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Name: sweethome3d


Interior 2D design application with 3D preview
Sweet Home 3D is an interior design Java application for
quickly choosing and placing furniture on a house 2D plan
drawn by the end-user, with a 3D preview.

Latest version: 5.4-1~getdeb1
Release: xenial (16.04)
Level: getdeb
Repository: apps
Homepage: http://www.sweethome3d.com/


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Repository Area Version
base universe 4.5+dfsg-3


Version: 5.4-1~getdeb1 2017-02-01 17:08:20 UTC

sweethome3d (5.4-1~getdeb1) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream version
     * Set the minimum value of visitor's field of view to 2°.
     * Fixed wrongly displayed rectangular textures when rotated.
     * Fixed a bug that prevented to close the Untitled window after opening
       a file under Mac OS X.
     * Fixed a bug that applied the resolution scale factor too many times
       on user interface.
     * Fixed a bug that prevented to move the points of a polyline.
     * Replaced JRE 8u112 by JRE 8u121 in Sweet Home 3D installers bundled
       with Java under Linux.
     * Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements.

 -- Christoph Korn Tue, 31 Jan 2017 18:23:54 +0100

Version: 5.3-1~getdeb1 2016-11-17 21:08:39 UTC

sweethome3d (5.3-1~getdeb1) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream version
    * Ensured that the selected items are visible in the plan after using
    Zoom in or Zoom out tools.
    * Changed how textures on borders of room floors are displayed so they
    never look distorted.
    * Displayed walls with half transparent pattern while drawing them or
    while placing doors and windows, when a background image is used.
    * Initialized the scale and origin of background images imported at new
    levels with the values of the background image available at the closest
    * Improved the mouse management of the virtual visitor in plan at small
    * Added a Home.xml entry validated by the DTD SweetHome3D.dtd to SH3D
    files, and added file association for future SH3X files.
    * Added HomeObject super class to let developers manage their own
    properties on home objects.
    * Copied texture image files at OBJ format export instead of generating
    new ones.
    * Fixed the area computation of rooms drawn with a hole in their middle.
    * Fixed blocking errors that happened for textured floors in the plan
    with Java 7/8 under Ubuntu.
    * Fixed the color of menu items under Ubuntu and better drag and drop
    support under Linux using Java 8.
    * Upgraded Java 3D version to 1.6.0 fcs / JOGL 2.3.2 for Windows and
    Linux versions, and for the Mac OS X version run with Java 7/8.
    * Displayed Java 3D version in About dialog box.
    * Added Sweet Home 3D icon in installation folder under Linux.
    * Replaced JRE 8u74 by JRE 8u51 in Sweet Home 3D installers bundled with
    Java under Windows.
    * Replaced JRE 6u45 by JRE 8u112 in Sweet Home 3D installers bundled with
    Java under Linux.
    * Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements.

 -- Christoph Korn Thu, 17 Nov 2016 18:24:43 +0100

Version: 5.2-1~getdeb1 2016-04-21 23:08:22 UTC

sweethome3d (5.2-1~getdeb1) wily; urgency=medium

  * New upstream version
    * Added Invisible option to the Furniture materials pane to hide some
      parts of a piece of furniture.
    * Made resizing of a piece of furniture with its resize indicator
      proportional when shift key is pressed.
    * Moved the viewport of the plan only when selected objects become
      invisible at screen when they are moved with the keyboard.
    * Changed the width of the rectangle of doors and windows in the plan
      to take into account the width of their doorOrWindowCutOutShape
      property when it's smaller.
    * Added com.eteks.sweethome3d.resolutionScale system property to
      apply a scale factor to the user interface of Sweet Home 3D.
    * Added a Java Web Start version able to display the user interface
      of Sweet Home 3D at a twice larger size for users with HiDPI
      screens under Windows and Linux.
    * Added samplerAlgorithm and filter properties to the renderer
      properties that can be set for Sunflow.
    * Fixed a bug that could enlarge uselessly the size of a SH3D file
      when the texture of a material was set to its default value or
      reused on an other object.
    * Ensured walls created by Plan > Split wall menu item are at the
      same level as the split wall.
    * Replaced visual properties set on a Home instance with simple
      String properties (developers are encouraged to replace calls to
      the deprecated getVisualProperty and setVisualProperty on a Home
      instance, by calls to getProperty and setProperty, because future
      file format might not save visual properties anymore).
    * New icon and logo designed by madudesign.
    * Modified installer program to delete old JREs at the end of
      installation process under Windows.
    * Updated the digital signature used to signed the application with a
      SHA-2 signature.
    * Replaced JRE 8u60 by JRE 8u74 in Sweet Home 3D installers bundled
      with Java under Windows.
    * Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements.

 -- Christoph Korn Thu, 03 Mar 2016 21:18:42 +0100

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