff09
CVE-2019-14615 Insufficient control flow in certain data structures for some Intel(R) ...

Version: 4.4.0-1101.112 2020-01-10 16:27:51 UTC

 linux-aws (4.4.0-1101.112) xenial; urgency=medium
   * xenial/linux-aws: 4.4.0-1101.112 -proposed tracker (LP: #1858581)
   * Update EFA driver to 1.5.0 (LP: #1850195)
     - SAUCE: linux/efa: Fix incorrect error print
     - SAUCE: linux/efa: Fix ‘err’ may be used uninitialized in this function
     - SAUCE: linux/efa: Add support for CentOS 7.7
     - SAUCE: linux/efa: Clear the admin command buffer prior to its submission
     - SAUCE: linux/efa: Bump driver version to 1.4.1
     - SAUCE: linux/efa: Store network attributes in device attributes
     - SAUCE: linux/efa: Support remote read access in MR registration
     - SAUCE: linux/efa: Expose RDMA read related attributes
     - SAUCE: linux/efa: Add ib_uverbs as a soft dependency
     - SAUCE: linux/efa: Use the ib_port_phys_state enum values
     - SAUCE: linux/efa: Backport missing driver id
     - SAUCE: linux/efa: Check sscanf return value
     - SAUCE: linux/efa: SuSE 15.1 support
     - SAUCE: linux/efa: Bump driver version to 1.5.0
   [ Ubuntu: 4.4.0-172.202 ]
   * xenial/linux: 4.4.0-172.202 -proposed tracker (LP: #1858594)
   * tools/perf fails to build after Xenial update to 4.4.208 upstream stable
     release (LP: #1858798)
     - Revert "perf report: Add warning when libunwind not compiled in"
   * CVE-2019-18885
     - btrfs: refactor btrfs_find_device() take fs_devices as argument
     - btrfs: merge btrfs_find_device and find_device
   * Integrate Intel SGX driver into linux-azure (LP: #1844245)
     - [Packaging] Add systemd service to load intel_sgx
   * Xenial update: 4.4.208 upstream stable release (LP: #1858462)
     - btrfs: do not leak reloc root if we fail to read the fs root
     - btrfs: handle ENOENT in btrfs_uuid_tree_iterate
     - ALSA: hda/ca0132 - Keep power on during processing DSP response
     - ALSA: hda/ca0132 - Avoid endless loop
     - drm: mst: Fix query_payload ack reply struct
     - iio: light: bh1750: Resolve compiler warning and make code more readable
     - spi: Add call to spi_slave_abort() function when spidev driver is released
     - staging: rtl8188eu: fix possible null dereference
     - rtlwifi: prevent memory leak in rtl_usb_probe
     - IB/iser: bound protection_sg size by data_sg size
     - media: am437x-vpfe: Setting STD to current value is not an error
     - media: i2c: ov2659: fix s_stream return value
     - media: i2c: ov2659: Fix missing 720p register config
     - media: ov6650: Fix stored frame format not in sync with hardware
     - tools/power/cpupower: Fix initializer override in hsw_ext_cstates
     - usb: renesas_usbhs: add suspend event support in gadget mode
     - hwrng: omap3-rom - Call clk_disable_unprepare() on exit only if not idled
     - regulator: max8907: Fix the usage of uninitialized variable in
     - media: flexcop-usb: fix NULL-ptr deref in flexcop_usb_transfer_init()
     - samples: pktgen: fix proc_cmd command result check logic
     - mwifiex: pcie: Fix memory leak in mwifiex_pcie_init_evt_ring
     - media: ti-vpe: vpe: fix a v4l2-compliance warning about invalid pixel format
     - media: ti-vpe: vpe: fix a v4l2-compliance failure about frame sequence
     - media: ti-vpe: vpe: Make sure YUYV is set as default format
     - extcon: sm5502: Reset registers during initialization
     - x86/mm: Use the correct function type for native_set_fixmap()
     - perf report: Add warning when libunwind not compiled in
     - iio: adc: max1027: Reset the device at probe time
     - Bluetooth: hci_core: fix init for HCI_USER_CHANNEL
     - drm/gma500: fix memory disclosures due to uninitialized bytes
     - x86/ioapic: Prevent inconsistent state when moving an interrupt
     - arm64: psci: Reduce the waiting time for cpu_psci_cpu_kill()
     - libata: Ensure ata_port probe has completed before detach
     - pinctrl: sh-pfc: sh7734: Fix duplicate TCLK1_B
     - bnx2x: Fix PF-VF communication over multi-cos queues.
     - spi: img-spfi: fix potential double release
     - rtlwifi: fix memory leak in rtl92c_set_fw_rsvdpagepkt()
     - perf probe: Fix to find range-only function instance
     - perf probe: Fix to list probe event with correct line number
     - perf probe: Walk function lines in lexical blocks
     - perf probe: Fix to probe an inline function which has no entry pc
     - perf probe: Fix to show ranges of variables in functions without entry_pc
     - perf probe: Fix to show inlined function callsite without entry_pc
     - perf probe: Skip overlapped location on searching variables
     - perf probe: Return a better scope DIE if there is no best scope
     - perf probe: Fix to show calling lines of inlined functions
     - perf probe: Skip end-of-sequence and non statement lines
     - perf probe: Filter out instances except for inlined subroutine and
     - ath10k: fix get invalid tx rate for Mesh metric
     - media: pvrusb2: Fix oops on tear-down when radio support is not present
     - media: si470x-i2c: add missed operations in remove
     - EDAC/ghes: Fix grain calculation
     - spi: pxa2xx: Add missed security checks
     - ASoC: rt5677: Mark reg RT5677_PWR_ANLG2 as volatile
     - parport: load lowlevel driver if ports not found
     - cpufreq: Register drivers only after CPU devices have been registered
     - x86/crash: Add a forward declaration of struct kimage
     - spi: tegra20-slink: add missed clk_unprepare
     - btrfs: don't prematurely free work in end_workqueue_fn()
     - iwlwifi: check kasprintf() return value
     - fbtft: Make sure string is NULL terminated
     - crypto: sun4i-ss - Fix 64-bit size_t warnings on sun4i-ss-hash.c
     - crypto: vmx - Avoid weird build failures
     - libtraceevent: Fix memory leakage in copy_filter_type
     - net: phy: initialise phydev speed and duplex sanely
     - Revert "mmc: sdhci: Fix incorrect switch to HS mode"
     - usb: xhci: Fix build warning seen with CONFIG_PM=n
     - btrfs: d

