Package "kodi-pvr-dvblink-dbg"

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Name: kodi-pvr-dvblink-dbg


debug symbols for DVBLink PVR for Kodi

Latest version: 4.7.2-1~xenial
Release: xenial (16.04)
Level: base
Repository: main
Head package: kodi-pvr-dvblink


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Version: 3.3.11-3~xenial 2017-02-10 21:08:50 UTC

 kodi-pvr-dvblink (3.3.11-3~xenial) xenial; urgency=low
   [ kodi ]
   * autogenerated dummy changelog
   [ wsnipex ]
   * no upstream changelog available

Source diff to previous version

Version: 2.1.8-1~xenial 2016-04-27 13:08:10 UTC

 kodi-pvr-dvblink (2.1.8-1~xenial) xenial; urgency=low
   [ kodi ]
   * autogenerated dummy changelog
   [ wsnipex ]
   * [B]Version 2.1.8[/B] Updated: language files from Transifex
     [B]Version 2.1.7[/B] Updated: language files from Transifex
     [B]Version 2.1.6[/B] Updated: language files from Transifex
     [B]Version 2.1.5[/B] Fixed: Incorrect date/time presentation on
     Timer rules page [B]Version 2.1.4[/B] Updated: language files from
     Transifex [B]Version 2.1.3[/B] Updated: language files from
     Transifex [B]Version 2.1.2[/B] Updated: language files from
     Transifex [B]Version 2.1.1[/B] Updated: language files from
     Transifex [B]Version 2.1.0[/B] Added: upcoming channel logo support
     [B]Version 2.0.4[/B] Updated: language files from Transifex
     [B]Version 2.0.3[/B] Updated: language files from Transifex
     [B]Version 2.0.2[/B] - kodi.guilib is mandatory, enforce it
     [B]Version 2.0.1[/B] Updated: language files from Transifex
     [B]Version 2.0.0[/B] Added: Backport of 1.10.9 version fixes from
     Isengard tree Added: Native Kodi Jarvis series timer support Added:
     Support for keyword-based recording timers Added:
     episode/season/year info to recording metadata [B]Version 1.11.6[/B]
     Updated to PVR API v4.1.0 [B]Version 1.11.5[/B] Updated to PVR API
     v4.0.0 [B]Version 1.11.4[/B] Updated to PVR API v3.0.0 (API 1.9.7
     Compatibility Mode) [B]Version 1.11.3[/B] Updated to PVR API v2.1.0
     Automatically fill in platform and library name [B]Version
     1.11.2[/B] Debian packaging: fix library install path Miscellaneous
     backend fixes [B]Version 1.11.1[/B] Updated to PVR API v2.0.0
     [B]Version 1.11.0[/B] Updated to PVR API v1.9.7 [B]Version
     1.10.6[/B] Updated: language files from Transifex [B]Version
     1.10.5[/B] Added: Extended series settings dialog Added: "No
     grouping for single recording" setting Fixed: Long delay when
     starting transcoded stream from server that does not support it
     Speed and memory use optimizations [B]Version 1.10.4[/B] Updated to
     use new libplatform-dev [B]Version 1.10.3[/B] Updated to PVR API
     v1.9.6 [B]Version 1.10.2[/B] Updated to PVR API v1.9.5 [B]Version
     1.10.1[/B] Updated to PVR API v1.9.4 [B]Version 1.9.16[/B] Updated:
     language files from Transifex [B]Version 1.9.15[/B] Updated:
     language files from Transifex Fixed: Minor changes to conform with
     C++11 [B]Version 1.9.14[/B] Updated: language files from Transifex
     [B]Version 1.9.13[/B] Added: getBackendHostname function Fixed: no
     timers are added from EPG of DVBLink TV Adviser product [B]Version
     1.9.12[/B] Added: Grouping recordings by series Added: Year to the
     episode title Fixed: incorrect available disk space calculations
     [B]Version 1.9.11[/B] Updated: Fixed crash when switching channels
     with enabled timeshifting [B]Version 1.9.10[/B] Updated: language
     files from Transifex [B]Version 1.9.9[/B] Updated: change library
     name to Kodi [B]Version 1.9.8[/B] Fixed: deadlock when activating
     the addon on some darwin (osx, ios) runtimes [B]Version 1.9.7[/B]
     Updated: language files from Transifex [B]Version 1.9.6[/B] Updated:
     language files from Transifex [B]Version 1.9.5[/B] Added: display of
     episode name and number in recordings list Fixed: no
     channels/recordings if DVBLink server is not available during xbmc
     start-up Fixed: single and recurring manual recordings Fixed:
     interrupted playback of the recording, which is still being recorded
     Added: Series recording capabilities Fixed: transcoded live TV
     streaming Added: transcoded live TV with timeshifting capabilities
     [B]Version 1.9.4[/B] Updated to API v1.9.2 [B]Version 1.9.2[/B]
     Updated: language files from Transifex [B]Version 1.9.1[/B] Added:
     support for DVBLink v5 server timeshifting capabilities Fixed:
     series number, genre, episode name tags Fixed: correct displaying of
     series recordings [B]Version 1.9.0[/B] Sync with XBMC PVR API v1.9.0
     [B]Version 1.7.0[/B] Fixed: Recordings on DVBLINK 4.5.3 Fixed:
     Closing socket file handles Added: Support for Android Changed: No
     longer show errors on failed to receive recordings / timers list.
     [B]Version 1.6.2[/B] Fixed: Authentication issue on unix / linux
     based platforms Added: Refresh Timers and Recordings list every 30
     seconds Changed: Timeshift buffer path now refers to a folder path
     Delete timeshift buffer when nolonger needed [B]Version 1.6.1[/B]
     Added: Timeshift support (Http only) Added: Information about
     backend diskspace (System->System Info->PVR Service) Added: Option
     for enabling information notifications (Default:disabled) Updated
     language files General code style clean up to be more compliant with
     XBMC coding style [B]Version[/B] Removed wrong danish
     language from addon description [B]Version[/B] Fixed: Timer
     related crash when addon could not find program information for EPG
     based timers [B]Version[/B] Added: Better notification and
     logging of status / error information [B]Version[/B] Fixed:
     Not all schedules shown Fixed: Not able to use username/password
     (Windows only) [B]Version[/B] Builds for all major os:
     windows,linux and osx Updated to XBMC Frodo Beta 2 Updated to newest
     libdvblinkremote api Enabled editing of timers Updated version
     number to reflect other pvr addons Removed dependency on libcurl
     [B]0.0.6[/B] Fixed: Bug where addon did not show channels / EPG when
     using MCE Recorder [B]0.0.5[/B] Fixed: Bug where dvblink port from
     setting was not used [B]0.0.4[/B] Fixed: EPG data from when using
     MCE recorder Added: Preliminary (Have not been tested) support for
     transcoding Changed: Reordered settings [B]0.0.3[/B] Added: Fix for
     using channel handle instead of client id when stopping channels

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