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Name: scummvm


engine for several graphical adventure games
ScummVM is a `virtual machine' for several classic graphical
point-and-click adventure games. It is designed to run Adventure Soft's
Simon the Sorcerer 1 and 2, Revolution's Beneath A Steel Sky, and games
based on LucasArts' SCUMM (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion)
system. SCUMM is used for many games, including Monkey Island,
Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max and more. See the official compatibility
list at for a full list
of supported games.

The game data of four games compatible with ScummVM is included in Debian.
These are:

- Beneath a Steel Sky (package: beneath-a-steel-sky)
- Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back (package: drascula)
- Flight of the Amazon Queen (package: flight-of-the-amazon-queen)
- Lure of the Temptress (package: lure-of-the-temptress)

To actually make use of ScummVM, you'll have to install one of these, or
obtain the proprietary game data for another supported game from somewhere

Latest version: 1.8.1-1~getdeb1
Release: xenial (16.04)
Level: getdeb
Repository: games
Homepage: http://www.scummvm.org


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Version: 1.8.1-1~getdeb1 2016-05-26 01:08:08 UTC

scummvm (1.8.1-1~getdeb1) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream version
     New ports:
       - Added Nintendo 3DS port.
       - Added Android SDL port.

       - Removed TESTING flag from several supported games.
       - Added Chinese Pinyin translation.
       - Fixed cursor stuttering in the launcher that occured on some

       - Fixed game restart.

       - Fixed sound effect loading.

       - Fixed text alignment to be faithful to the original.
       - Fixed character walking off screen.
       - Fixed loading savegames in the Pendulum scene.
       - Fixed wrong background for inventory items during chapter 6 in the
         Spanish version.
       - Fixed animations speed (they were running two times slower than in
         original engine).
       - Fixed noise at start and/or end of speech. This was most noticeable
         with the Spanish speech.
       - Fixed delay when interacting with the verb menu and the inventory.
       - Fixed possibility to pick up the axe in the castle multiple times.

       - Fixed lock up for some games during sound initialization.

       - Fixed potential crash when using swamp snake potion on the rat in
         of Fate. (NOTE: This fix was included in version 1.8.0, but it was
         added to the NEWS file).
       - Fixed missing voice reactions when hitting enemies in CD version of
         Lands of Lore.

       - Fixed lock-up during ending sequence.
       - Improved internal game controls.
       - Fixed lock-up during some in-game animations.

       - Fixed user interface colors in the French and German versions of I
       Have No
         Mouth and I Must Scream.

       - Make cursor workarounds work properly on OpenPandora (and other
       devices, that
         support touch screen and analog sticks/mouse at the same time)
       - Script patch to fix broken ending battle in multilingual King's
       Quest 5
         (French, German + Spanish versions are all broken)
       - Fixed invalid memory access, when loading broken King's Quest 5
       credit music track
       - Fixed lowres/hires issues in King's Quest 6 when saving, changing
       the lowres/hires
         setting and restoring the saved game afterwards.

       - Fixed detection of Maniac Mansion from Day of the Tentacle in the
         version of ScummVM.
       - Fixed a sound effect not stopping in Loom EGA with AdLib.

     Broken Sword 2.5:
       - Added option to use English speech instead of German one when no
       speech is
         available for the selected language.
       - Fixed resource releasing on game exit.
       - Fixed game restart after language change in-game.
       - Fixed flickering in main Menu.
       - Fixed long save time on Windows.

     Windows port:
       - Fixed bug in MIDI device listing affecting cases where MIDI devices
         not usable.

     Mac OS X port:
       - Dock menu for ScummVM now lists recently played games when ScummVM
         not running and allows starting those games.
       - Enabled Sparkle application updater.

     GCW0 port:
       - Improved support for built-in ScummVM documentation.

 -- Christoph Korn Thu, 26 May 2016 00:50:39 +0200

Version: 1.8.0-1~getdeb1 2016-04-21 06:56:21 UTC

scummvm (1.8.0-1~getdeb1) trusty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream version
     New Games:
       - Added support for Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender.
       - Added support for Sfinx.
       - Added support for Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands.
       - Added support for Zork: Grand Inquisitor.
       - Added support for The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the
         Serrated Scalpel.
       - Added support for The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the
       - Added support for Beavis and Butthead in Virtual Stupidity.
       - Added support for Amazon: Guardians of Eden.
       - Added support for Broken Sword 2.5: The Return of the Templars.
       - Added support for The Labyrinth of Time.

     New Ports:
       - Added Raspberry Pi port.
       - Added GCW0 port.

       - Updated Munt MT-32 emulation code to version 1.5.0.

       - Alt-x no longer quits ScummVM. Use Cmd-q/Ctrl-q/Ctrl-z instead; see
       - On POSIX systems we now follow the XDG Base Directory Specification
         placement of files for users. This effectively results in new
         for our configuration file, our log file, and our default savegame
         We still support our previous locations. As long as they are
         present, we
         continue to use them. Please refer to the README for the new
         File locations on Mac OS X are not affected by this change.

     3 Skulls of the Toltecs:
       - Improved AdLib music support.

       - It is now possible to disable mouse support (except for Amiga
         and fanmade games, that require a mouse).
       - Fixed PCjr sound volumes.
       - Major rewrite of graphics subsystem.
       - Support for Apple IIgs, Amiga + Atari ST transitions, fonts and
         cursors. The Atari ST 8x8 system font is not included with ScummVM.
       - Added ability to make for example a PC version look like an Apple
         version. This includes palette, cursor, transition and even font.
         set corresponding render mode.
       - Fixed Apple IIgs game versions running too fast.
       - Added support for automatic saving/restoring used by Mixed Up Mother
       - Removed forced two second delay on room changes; replaced with
       - Fixed certain key bindings breaking after saving/reloading.

       - Fixed arpeggio effect used in music of Amiga version of Elvira 1.
       - Fixed loading and saving progress in the PC version of Waxworks.
       - Fixed verb area been removed in Amiga versions of Simon the Sorcerer
       - Added Accolade AdLib & MT-32 music drivers for the games:
         Elvira 1, Elvira 2, Waxworks and Simon the Sorcerer 1 demo.
       - Added Simon the Sorcerer 1 AdLib output. This vastly improves the
         output and makes it closer to the original.

     Broken Sword 1:
       - Fixed Macintosh version speech when running on big endian systems.
       - Fixed loading from Main Menu in bull's head scene, and maybe other

       - Added support for music in CD version of Future Wars.

       - Improved AdLib music support in Return to Zork.

       - Improved AdLib music support.

       - Handling of music priority has been greatly improved.
       - A lot of fixes for original game script bugs that also occurred when
         using the original interpreter. This affects the following games:
         KQ6 (Dual Mode), LSL5, PQ1, QfG1 (EGA), QfG1 (VGA), QfG2, QfG3, SQ1,
         SQ4 (CD).
       - Restoring from the ScummVM in-game menu should now work all the
       - Improved support for Japanese PC-9801 games.
       - Default to hi res version of KQ6, changeable using engine option.

       - Major improvements to Korean versions text rendering.
       - Implemented original Maniac Mansion v0-v1 walking code.
       - It is now possible to play Maniac Mansion from within Day of the
         Tentacle, with a few caveats. See README for details.
       - Alt-x can now be used to quit SCUMM games on all platforms.
       - Improved lip sync animation in later HE games.

       - Improved AdLib music support in Discworld 1.

 -- Christoph Korn Wed, 09 Mar 2016 21:43:09 +0100

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