Source diff to previous version
1850195 Update EFA driver to 1.5.0
1858798 tools/perf fails to build after Xenial update to 4.4.208 upstream stable release
1858462 Xenial update: 4.4.208 upstream stable release
1858489 Xenial update: 4.4.207 upstream stable release
1809704 efivarfs test in ubuntu_kernel_selftest failed on the second run
1856949 cifs: kernel NULL pointer dereference, address: 0000000000000038
1820063 [Hyper-V] KVP daemon fails to start on first boot of disco VM
1825778 False positive test result in run_afpackettests from net in ubuntu_kernel_selftest
1855313 Xenial update: 4.4.206 upstream stable release
1854857 Xenial update: 4.4.205 upstream stable release
1854855 Xenial update: 4.4.204 upstream stable release
CVE-2019-18885 fs/btrfs/volumes.c in the Linux kernel before 5.1 allows a btrfs_verify_dev_extents NULL pointer dereference via a crafted btrfs image because fs_dev
CVE-2019-19332 KVM: x86: fix out-of-bounds write in KVM_GET_EMULATED_CPUID
CVE-2019-19062 A memory leak in the crypto_report() function in crypto/crypto_user_base.c in the Linux kernel through 5.3.11 allows attackers to cause a denial of s

Version: 4.4.0-1100.111 2019-12-05 01:09:43 UTC

 linux-aws (4.4.0-1100.111) xenial; urgency=medium
   * xenial/linux-aws: 4.4.0-1100.111 -proposed tracker (LP: #1854824)
   * backport DIMLIB (lib/dim/) to pre-5.2 kernels (LP: #1852637)
     - [Config] enable DIMLIB
   [ Ubuntu: 4.4.0-171.200 ]
   * xenial/linux: 4.4.0-171.200 -proposed tracker (LP: #1854835)
   * CVE-2019-14901
     - SAUCE: mwifiex: Fix heap overflow in mmwifiex_process_tdls_action_frame()
   * CVE-2019-14896 // CVE-2019-14897
     - SAUCE: libertas: Fix two buffer overflows at parsing bss descriptor
   * CVE-2019-14895
     - SAUCE: mwifiex: fix possible heap overflow in mwifiex_process_country_ie()
   * CVE-2019-18660: patches for Ubuntu (LP: #1853142) // CVE-2019-18660
     - powerpc/64s: support nospectre_v2 cmdline option
     - powerpc/book3s64: Fix link stack flush on context switch
     - KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Flush link stack on guest exit to host kernel
   * cloudimg: no iavf/i40evf module so no network available with SR-IOV enabled
     cloud (LP: #1848481)
     - [Packaging]: include i40evf in generic
   * update ENA driver for DIMLIB dynamic interrupt moderation (LP: #1853180)
     - net: ena: fix bug that might cause hang after consecutive open/close
     - net: ena: add intr_moder_rx_interval to struct ena_com_dev and use it
     - net: ena: switch to dim algorithm for rx adaptive interrupt moderation
     - net: ena: reimplement set/get_coalesce()
     - net: ena: enable the interrupt_moderation in driver_supported_features
     - net: ena: remove code duplication in
       ena_com_update_nonadaptive_moderation_interval _*()
     - net: ena: remove old adaptive interrupt moderation code from ena_netdev
     - net: ena: remove ena_restore_ethtool_params() and relevant fields
     - net: ena: remove all old adaptive rx interrupt moderation code from ena_com
     - net: ena: fix update of interrupt moderation register
     - net: ena: fix retrieval of nonadaptive interrupt moderation intervals
     - net: ena: fix incorrect update of intr_delay_resolution
     - net: ena: Select DIMLIB for ENA_ETHERNET
     - SAUCE: net: ena: fix issues in setting interrupt moderation params in
     - SAUCE: net: ena: fix too long default tx interrupt moderation interval
   * backport DIMLIB (lib/dim/) to pre-5.2 kernels (LP: #1852637)
     - include/linux/bitops.h: introduce BITS_PER_TYPE
