Package "cantor-backend-python3"

This package belongs to a PPA: Kubuntu-ppa Backports

Name: cantor-backend-python3


Python3 backend for Cantor

Latest version: 4:16.04.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa61
Release: xenial (16.04)
Level: base
Repository: main
Head package: cantor


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Repository Area Version
base universe 4:15.12.1-0ubuntu3


Version: 4:16.04.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa61 2016-12-16 18:10:34 UTC

 cantor (4:16.04.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa61) xenial; urgency=medium
   [ Scarlett Clark ]
   * New upstream release
   * Fix merge.
   * Install to /tmp to avoid install boom.
   * rearrange dh_install. Prior commit not triggering.
   * Remove merge markers.
   * Remove more merge markers.
   * Remove even more merge markers. Update new lintian
     override for libcantor_pythonbackend.
   * Enable scilab.
   [ Philip Muškovac ]
   * Update the Vcs URLs now that the repositories are hosted on
   [ Scarlett Clark ]
   * New upstream bugfix release
   [ Clive Johnston ]
   * Bumping lib version in install file
   * New upstream release 16.04.2
   * Fixing install file
   * New upstream release (16.04.3)
   * Fixing spelling mistakes lintian is complaining about

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