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Name: cl-simple-date


Common Lisp types for dates, timestamps, and intervals
Simple-date provides types (CLOS classes) for dates, timestamps, and
intervals similar to the ones SQL databases use, in order to be able to
store and read these to and from a database in a straighforward way. A few
obvious operations are defined on these types.

The most glaring defect of this library is its ignorance of time zones. It
pretends the whole world lives in UTC. Use with care.

When this library is loaded after CL-postgres, it will register suitable SQL
readers and writers for the associated database types.

Latest version: 20180430-1~pgdg18.04+1
Release: bionic-pgdg
Level: base
Repository: main
Head package: cl-postmodern
Homepage: http://marijnhaverbeke.nl/postmodern/


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base universe 20180430-1
PPA: Postgresql 20161031-2~pgdg12.4+1
PPA: Postgresql 20170403-1~pgdg14.04+1
PPA: Postgresql 20170403-1~pgdg16.04+1


Version: 20180430-1~pgdg18.04+1 2018-07-04 22:09:19 UTC
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