     - linux/kernel.h: move DIV_ROUND_DOWN_ULL() macro
     - [Config] enable DIMLIB
     - linux/dim: import DIMLIB (lib/dim/)
     - SAUCE: linux/dim: avoid library object filename clash
   * Enable framebuffer fonts auto selection for HighDPI screen (LP: #1851623)
     - fonts: Fix coding style
     - fonts: Prefer a bigger font for high resolution screens
   * Xenial update: 4.4.203 upstream stable release (LP: #1853881)
     - slip: Fix memory leak in slip_open error path
     - ax88172a: fix information leak on short answers
     - ALSA: usb-audio: Fix missing error check at mixer resolution test
     - ALSA: usb-audio: not submit urb for stopped endpoint
     - Input: ff-memless - kill timer in destroy()
     - ecryptfs_lookup_interpose(): lower_dentry->d_inode is not stable
     - ecryptfs_lookup_interpose(): lower_dentry->d_parent is not stable either
     - iommu/vt-d: Fix QI_DEV_IOTLB_PFSID and QI_DEV_EIOTLB_PFSID macros
     - mm: memcg: switch to css_tryget() in get_mem_cgroup_from_mm()
     - mm: hugetlb: switch to css_tryget() in hugetlb_cgroup_charge_cgroup()
     - mmc: sdhci-of-at91: fix quirk2 overwrite
     - iio: dac: mcp4922: fix error handling in mcp4922_write_raw
     - ALSA: pcm: signedness bug in snd_pcm_plug_alloc()
     - ARM: dts: at91/trivial: Fix USART1 definition for at91sam9g45
     - ALSA: seq: Do error checks at creating system ports
     - gfs2: Don't set GFS2_RDF_UPTODATE when the lvb is updated
     - ASoC: dpcm: Properly initialise hw->rate_max
     - MIPS: BCM47XX: Enable USB power on Netgear WNDR3400v3
     - ARM: dts: exynos: Fix sound in Snow-rev5 Chromebook
     - i40e: use correct length for strncpy
     - i40e: hold the rtnl lock on clearing interrupt scheme
     - i40e: Prevent deleting MAC address from VF when set by PF
     - ARM: dts: pxa: fix power i2c base address
     - rtl8187: Fix warning generated when strncpy() destination length matches the
       sixe argument
     - net: lan78xx: Bail out if lan78xx_get_endpoints fails
     - ASoC: sgtl5000: avoid division by zero if lo_vag is zero
     - ath10k: wmi: disable softirq's while calling ieee80211_rx
     - mips: txx9: fix iounmap related issue
     - of: make PowerMac cache node search conditional on CONFIG_PPC_PMAC
     - ARM: dts: omap3-gta04: give spi_lcd node a label so that we can overwrite in
       other DTS files
     - ARM: dts: omap3-gta04: tvout: enable as display1 alias
     - ARM: dts: omap3-gta04: make NAND partitions compatible with recent U-Boot
     - ARM: dts: omap3-gta04: keep vpll2 always on
     - dmaengine: dma-jz4780: Further residue status fix
     - signal: Always ignore SIGKILL and SIGSTOP sent to the global init
     - signal: Properly deliver SIGILL from uprobes
     - signal: Properly deliver SIGSEGV from x86 uprobes
     - scsi: sym53c8xx: fix NULL pointer dereference panic in sym_int_sir()
     - ARM: imx6: register pm_power_off handler if "fsl,pmic-stby-poweroff" is set
     - scsi: pm80xx: Corrected dma_unmap_sg() parameter
     - scsi: pm80xx: Fixed system hang issue during kexec boot
     - kprobes: Don't call BUG_ON() if there is a kprobe in use on free list
     - nvmem: core: return error code instead of NULL from nvmem_device_get
     - media: fix: media: pci: meye: validate offset to avoid arbitrary access
     - ALSA: intel8x0m: Register irq handler after register initializations
     - pinctrl: at91-pio4: fix has_config check in atmel_pctl_dt_subnode_to_map()
     - llc: avoid blocking in llc_sap_close()
     - powerpc/vdso: Correct call frame information
     - ARM: dts: socfpga: Fix I2

