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The Ur-Quan Masters - An inter-galactic adventure game
You return to Earth with a vessel built from technology discovered from an
ancient race called the Precursors only to find it enslaved. Gather allies
from a wide variety of races, engage in space combat with various foes, and
save the galaxy from the Ur-Quan!

The Ur-Quan Masters is derived from the classic game Star Control II.
It includes both the adventure game described above and a fast-paced
Super Melee.

See the README.Debian once you have installed this package for information
about where to get the uqm-music and uqm-voice packages.

Latest version: 0.7.0-1~getdeb1
Release: xenial (16.04)
Level: getdeb
Repository: games
Homepage: http://sc2.sourceforge.net/


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Repository Area Version
base multiverse 0.6.2.dfsg-9.1


Version: 0.7.0-1~getdeb1 2016-10-03 13:09:28 UTC

uqm (0.7.0-1~getdeb1) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream version
    - Build with debug info in strict-debug mode (bug #1127), from Scott A.
    - Added spoken Slylandro probe coordinates (bug #732) - Nic, Alex
    - Added the missing bits to the no-voice versions of Mycon, Syreen and
      Utwig dialogue (bug #327) - Alex
    - Syreen dialog tree no longer resets after visiting the Syreen Vault
      for the very first time (bug #891) - Alex
    - Fixed lander report at the Syreen Vault inconsistency (bug #1121) -
    - Added lander reports for Supox ruins and Ultron. The reports text
      is new content from TFB. (bug #1120) - Alex
    - Fixed 'caster comm with Ilwrath after they die off (bug #850) - Alex
    - Fixed Syreen Vault lander report infinite loop (bug #1118) - Alex
    - Same captain names are used on both net sides (bug #989) - Alex
    - Fixed sync loss in netplay games having duplicate ships (bug #1081) -
    - Fixed loading of melee.cfg (bug #1099) - Alex
    - Fixed the 64KB size limitation on key-value files (bug #1112) - Alex
    - Update download paths for the new SourceForge File Release system -
    - Fix UAC issues with installer for cleaner Vista/Win7 installs - Michael
    - Fixed compilation with Netplay disabled (bug #1091), from Sze Howe Koh
    - Fixed ship picking order after a simultaneous destruction, e.g.
      Shofixti picks last after Glory device (bugs #1087, #1088) - Alex
    - Game no longer locks up after quickly escaping melee (bug #1003) - Alex
    - Reset input delay upon leaving Supermelee (bug #1022) - Alex
    - Properly account for simultaneous destruction of last ships
      in each fleet in Supermelee (bug #437) - Alex
    - Do not match singular stars when given a prefix in star search
      (bug #1071) - Alex
    - Preserve character case when editing with joystick (bug #1080) - Alex
    - Fixed misaligned cargo count (bug #1092) - Coredev
    - Fixed the network SuperMelee team configuration protocol - SvdB
    - Fixed fuel reserve bounds checks - SvdB
    - Fixed a crash when filling fuel tanks over 10 (bug #1082) - Alex
    - Got rid of many warnings - SvdB
    - Clean up and some refactoring of the SuperMelee code - SvdB
    - Fixed concurrent screen fades regression (bug #1079) - Alex
    - Removed some legacy source code files related to resources - SvdB
    - Put SuperMelee source files in separate subdirectory - SvdB
    - Added additive and alpha drawing modes to graphics lib - Alex
    - Fixed black pixel gaps between the planet and shield when entering the
      orbit of a shielded planet (bug #32) - Alex
    - Split off SDL-specific colormap bits into SDL domain - Alex
    - Fixed planet blinking when exiting scan (bug #799) - Alex
    - Restore menu sounds after editing a control set name (bug #1066) - Alex
    - Use an own 'UniChar' rather than 'wchar_t', which may not be large
      enough, depending on the platform - SvdB
    - Added 'COLOR' resource type - SvdB
    - All graphics operations use 24-bits colors at the game level too now,
      instead of 16 bits colors. - SvdB
    - Cross-platform safemode (ignores uqm.cfg, bug #946) - Michael
    - Correct Chmmr response when asking about Sa-Matra (bug #1073) - Alex
    - Refactored universe generation - SvdB
    - Comm animation processing rewrite, bugs fixed - Alex
    - Added graphics context debugging function - SvdB
    - Thread down-throttling and game sleep when inactive (currently
      (bug #1070), from Flandry
    - Internal changes: GOOD_GUY/BAD_GUY ship flags retired - Alex
    - Fixed Melee menu timeout when both sides are Cyborgs (bug #1067) - Alex
    - Fixed AI ship not moving on warp in (bug #648) - Alex
    - Revert gfx settings entirely when a mode switch fails (bug #1056) -
    - Fixed the Syreen lights-out scene timing (bug #1011) - Alex
    - Added a native error box for MacOSX (like we have for Windows) - Alex
    - Fix for weird colors problem on MacOSX w/ SDL 1.2.14; also improves
      overall compatibility on all platforms - Alex
    - Unix build system cleanups, fix detection of SDL, libmikmod, pthread -
    - Make DoPopupWindow() work over faded out screens. - SvdB
    - Trackplayer rewrite; fixed many bugs - Alex
    - Source tree reorg: libs/ moved out of sc2code/, msvc++/ moved to
      build/msvc6/, src/sc2code/ renamed to src/uqm/ - Coredev
    - Druuge no longer turn hostile after attempting a salvage (bug #1013) -
    - Process subtitles correctly with no timestamp file (bug #1060) - Alex
    - Lander will no longer hang when killed on planets with a lot of
      natural disasters (bug #584) - Alex
    - Canceling load from the main menu returns to main menu (bug #679) -
    - Fixed inputting numbers with the numpad, except directx (bug #934) -
    - Better location description in savegame summaries (bug #844) - Alex
    - Fixed crash when saving a game into the last slot while having
      too many devices on board - Alex
    - Allow any sound data format to be graphed by comm oscilloscope; also
      auto-adjust the scope for different gain levels (bug #1064) - Alex
    - Game settings Quit menu now delegates to F10 quit (bug #462) - Alex
    - Do not pause the game in places where not relevant (bug #984) - Alex
    - Fixed crashes and potential weirdness when loading savegames from
      a Homeworld encounter screen (bug #997) - Alex
    - Cleanup of GLOBAL(ShipStamp.frame) abuse; fixes bug #1054 - Alex
    - Game attempts to exit cleanly under normal circustances (bug #52) -
    - Fixed Mmrnmhrm's X-Form transformation without energy use (bug #1004) -
    - Added missing sleeps in DoInput() functions (bug #893) - Alex
    - Starmap unit conversion corrections; fixes bug #970 - Alex
    - Rounding-error correction in log(x|y)ToUniverse (bug #1046), from Nic
    - Change hardcoded Starbase and Sa-Matra values

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