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Name: kodi-pvr-nextpvr


NextPVR for Kodi

Latest version: 3.3.21-1~focal
Release: focal (20.04)
Level: base
Repository: main


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Version: 3.3.21-1~focal 2020-07-03 23:08:51 UTC

 kodi-pvr-nextpvr (3.3.21-1~focal) focal; urgency=low
   [ kodi ]
   * autogenerated dummy changelog

Source diff to previous version

Version: 3.3.19-1~focal 2020-05-11 20:08:55 UTC

 kodi-pvr-nextpvr (3.3.19-1~focal) focal; urgency=low
   [ kodi ]
   * autogenerated dummy changelog
   [ wsnipex ]
   * v3.3.19 - enable skipping while paused v3.3.18 - fix uninitialized
     variable in Extended Timeshift v3.3.17 - implement v5 timeshifting -
     improve playback of in progress recordings - added the sid to
     recordings - reintroduce XMLUtils makes the parsing code easier to
     read. - fixed bug passing empty group titles to Kodi (kodi bug)
     v3.3.16 - Update build system version and cleanup - Fix package
     check for TinyXML - Added AppVeyor for Windows related build tests
     v3.3.15 - CreateThread() change - Move LiveStreams.xml to only load
     once - Changes for NextPVR v5 v3.3.14 - Fixed issue with art not
     showing up on recordings from deleted channels - New settings option
     to enabled Kodi style recordings - defaults to NextPVR style (no
     title, with S/E ) - Reduce channel tuning time in Extended Timeshift
     - Removed trigger on deletes causing Kodi crash - Adjust for server
     time difference loading instant recordings (could show as scheduled)
     - Clean up MAC address logic, no WOL for localhost - Allow Kodi
     plugin:// URL in LiveStreams.xml v3.3.13 - Add Extended Timeshift
     Rolling File based live tv and radio buffer (pause and seekable) -
     Use file-system for recording and rolling file playback if available
     - Removed GetBackendTime() not part of API, changed RenameRecordings
     not supported - Fixed radio playback with timeshift, All Channel
     recurring recordings, problems passing expired EPG ID's - Fixed URL
     encoding of recording directory virtual name. - Separate and show
     Failed recordings, added Conflict Timers - Disable backend updates
     during media playback. Kodi still will update if configured -
     Separate Radio recordings for current stations, don't know type for
     deleted stations - Use S##E## and subtitles for improved Kodi skin
     display - Update recordings when timers are added or deleted -
     Improved system wake and added WOL (still needs state machine), get
     server time difference as global - Fixed problem with in-progress
     files. v3.3.12 - Bugfixes, seek re-init, and jump to last block
     already buffered. v3.3.11 - Fixes for live tv timeshift and
     seeking. v3.3.10 - In-progress recording changes v3.3.9 - more
     bugfixing in timeshift seeking, GetStreamTimes() changes. v3.3.8 -
     bugfixes for live tv tsb seeking, fix uninitialzed struct timeval in
     socket.cpp v3.3.3 - language string updates. v3.3.2 - use
     iUniqueId instead of iChannelNumber for live streaming. v3.3.1 -
     Implement GetStreamReadChunkSize() v3.3.0 - Updated to PVR addon
     API v5.10.0 v3.2.7 - Implement GetStreamTimes() so live tv
     timeshift will work. v3.2.6 - Updated to PVR addon API 5.9.0
     v3.2.5 - Change buffer management, using pvr.vbox model/code as a
     starting point. v3.2.3 - Remove StdString usage v3.2.1 - Remove
     unneeded code added in last revision v3.2.0 - Updated to PVR addon
     API 5.7.0 v3.1.0 - Updated to PVR addon API v5.3.0 v3.0.4 - Remove
     of never used addon interface function v3.0.3 - Update Debian
     package control - PVR addon callback way changes v3.0.2 - Removed
     old no more needed version functions v3.0.1 - set dependency
     versions automatic during build - removed never used kodi to addon
     functions - build system fixes - language updates v3.0.0 - Initial
     Kodi v18 version v2.4.7 - fixed issue where the recording/timers
     lists were no longer automatically updating v2.4.6 - prevent crash
     if invalid or missing XML is received v2.4.5 - fix Travis CI build
     on XCode 6.1 - fix compilation with GCC 5 - always include "NextPVR"
     in the backend name - fix GetLiveStreamURL() for channels with
     subchannel number v2.4.4 - updated language files from Transifex
     v2.4.3 - updated language files from Transifex v2.4.2 - updated
     language files from Transifex v2.4.1 - updated language files from
     Transifex v2.4.0 - Cmake: rename find_package kodi to Kodi v2.3.1 -
     Fix includes v2.3.0 - Updated to PVR addon API v5.2.0 v2.1.0 -
     Updated to PVR addon API v5.1.0 v2.1.1 -Fixed issue where user
     couldn't select to only record new episodes -Fixed issue with
     updating one-off recordings -Fixed issue where pre/post padding was
     not being loaded with recording list v2.1.0 - Updated to PVR addon
     API v5.0.0 v2.0.3 - Updated to PVR API v4.2.0 v2.0.2 - fixed issue
     with Transifex overwritting strings - added extra string 'Repeating
     (keyword)" string to correct duplicate recording type entry v2.0.1 -
     updated language files from Transifex v2.0.0 - Initial Kodi Krypton
     version. v1.12.7 - updated language files from Transifex v1.12.6 -
     updated language files from Transifex v1.12.5 - updated language
     files from Transifex v1.12.4 - Updated to GUI API v5.10.0 v1.12.3 -
     Fixed bug that could occur with recording groups - Upped minimum
     NextPVR version to 3.6.0 v1.12.2 - fixed a potential illegal memory
     access, picked up by Coverity. v1.12.1 - added support for keyword
     timers - added support for dynamic downloading of artwork in TV
     guide - fixed issue with updating existing timers v1.12.0 - added
     support Jarvis timers v1.11.6 - Updated to PVR API v4.1.0 v1.11.5 -
     Updated to PVR API v4.0.0 v1.11.4 - Updated to PVR API v3.0.0
     (1.9.7 compatibility mode) v1.11.3 - Updated to PVR API v2.1.0 -
     Automatically fill in platform and library name v1.11.2 - Debian
     packaging: fix library install path - Miscellaneous backend fixes
     v1.11.1 - Updated to PVR API v2.0.0 v1.11.0 - Updated to PVR API
     v1.9.7 v1.10.6 - updated language files from Transifex v1.10.5 -
     fixed issue where RPi user were unable to watch live tv due to
     subtle socket differe

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