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Name: clean-ubiquity


Make the Ubiquity installer safer
Clean-Ubiquity is an addon for Ubiquity. It automatically performs
a backup of the bootsector that is altered by Ubiquity, and links it
with the UUID of the new OS.

This can be extremely useful if the computer is MBR-locked. MBR-lock is
a system that can be found on some OEM computers with pre-installed
Windows. It is (was?) put in place by some manufacturers in order to
fight against Windows piracy, by preventing or making difficult the use
of a Windows with a different version from the one that was originally
on the computer. MBR-lock is now forbidden in some countries (e.g.
France), so it should not be on recent computers. Basically, this
system uses data written on the motherboard and/or the MBR. If the MBR
has been altered (e.g. by GRUB), this system will detect it and prevent
Windows (or the entire computer) to boot.

Clean-Ubiquity needs 2 preseeds integrated during the ISO building.

Latest version: 4ppa42
Release: tricia
Level: base
Repository: import
Head package: boot-repair
Homepage: https://launchpad.net/clean-ubiquity


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Version: 4ppa42 2020-04-15 21:55:50 UTC
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