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Name: mintmenu


Advanced MATE menu
One of the most advanced menus under Linux. MintMenu supports filtering,
favorites, easy-uninstallation, autosession, and many other features.

Latest version:
Release: tricia
Level: base
Repository: main


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Other versions of "mintmenu" in Tricia

Repository Area Version
PPA: Mint Main 5.7.2
PPA: Mint Main 5.7.6
PPA: Mint Main 5.8.2
PPA: Mint Main 5.8.4
PPA: Mint Main 5.9.0
PPA: Mint Main 5.9.1
PPA: Mint Main 5.9.9
PPA: Mint Main 6.1.1


Version: 2020-07-18 12:08:41 UTC
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Version: 2020-04-15 21:55:01 UTC
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