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Name: kodi-pvr-hts


TVHeadEnd PVR for Kodi

Latest version: 4.4.21-1~xenial
Release: xenial (16.04)
Level: base
Repository: main


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Version: 4.4.13-1~xenial 2019-02-17 13:08:01 UTC

 kodi-pvr-hts (4.4.13-1~xenial) xenial; urgency=low
   [ kodi ]
   * autogenerated dummy changelog

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Version: 4.4.12-1~xenial 2019-01-28 22:08:27 UTC

 kodi-pvr-hts (4.4.12-1~xenial) xenial; urgency=low
   [ kodi ]
   * autogenerated dummy changelog

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Version: 3.4.27-3~xenial 2017-08-22 11:15:23 UTC
No changelog available yet.
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Version: 3.4.27-1~xenial 2017-08-21 08:08:18 UTC
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Version: 3.4.24-2~xenial 2017-05-24 19:08:10 UTC

 kodi-pvr-hts (3.4.24-2~xenial) xenial; urgency=low
   [ kodi ]
   * autogenerated dummy changelog
   [ wsnipex ]
   * 3.4.21 - fixed: timeshift state and data calculation if demuxer is
     not active (e.g. when playing a recording) 3.4.20 - updated language
     files from Transifex 3.4.19 - updated language files from Transifex
     3.4.18 - updated language files from Transifex 3.4.17 - fixed:
     duplicate 'prevent duplicate episodes' timer settings values 3.4.16 -
     fixed: CTvheadend::DemuxIsTimeShifting 3.4.15 - improved: use the
     default retention (from server configuration) - improved: buffering
     method when timeshifting - fixed: possible empty duplicate detection
     field when opening a timer rule - fixed: possible time offset when
     tuning a channel with predictive tuning enabled - fixed:
     unresponsiveness when wrong credentials are used 3.4.14 - updated
     language files from Transifex 3.4.13 - updated language files from
     Transifex 3.4.12 - updated language files from Transifex 3.4.11 -
     updated language files from Transifex 3.4.10 - Adpations for PVR API
     v5.2.1 3.4.9 - Updated to PVR API v5.2.1 (just made it compile
     again) 3.4.8 - improve EPG loading performance 3.4.7 - updated
     language files from Transifex 3.4.6 - updated language files from
     Transifex 3.4.5 - updated language files from Transifex 3.4.4 -
     fixed: setting channel type for 'early' htsp v25 servers - fixed:
     setting epg uid for timers 3.4.3 - improved: only show real radio
     and TV channels in Kodi - improved: recording handling when it's
     channel doesn't exist anymore (HTSP v25 and above) 3.4.2 - updated
     language files from Transifex 3.4.1 - Fix instant timers 3.4.0 -
     Cmake: rename find_package kodi to Kodi 3.3.2 - Fix includes 3.3.1 -
     Fixed a problem with async state handling that could happen when
     restoring a lost connection to tvheadend. 3.3.0 - Updated to PVR API
     v5.2.0 3.2.3 - fixed: potential crash in the channel tuning
     predictor 3.2.2 - Updated to PVR API v5.1.1 (added: support for
     PVR_CONNECTION_STATE_CONNECTING) - fixed: potential crash in
     connection state change callback 3.2.1 - fixed: lifetime 'forever'
     should be disabled for HTSP v24 and lower - improved: make lifetime
     settings translatable 3.2.0 - Updated to PVR API v5.1.0 3.1.0 -
     Updated to PVR API v5.0.0 3.0.2 - updated to PVR API v4.2.0
     (implemented IsRealTimeStream) 3.0.1 - updated language files from
     Transifex 3.0.0 - Initial Kodi Krypton version. 2.2.12 - updated
     language files from Transifex 2.2.11 - updated language files from
     Transifex - added: proper autorec/timerec support for HTSP v25 and
     above 2.2.10 - updated language files from Transifex - fixed:
     approximate start time setting - fixed: invalid addon restart when
     closing the settings dialog - improved: limit the amount of timer
     lifetime values - improved: separate timer and streaming settings -
     added: default setting for timer lifetime, priority and duplicate
     detection - fixed: restart subscription after a connection restore -
     fixed: allow to abort active recordings also for timers created by
     timerec and autorec - fixed: enable/disable of timers created by
     timerec and autorec (HTSP v23 and above) - refactored the logging
     utility from a bunch of macros to a class 2.2.9 - refactored the
     code by factoring out lots of things into separate files -
     refactored the Settings class into a singleton to avoid having to
     include client.h everywhere - added: support for specifying which
     streaming profile to use - added: support for enabling/disabling
     oneshot timers (HTSP v23 and above) - added: timer lifetime will now
     remove the actual file instead of database entry only (HTSP v24 and
     above) 2.2.8 - Updated to PVR API v4.1.0 - simplified recording
     playback handling, fixes random skipping to the beginning of
     recordings - fixed: recordings from channels that have been deleted
     since were not available in Kodi - added: setting for start time
     window calculation (autorec) - simplified addon settings - added:
     support for episode name (subtitle) for recordings 2.2.7 - Updated
     to PVR API v4.0.0 2.2.6 - Minimal support for PVR API v3.0.0 incl.
     Repeating EPG Timer AnyTime Bool Change 2.2.5 - dropped CStdString
     usage - added: Implementation of GetBufferTimeStart and
     GetBufferTimeEnd (timeshifting). - fixed: Coverity warnings
     introduced by predictive tuning feature. - fixed: Autorec: Start and
     stop time handling. - fixed: LocaltimeToUTC conversion (timer
     settings clock display incorrect). - fixed: Several issues with
     predictive tuning. - added: build: Automatically fill in platform
     and library name. - fixed: Use epg data only for creation of epg-
     based timers. - improved: Do not try to reconnect to tvh while
     suspending or not fully awake again. 2.2.4 - added: Predictive
     tuning (thanks @martinwilli) - added: Include satpos in mux
     description (thanks @Glenn-1990) - fixed: Crashes due to memory
     corruption (stack overflow) 2.2.3 - Updated to PVR API v2.1.0 2.2.2 -
     Debian packaging: fix library install path - Miscellaneous backend
     fixes 2.2.1 - updated to PVR API v2.0.0 - fixed: a Coverity warning
     2.2.0 - updated to PVR API v1.9.7 - added: support for series
     recordings (autorec, timerec) 2.1.13 - updated language files from
     Transifex 2.1.12 - fixed: channel icon compatibility issue with
     recent tvheadend servers. - fixed: EPG events update (some data was
     not updated correctly) 2.1.11 - fixed: do not show HTSP version
     mismatch error if tvheadend server is down. 2.1.10 - fixed: lowered
     required HTSP version to 10 to allow using Tvheadend 3.4 again.
     2.1.9 - fixed: packaging issues - fixed: minor issues found by
     static analysis - added: support

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