Package "clang-6.0-examples"

This package belongs to a PPA: Ubuntu Mozilla Security

Name: clang-6.0-examples


Clang examples

Latest version: 1:6.0-1ubuntu2~16.04.1
Release: xenial (16.04)
Level: base
Repository: main
Head package: llvm-toolchain-6.0


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Other versions of "clang-6.0-examples" in Xenial

Repository Area Version
updates universe 1:6.0-1ubuntu2~16.04.1
PPA: xorg-edgers 1:6.0-1ubuntu2~16.04.1~ppa1


Version: 1:6.0-1ubuntu2~16.04.1 2019-08-28 11:08:38 UTC

 llvm-toolchain-6.0 (1:6.0-1ubuntu2~16.04.1) xenial; urgency=medium
   * Backport to xenial. (LP: #1772632)
     - Don't build the Fuzzer library on powerpc.
     - set BINUTILS_GOLD_ARCHS to match 4.0, dropping arm64 and s390x

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