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Name: qtdeclarative-opensource-src


This package is just an umbrella for a group of other packages, it has no description.
Description samples from packages in group:

  • Qt 5 QML module
  • Qt 5 Quick library
  • Qt 5 Quick particles module
  • Qt 5 Quick Test library

Latest version: 5.6.1-4ubuntu1~xenialoverlay1~4
Release: xenial (16.04)
Level: base
Repository: main


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Repository Area Version
base main 5.5.1-2ubuntu6
base universe 5.5.1-2ubuntu6

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Version: 5.6.1-4ubuntu1~xenialoverlay1~4 2016-12-16 18:10:50 UTC

 qtdeclarative-opensource-src (5.6.1-4ubuntu1~xenialoverlay1~4) xenial; urgency=medium
   * Merge with Debian.
   * Update symbols.
   * Drop backported upstream patches now included:
     - Add-QQuickAsyncImageProvider.patch
     - Add-isTabFence-private-flag.patch
     - Don-t-change-the-currentItem-after-a-viewport-resize.patch
     - Don-t-make-currentIndex-skip-an-extra-item-on-remova.patch
     - Fix-memory-leak-when-using-async-image-providers.patch
     - Flickable-avoid-perturbing-the-timeline-further-whil.patch
     - Image-fix-crash-when-switching-between-multiple-scre.patch
     - Make-sure-we-stop-animators-if-they-are-yet-to-be-st.patch
     - MultiPointTouchArea-Fixed-released-duplication-on-mo.patch
     - QQuickItem-fix-an-infinite-loop-nextItemInFocusChain.patch
     - WIP-QQuickItem-fix-another-infinite-loop-in-nextItem.patch
     - qmlplugindump-Don-t-try-to-import-Qt.test.qtestroot.patch
   * Refresh QML cache and test binary location patches to apply.
   * Modify QML cache patch to Qt 5.6 and 5.6.1 changes. (LP: #1556824)
   * Mark private symbols.
   * Update for Qt 5.6.1:
     - Drop debian/patches/Fix-crash-in-hasAtlasTexture.patch now in upstream.
   * Add build dep on libqt5opengl5-dev to execute a test successfully
   * debian/patches/V4-Always-set-the-tag-when-boxing-a-pointer-in-QV4-V.patch
     - Fix a crasher affecting at least s390x

1556824 QML cache patch does not apply to Qt 5.6

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