Source diff to previous version
1852637 backport DIMLIB (lib/dim/) to pre-5.2 kernels
1853142 CVE-2019-18660: patches for Ubuntu
1848481 cloudimg: no iavf/i40evf module so no network available with SR-IOV enabled cloud
1853180 update ENA driver for DIMLIB dynamic interrupt moderation
1851623 Enable framebuffer fonts auto selection for HighDPI screen
1853881 Xenial update: 4.4.203 upstream stable release
1853177 Xenial update: 4.4.202 upstream stable release
1852335 Xenial update: 4.4.201 upstream stable release
CVE-2019-14901 A heap overflow flaw was found in the Linux kernel, all versions 3.x.x ...
CVE-2019-14896 A heap-based buffer overflow vulnerability was found in the Linux kern ...
CVE-2019-14897 A stack-based buffer overflow was found in the Linux kernel, version k ...
CVE-2019-14895 A heap-based buffer overflow was discovered in the Linux kernel, all v ...
CVE-2019-18660 The Linux kernel through 5.3.13 on powerpc allows Information Exposure ...

Version: 4.4.0-1099.110 2019-11-15 02:09:13 UTC

 linux-aws (4.4.0-1099.110) xenial; urgency=medium
   * xenial/linux-aws: 4.4.0-1099.110 -proposed tracker (LP: #1852296)
   [ Ubuntu: 4.4.0-170.199 ]
   * xenial/linux: 4.4.0-170.199 -proposed tracker (LP: #1852306)
   * update ENA driver to version 2.1.0 (LP: #1850175)
     - net: ena: fix: set freed objects to NULL to avoid failing future allocations
     - net: ena: fix swapped parameters when calling
     - net: ena: fix: Free napi resources when ena_up() fails
     - net: ena: fix incorrect test of supported hash function
     - net: ena: fix return value of ena_com_config_llq_info()
     - net: ena: improve latency by disabling adaptive interrupt moderation by
     - net: ena: fix ena_com_fill_hash_function() implementation
     - net: ena: add handling of llq max tx burst size
     - net: ena: ethtool: add extra properties retrieval via get_priv_flags
     - net: ena: replace free_tx/rx_ids union with single free_ids field in
     - net: ena: arrange ena_probe() function variables in reverse christmas tree
     - net: ena: add newline at the end of pr_err prints
     - net: ena: allow automatic fallback to polling mode
     - net: ena: add support for changing max_header_size in LLQ mode
     - net: ena: optimise calculations for CQ doorbell
     - net: ena: add good checksum counter
     - net: ena: use dev_info_once instead of static variable
     - net: ena: add MAX_QUEUES_EXT get feature admin command
     - net: ena: enable negotiating larger Rx ring size
     - net: ena: make ethtool show correct current and max queue sizes
     - net: ena: allow queue allocation backoff when low on memory
     - net: ena: add ethtool function for changing io queue sizes
     - net: ena: remove inline keyword from functions in *.c
     - net: ena: update driver version from 2.0.3 to 2.1.0
     - net: ena: Fix bug where ring allocation backoff stopped too late
     - Revert "net: ena: ethtool: add extra properties retrieval via
     - net: ena: don't wake up tx queue when down
     - net: ena: clean up indentation issue
   * Bionic update: upstream stable patchset 2019-08-01 (LP: #1838700) // update
     ENA driver to version 2.1.0 (LP: #1850175)
     - net: ena: gcc 8: fix compilation warning
   * Skip frame when buffer overflow on UVC camera (LP: #1849871)
     - media: uvcvideo: Mark buffer error where overflow
   * CVE-2018-20784
     - sched/fair: Fix infinite loop in update_blocked_averages() by reverting
     - sched/fair: Fix hierarchical order in rq->leaf_cfs_rq_list
     - sched/fair: Add tmp_alone_branch assertion
     - sched/fair: Fix insertion in rq->leaf_cfs_rq_list
     - sched/fair: Optimize update_blocked_averages()
     - sched/fair: Fix O(nr_cgroups) in the load balancing path
   * Xenial update: 4.4.200 upstream stable release (LP: #1852110)
