Package "gir1.2-clutter-1.0"

This package belongs to a PPA: Gnome 3

Name: gir1.2-clutter-1.0


GObject introspection data for the Clutter 1.0 library
This package contains introspection data for the Clutter scene
graph library.

It can be used by packages using the GIRepository format to generate
dynamic bindings.

Latest version: 1.16.4-0ubuntu2~trusty1
Release: trusty (14.04)
Level: base
Repository: main
Head package: clutter-1.0


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Other versions of "gir1.2-clutter-1.0" in Trusty

Repository Area Version
base main 1.16.4-0ubuntu2


Version: 1.16.4-0ubuntu2~trusty1 2014-03-31 17:09:05 UTC

 clutter-1.0 (1.16.4-0ubuntu2~trusty1) trusty; urgency=medium
   * debian/patches:
     - Add git-stage-cogl-Fix-buffer_age-code-path.patch:
       Fix flickering issues with NVIDIA 334.x

Source diff to previous version

Version: 1.16.4-0ubuntu1~trusty2 2014-03-30 07:01:25 UTC

 clutter-1.0 (1.16.4-0ubuntu1~trusty2) trusty; urgency=medium
   * debian/rules: enable wayland backends
   * debian/libclutter-1.0-0.symbols: add wayland symbols

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