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World of Padman client binary
This package contains the client binary for World of Padman.

World of Padman is a comic-style, ioQuake3-based first person shooter.
It is based on the Padman comic strip created by the professional cartoon
artist Andreas 'ENTE' (German for "Duck") Endres, who is also the current
project leader. World of Padman features a number of gametypes, ranging
from the traditional Tournament, Free For All and Team Deathmatch, to the
unique Spray Your Color, Big Balloon, and Last Pad Standing.

Latest version: 1.6-1~getdeb1
Release: trusty (14.04)
Level: getdeb
Repository: games
Homepage: http://www.worldofpadman.com/


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Version: 1.6-1~getdeb1 2014-04-21 06:59:35 UTC

worldofpadman (1.6-1~getdeb1) lucid; urgency=low

  * New upstream version (LP: #880387)
        * ADDED

              o 3D cross hair to QVMs when in STEREO mode

              o 3D stereoscopic options in display menu

              o A delay of 5 sec between dropping the lolly

              o Cgame console now also handles [skipnotify] like the engine

              o Cvar: cg_ambient [0|1] to control playback of ambient sounds
              (feature request)

              o Cvar: cg_drawLensflare [0|1] -- toggles drawing of cgame lens
              flares, default 1 (feature request)

              o Cvar: cg_timestamps [0|1|2] -- prefix console lines with time
              stamp. 1 for game time, 2 for real time, default 0 for none

              o Cvar: g_logDamage [0|1] -- toggle inclusion of damage
              messages in the log file, default 0

              o Cvar: g_suddenDeath [0|1] -- toggle sudden death in game
              types that support it, default 1

              o HUD now displays the sender names for recent voice chat
              messages (feature request)

              o Icons for loading stations and spray portals to help you find
              them. Icons are visible through walls (feature request)

              o Level designers are able to set values to 'health' and
              'speed' keys of loading stations

              o Lolly icons added to scoreboard, instead of bot skill
              icon/handicap (feature request)

              o Nettype info in server browser so players can see whether
              server is ipv6 or v4 enabled

              o New map oregano4's Airplane

              o New skins BadPaddy and PaddyBee for PaddyBell player model

              o Option in Game Options menu to enable/disable icons of team
              mates, loading stations, spray portals, LPS arrows and BB boxes

              o Push awards from OpenArena, e.g. when a player knocks another
              player into the void

              o Quick-infos support added for menu items. A short hint is
              shown for selected menu items on mouse over.

              o Variants of cross hair i and j, called k and l (feature

              o Voice chat icon over player's head and in the HUD to display
              the sender in game (feature request)

              o WoP program icon that is SVG format to meet free desktop
              specification standards (feature request)

        * CHANGED

              o Attempt to enforce proper net settings (cvar values) in
              online game play

              o BamBam health bar appears now in team colours

              o BB boxes are solid objects now, model path is hard code now,
              there is no need for level designers to set the 'model' key any
              more (feature request)

              o Cvar: g_modInstagib renamed to g_instaPad

              o Cvar: g_modInstagib_WeaponJump renamed to g_weaponJump

              o Default sound sample rate to 44.100 Hz (was 22.050 Hz)

              o Demo files are shown in alphabetical order and correctly now
              in menu

              o Do not append a files suffix to a sound file name in
              target_speaker (e.g. change '.../sound.wav' to '.../sound', so
              OggVorbis support will work)

              o Edited balloon capture messages in BackyardBB

              o Finalized BamBam spread, removed cvar g_bambamSpread

              o Made Bambams prone to Visionless

              o Major changes to in game server browser layout: limits for
              ping colours; format changed to 'humans+bots/max'; maps not
              present locally and full slots are printed red; mods will be
              printed in cyan; added white space between 'Internet' and
              master server number; changed cvar default to hide full servers
              and to show private servers again

              o Merged server info cvars Players_Red, Players_Blue and
              Players_Active into Players_Team

              o Owned items (Killerducks, BamBams, Boomies) get removed on
              team change and disconnect

              o Powerups behaviour while being in the spray room

              o Re-enabled Bambam owners, Player also scores when his BamBam
              frags an opponent

              o Reduced Boaster ammo bottle content to 60 (was 100)

              o Reduced Balloony ammo bottle content to 10 (was 15)

              o Reduced Boaster direct hit damage to 3 (was 5)

              o Reduced PadPower damage multiplier to 2 (was 3)

              o Replaced all old WAV ambient sound files in maps by new high
              quality OGG sound samples, except of ENTE's PadMaps (check

              o Replaced default bounce sound at the rubber duck by a nice
              toy squeeze sound in CybBath (feature request)

              o Revised server config files for all game types

              o Unified BamBam and Boomies placement checks, adjusted
              distances, added target_push and lolly spawns

              o Windows executables now properly use "%APPDATA%\Padman" as
              home path. That's the folder for screen shots, demo files etc.

        * FIXED

              o A check for multi-sample GL extension was missing

              o A few issues with LPS sounds and sorting

              o A lot of spelling mistakes

              o Always checks point limit now, regardless of active player
              number; caused very high BB scores on empty servers

              o Big Balloon capture sounds fixed so they do not play

              o Bots should return the flag correctly now instead of standing
              idle in CTL

              o Bots navigation issues under ramps close to the lolly in

              o Broken log file entries, replac

880387 World of Padman version is above stable release

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