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Name: azureus


BitTorrent client
BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file distribution tool.

Azureus offers multiple torrent downloads, queuing/priority systems
(on torrents and files), start/stop seeding options and instant
access to numerous pieces of information about your torrents. Azureus
now features an embedded tracker easily set up and ready to use.

Latest version:
Release: trusty (14.04)
Level: getdeb
Repository: apps
Homepage: http://azureus.sourceforge.net


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Version: 2016-02-23 23:08:49 UTC

azureus ( trusty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream version
    FEATURE: UI | Added option to suppress file download popups [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added 'tor:' prefix support for simple URLs entered in
    the search bar [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added option to disable auto-shutdown prompt [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Swarm view now supports multiple-downloads [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | More views can now be 'popped out' as independent windows
    FEATURE: UI | Added aggregate share ratio column for Tags [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added alert options for download error events [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | UPnP prefix string visible in router mappings can now be
    changed [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Direct help-menu option to report Beta Program issues
    FEATURE: Core | Option to control timeout for magnet lookups [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Javascript Tag constraint support [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Javascript access to closedown actions and torrent
    options [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Added option to disable auto-VPN detection [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Added 'swarm_merge_bytes' to constraints [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | New tag-assignment option to execute script [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Tracker server option to mark clients as not supported
    FEATURE: Core | Separate peer connection limits by network [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Added Tag aggregate share ratio limit controls [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Shared files/directories can now be optionally persistent
    and archiveable [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Added feature to search a folder hierarchy for existing
    data files for one or more downloads [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Added option to control filename character conversions
    FEATURE: Plug | WebTorrent client and tracker support [Parg]
    FEATURE: Plug | Javascript support for scripting Vuze actions [Parg]
    FEATURE: Plug | Exposed some more Tag features to plugins [Parg]

    CHANGE: UI | Only flash Downloading sidebar entry when adding
    incomplete torrents [Parg]
    CHANGE: UI | Escape key now cancels library filter operations [Parg]
    CHANGE: UI | Brazilian Portuguese translation update [Havokdan]
    CHANGE: UI | Greek translation update [iliasm]
    CHANGE: UI | Chinese translation update [Christopher Meng]
    CHANGE: UI | Basque translation update [Azpidatziak]
    CHANGE: UI | Optimize redrawing of multiple rows somewhat [Parg]
    CHANGE: UI | Handle incorrect torrent creation dates [Parg]
    CHANGE: UI | Added some missing sidebar icons [Parg]
    CHANGE: Core | Use bind IP for HTTP based version checks [Parg]
    CHANGE: Core | Allow priority peers to retain extra upload slots [Parg]
    CHANGE: Core | Tag initial-save-location now only applies to downloads
    that haven't already been moved [Parg]

    BUGFIX: UI | GTK3 fixes [TuxPaper]
    BUGFIX: UI | Remove 'general view' flicker [Parg]
    BUGFIX: UI | Periodically resynchronize library download counts [Parg]
    BUGFIX: UI | Fix some UI elements not dynamically updating language
    BUGFIX: UI | Fix chat sidebar restoration when coming out of
    low-resource mode [Parg]
    BUGFIX: UI | Files View wasn't being disabled correctly [Parg]
    BUGFIX: UI | Cursor position was wrong when dragging torrents down
    BUGFIX: UI | Piece graph view column sorting was broken [Parg]
    BUGFIX: Core | Fix metadata download peers soemtimes not being treated
    as interesting [Parg]
    BUGFIX: Core | Fix auto-update failing when commas present in file names
    BUGFIX: Core | Fixed resource leak when steaming to browser [Parg]
    BUGFIX: Core | RSS generator plugin now uses correct server IP [Parg]
    BUGFIX: Core | Decouple SWT dependencies to allow console UI to run
    without SWT libraries [Parg]
    BUGFIX: Core | IPv6 addresses not being matched correctly [Parg]
    BUGFIX: Core | Don't treat parse errors as fatal when encountered in
    long-term-stats files [Parg]

 -- Christoph Korn Tue, 23 Feb 2016 18:57:32 +0100

Version: 2015-11-15 00:08:10 UTC

azureus ( trusty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream version

 -- Christoph Korn Sat, 14 Nov 2015 20:33:33 +0100

Version: 2015-08-11 17:09:45 UTC

azureus ( trusty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream version
    FEATURE: UI | New Privacy View [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added Privacy button to open-torrent-options dialog to
    set the download to be added in a stopped state with no networks enabled
    FEATURE: UI | Chats can now be added to the sidebar [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Detection of outstanding messages for your nick [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Remember minimized state of pop-out windows [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | New 'done with dnd files' column [TuxPaper]
    FEATURE: UI | Ctrl+F4 now closes sidebar entries (in line with classic
    UI) [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | 'Internal browser disabled' display now includes button
    to re-enable it [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added indicator to sidebar entry for 'in progress'
    transcodes [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | PS4 detection [Parg]
    FEATURE: Plug | New 'PIA' plugin to automate configuration of VPN -
    http://plugins.vuze.com/details/vpnpia [TuxPaper]

    CHANGE: UI | Column setup window now shows non-renamed column titles
    CHANGE: UI | Prevent multiple pop-out chats for same chat [Parg]
    CHANGE: UI | Double-click actions added for transfer/mini-bars [Parg]
    CHANGE: UI | Improve performance of sidebar view switching [Parg]
    CHANGE: UI | Sidebar entries with sub-views now distinguished [Parg]
    CHANGE: UI | Unknown ETA values now sorted to bottom [TuxPaper]
    CHANGE: Core | Deal with completeness of downloads with 'do not
    download' files more consistently [TuxPaper]
    CHANGE: Core | Disconnect all peers on a network change [Parg]
    CHANGE: Core | Improve performance of network decode [Parg]
    CHANGE: Core | Create less closedown threads to improve performance
    CHANGE: Core | Increase maximum supported torrent size [Parg]
    CHANGE: Core | Multiple copies of Vuze sharing the same configuration
    data will now refuse to start [Parg]
    CHANGE: Core | Improved handling of use of the Vuze control port by
    another application [Parg]

