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Name: os-uninstaller


Operating System Uninstaller
When you have several operating systems (Windows, MacOS, GNU/Linux ..)
installed on your computer, you may want to remove one of them.

OS-Uninstaller is a graphical tool that will let you choose the system
you want to remove, and uninstall it very easily. After your
confirmation, it will format the selected system, and update the
bootloader so that you will still access your other remaining systems.

OS-Uninstaller also has advanced options for OS formatting, and
bootloader updating.

Latest version: 4ppa65
Release: tricia
Level: base
Repository: import
Head package: boot-repair
Homepage: https://launchpad.net/os-uninstaller


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PPA: Mint Import 4ppa65
PPA: Mint Import 4ppa78


Version: 4ppa65 2020-04-15 21:55:50 UTC
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