     - kbuild: add -fcf-protection=none when using retpoline flags
     - regulator: ti-abb: Fix timeout in ti_abb_wait_txdone/ti_abb_clear_all_txdone
     - regulator: pfuze100-regulator: Variable "val" in pfuze100_regulator_probe()
       could be uninitialized
     - ASoc: rockchip: i2s: Fix RPM imbalance
     - ARM: dts: logicpd-torpedo-som: Remove twl_keypad
     - ARM: mm: fix alignment handler faults under memory pressure
     - scsi: sni_53c710: fix compilation error
     - scsi: fix kconfig dependency warning related to 53C700_LE_ON_BE
     - perf kmem: Fix memory leak in compact_gfp_flags()
     - scsi: target: core: Do not overwrite CDB byte 1
     - of: unittest: fix memory leak in unittest_data_add
     - MIPS: bmips: mark exception vectors as char arrays
     - cifs: Fix cifsInodeInfo lock_sem deadlock when reconnect occurs
     - dccp: do not leak jiffies on the wire
     - net: fix sk_page_frag() recursion from memory reclaim
     - net: hisilicon: Fix ping latency when deal with high throughput
     - SAUCE: Revert "net: Zeroing the structure ethtool_wolinfo in
     - net: Zeroing the structure ethtool_wolinfo in ethtool_get_wol()
     - net: add READ_ONCE() annotation in __skb_wait_for_more_packets()
     - vxlan: check tun_info options_len properly
     - net/mlx4_core: Dynamically set guaranteed amount of counters per VF
     - inet: stop leaking jiffies on the wire
     - net/flow_dissector: switch to siphash
     - dmaengine: qcom: bam_dma: Fix resource leak
     - ARM: 8051/1: put_user: fix possible data corruption in put_user
     - ARM: 8478/2: arm/arm64: add arm-smccc
     - ARM: 8479/2: add implementation for arm-smccc
     - ARM: 8480/2: arm64: add implementation for arm-smccc
     - ARM: 8481/2: drivers: psci: replace psci firmware calls
     - ARM: uaccess: remove put_user() code duplication
     - ARM: Move system register accessors to asm/cp15.h
     - arm/arm64: KVM: Advertise SMCCC v1.1
     - arm64: KVM: Report SMCCC_ARCH_WORKAROUND_1 BP hardening support
     - firmware/psci: Expose PSCI conduit
     - firmware/psci: Expose SMCCC version through psci_ops
     - arm/arm64: smccc: Make function identifiers an unsigned quantity
     - arm/arm64: smccc: Implement SMCCC v1.1 inline primitive
     - arm/arm64: smccc: Add SMCCC-specific return codes
     - arm/arm64: smccc-1.1: Make return values unsigned long
     - arm/arm64: smccc-1.1: Handle function result as parameters
     - ARM: add more CPU part numbers for Cortex and Brahma B15 CPUs
     - ARM: bugs: prepare processor bug infrastructure
     - ARM: bugs: hook processor bug checking into SMP and suspend paths
     - ARM: bugs: add support for per-processor bug checking
     - ARM: spectre: add Kconfig symbol for CPUs vulnerable to Spectre
     - ARM: spectre-v2: harden branch predictor on context switches
     - ARM: spectre-v2: add Cortex A8 and A15 validation of the IBE bit
     - ARM: spectre-v2: harden user aborts in kernel space
     - ARM: spectre-v2: add firmware based hardening

1850175 update ENA driver to version 2.1.0
1838700 Bionic update: upstream stable patchset 2019-08-01
1849871 Skip frame when buffer overflow on UVC camera
1852110 Xenial update: 4.4.200 upstream stable release
1851549 Xenial update: 4.4.199 upstream stable release
1851347 libmbim-proxy using 100% CPU on a Dell Edge Gateway 3002
1850454 Xenial update: v4.4.198 upstream stable release
1819968 Colour banding in Lenovo G50-80 laptop display (i915)
1852141 CVE-2019-0155: incomplete fix for 64-bit x86 kernels
CVE-2018-20784 In the Linux kernel before 4.20.2, kernel/sched/fair.c mishandles leaf cfs_rq's, which allows attackers to cause a denial of service (infinite loop i
CVE-2019-0155 Insufficient access control in a subsystem for Intel (R) processor gra ...

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