3rd Party Repository: Mint Import

This repository is available for: Qiana  Rebecca  Rafaela  Rosa  Sarah  Serena  Sonya  Sylvia  Tara  Tessa 

Title: Linux Mint Import Repository

Packages for Linux Mint: Mate, Picasa, Virtualbox, Google Earth.

Daily Build: no

After initial repo setup and apt-get update, run

sudo apt-get install linuxmint-keyring 

Setup repository with:

sudo sh -c 'echo "deb http://packages.linuxmint.com/ rafaela import" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mint.list' 


Most recent updates in Mint Import PPA (Rafaela)

Date Package Version
2018-01-10 11:08:50 UTC timeshift 17.2
2016-09-23 13:08:01 UTC libmateweather 1.10.0-2+rosa
2016-01-07 03:12:49 UTC kqtquickcharts 4:4.14.2-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.04~ppa1
2016-01-07 03:12:49 UTC pykde4 4:4.14.2-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.04~ppa1
2016-01-07 03:12:49 UTC superkaramba 4:4.14.2-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.04~ppa1

Spotify-client Versions in Mint Import PPA

UbuntuUpdates arbitrarily picked spotify-client as the main package of this PPA.

Package Release Latest Version Latest Update
spotify-client tessa 1:
spotify-client tara 1:
spotify-client sylvia 1: 2017-12-16 20:28:13 UTC
spotify-client sonya 1: 2017-10-06 04:27:47 UTC
spotify-client serena 1: 2016-12-26 21:32:34 UTC
spotify-client sarah 1: 2016-07-09 17:34:11 UTC
spotify-client rosa 1: 2016-01-07 03:13:07 UTC

Packages in PPA for Rafaela

See packages for selected release: Qiana  Rebecca  Rafaela  Rosa  Sarah  Serena  Sonya  Sylvia  Tara  Tessa 

Deleted packages are displayed in grey.

Head packages

Dependent packages


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