    BUGFIX: UI | Renamed columns were not being displayed correctly on
    initial show [Parg]
    BUGFIX: UI | Fix category buttons not being uipdates on add/delete
    BUGFIX: UI | Fix toolbar stop/start icon state display [TuxPaper]
    BUGFIX: UI | Fix start/stop toolbar icon now enabling for devices
    views [TuxPaper]
    BUGFIX: UI | Fix status area not drawing occasionally after restoring
    Vuze from tray [Parg]
    BUGFIX: UI | Fix completion % not 100% when all files are
    do-not-download [TuxPaper]
    BUGFIX: UI | Fix rare cases where partially complete torrents reported
    0% (UI only, core still knew of the complete data) [TuxPaper]
    BUGFIX: UI | Fixed some GTK3 issues in UI [TuxPaper]
    BUGFIX: UI | Fixed dragging file from Files View to MediaPlayer
    Classic and other apps (VLC already worked) [TuxPaper]

 -- Christoph Korn Tue, 11 Aug 2015 13:10:51 +0200

Version: 2015-06-10 18:09:23 UTC

azureus ( trusty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream version
    FEATURE: UI | Option to allow chat views to be independent windows
    FEATURE: UI | Added Tags column to archive view [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Tag assignment is now persisted across archive/restore

    CHANGE: UI | Pop-out views are now independent windows [Parg]

    BUGFIX: UI | Fix Stats view clearing graphs on each view (Classic UI)
    BUGFIX: UI | Fix remembering of minimized state of subtabs [TuxPaper]
    BUGFIX: UI | Torrent options window was throwing null-pointer
    exceptions [Parg]
    BUGFIX: UI | Reduced tab-rebuilds on tag property changes [Parg]
    BUGFIX: UI | The 'Restore and...' option in the archive view was
    incorrectly firing per-download [Parg]

 -- Christoph Korn Tue, 09 Jun 2015 21:05:10 +0200

Version: 2015-06-04 00:09:11 UTC

azureus ( trusty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream version
    FEATURE: UI | New 'tagging' subview to allow easy download/tag
    assignment [TuxPaper]
    FEATURE: UI | Many sidebar views can now be 'popped out' into a
    separate window [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Show discovered tags when adding torrents [TuxPaper]
    FEATURE: UI | Support escaped unicode character entry in chat UI via
    \unnnn [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | New tag settings view in Tags Overview panel [TuxPaper]
    FEATURE: UI | Brought back client byte stats and added per-network
    stats [TuxPaper]
    FEATURE: UI | Support for viewing downloads as local websites in web
    browser - http://wiki.vuze.com/w/Decentralized_Websites [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Ability to completely disable use of the embedded browser
    in Vuze [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added 'torrent last active' column [TuxPaper]
    FEATURE: UI | Additional option to edit multiple download's trackers in
    a single operation [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Help menu option to import/export config files (etc) from
    bencoded json format [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Option to delete original .torrent files after addition
    FEATURE: Core | Automatically unzip torrents that happen to have been
    saved in compressed format [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | 'action on tag assignment' to support auto removal of
    peers [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Per-peer up/down rate limiting on peer set assignment
    FEATURE: Core | Archival of downloads -
    http://wiki.vuze.com/w/Archiving_Downloads [Parg]

    CHANGE: UI | Torrent hash now shown in torrent options info view
    CHANGE: UI | Subscriptions ca now be shown in the classic UI
    CHANGE: UI | More consistently handle 'do not download' file sizes
    when showing size/percent done/remaining [TuxPaper]
    CHANGE: UI | Automatic closure of torrent download window when
    automatically invoked [Parg]
    CHANGE: UI | Current version of components is now shown in update
    prompt [Parg]
    CHANGE: UI | Latest 'private torrent' state now persisted across
    create-torrent operations [Parg]
    CHANGE: Core | Treat protocol-relative URL's in RSS feeds as http://
    CHANGE: Core | Changes to a download's networks are now applied directly

    BUGFIX: UI | Fix 'reset columns' not resetting all colums [TuxPaper]
    BUGFIX: UI | Fix fancy menu bounds calculation to ensure correct
    visibility [TuxPaper]
    BUGFIX: UI | Creation date in torrent options dialog was incorerctly
    formatted [TuxPaper]
    BUGFIX: UI | Use updated trackers in open-torrent-options availability
    checker [Parg]
    BUGFIX: Core | Fix config corruption with non-ascii chat options [Parg]
    BUGFIX: Core | Fix edge case bug with swarm merging [Parg]
    BUGFIX: Core | Webseed rate limits weren't always being applied
    correctly [Parg]
    BUGFIX: Core | Removed small window when rate limits weren't being
    applied correctly [Parg]
    BUGFIX: Core | Incorrect tags were being included when getting existing
    download tags [Parg]
    BUGFIX: Core | Handle 301/302 redirects from trackers when binding to
    explicit IPs [Parg]
    BUGFIX: Core | Handle UPnP device URLs that don't have final / [Parg]
    BUGFIX: Core | Decode torrents with missing announce-urls correctly
    BUGFIX: Core | Unlimited per-torrent connections not being enforced
    correctly [Parg]

 -- Christoph Korn Wed, 03 Jun 2015 01:02:27 +0200

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