Package "cl-curry-compose-reader-macros"

This package belongs to a PPA: Postgresql

Name: cl-curry-compose-reader-macros


Reader macros for function partial application and composition.
These reader macros expand into the curry, rcurry and compose functions
from the Alexandria library. The contents of curly brackets are curried and
the contents of square brackets are composed. The _ symbol inside curly
brackets changes the order of arguments with rcurry.

Latest version: 20170630-1~pgdg16.04+1
Release: xenial-pgdg
Level: base
Repository: main
Homepage: http://eschulte.github.io/curry-compose-reader-macros/


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Repository Area Version
base universe 20171227-1
PPA: Postgresql 20170630-1~pgdg14.04+1
PPA: Postgresql 20160318-1~pgdg12.4+1


Version: 20170630-1~pgdg16.04+1 2018-07-05 14:09:53 UTC
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