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Name: omnidb-common


Web tool for database management (shared files)
OmniDB is a web tool that simplifies database management focusing on
interactivity, designed to be powerful and lightweight. Check-out some

* Web Tool: Accessible from any platform, using a browser as a medium
* Responsive Interface: All available functions in a single page
* Unified Workspace: Different technologies managed in a single workspace
* Simplified Editing: Easy to add and remove connections
* Safety: Multi-user support with encrypted personal information
* Interactive Tables: All functionalities use interactive tables, allowing
copying and pasting in blocks
* Smart SQL Editor: Contextual SQL code completion
* Beautiful SQL Editor: You can choose between many available color themes
* Tabbed SQL Editor: Easily add, rename or delete editor tabs

Supported DBMS: PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB

This package contains shared files.

Latest version: 3.0.3b+ds-4.pgdg22.04+1
Release: jammy-pgdg
Level: base
Repository: main
Head package: omnidb
Homepage: https://omnidb.org/


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Repository Area Version
base universe 3.0.3b+ds-3
PPA: Postgresql 2.17.0+ds-5.pgdg18.04+1
PPA: Postgresql 3.0.3b+ds-4.pgdg20.04+1


Version: 3.0.3b+ds-4.pgdg22.04+1 2022-11-10 16:10:58 UTC
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