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Name: azureus


BitTorrent client
BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file distribution tool.

Azureus offers multiple torrent downloads, queuing/priority systems
(on torrents and files), start/stop seeding options and instant
access to numerous pieces of information about your torrents. Azureus
now features an embedded tracker easily set up and ready to use.

Latest version:
Release: precise (12.04)
Level: getdeb
Repository: apps
Homepage: http://azureus.sourceforge.net


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Version: 2013-05-10 17:08:47 UTC

azureus ( precise; urgency=low

  * New upstream version
    FEATURE: UI | Buttons on toolbar now only shows on views that need the
    buttons [TuxPaper]
    FEATURE: UI | Support dragging files out of Files View as a File
    object, allowing dragging to Explorer, Editor, Player, etc [TuxPaper]
    FEATURE: UI | Program icon in file rows of Library view [TuxPaper]
    FEATURE: UI | Added 'pause' as right-click menu option in Library
    FEATURE: UI | Added option to add-torrent dialog to perform a swarm
    file-size lookup for alternative torrents [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added 'DHT Graph' view to the statistics tab that shows
    the main DHT operation state [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added 'Tag Activity' view to the statistics tab that
    shows achieved up/down rates for selected tags [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added peer flag and country code as default columns in
    library view [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Swarm view now shows peer's flags and has tooltip for
    more information; double clicking on a peer takes you to the peer in the
    peer's view [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added torrent detail tab views to bottom of library views
    to give quick access to the download stats [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Made the Library view tabs closable [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added a new 'Speed' tab to Library tab view and torrent
    details view showing a particular download's activity [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added auto-tags for download state (queued, active,
    complete etc) [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added manual tags to allow manual tagging of downloads
    FEATURE: UI | Added 'ip set' tags to show peers belonging to ip sets
    (or country code sets) and optionally apply rate limits [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Flash the 'downloading' sidebar entry when a new download
    is added [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Table header info in Files views now shows number
    selected when > 1 [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added menu link to get from entries in all-peers view to
    the relevant download [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added 'remaining' count to aggregated torrents view
    FEATURE: Plug | Added option to Media Server plugin to ignore explicit
    bind-ips [Parg]
    FEATURE: Plug | Added 'prevent computer sleep' option the the Embedded
    Media Player plugin [Parg]
    FEATURE: Plug | Introduced the 'location provider' plugin to make
    location information (peer CC, flag) available to the Vuze core [Parg]
    FEATURE: Plug | Added public tags to Swarm Discoveries information [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | uTP outbound connections now supported [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | uTP supported on Linux [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | JSON encoding support for .vuze files [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Added a new .vuze file component type to encapsulate
    download addition [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Introduced Tags as an (eventual) replacement for
    categories [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Added a --restart command to allow scripted restart of
    Vuze [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Speed Limit Handler now supports the inclusion of country
    codes into 'ip set' definitions [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Fixed up IPv6 version server and DHT bootstrap somewhat
    FEATURE: Core | Support IP bind for HTTPS URLs [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Added option to retain 'force' status of a download when
    transitioning from downloading to seeding [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Improvements to plugin interface to support embedding
    Vuze [Parg]

    CHANGE: UI | Better magnet URL parsing when entering web page URL
    CHANGE: UI | Torrent icon is now shown by default in name column
    CHANGE: UI | Blue now is "incomplete" and green is "complete" for
    progress bar column, play button, download/upload arrow [TuxPaper]
    CHANGE: UI | Default columns in "Simple View" have changed [TuxPaper]
    CHANGE: UI | Added a up/down arrow to the "#"/"Order" column
    CHANGE: UI | Progress column no longer shows speed and ETA by default
    (configurable) -- speed and ETA have been added as separate columns
    CHANGE: UI | Start, Stop, Play/Stream, and View Mode buttons on
    toolbar updated [TuxPaper]
    CHANGE: UI | Sidebar now has a "Content Discovery" section. Related
    views have been moved there (Vuze HD Network, Games, Search Results,
    Swarm Discoveries, Subscriptions) [TuxPaper]
    CHANGE: UI | Renamed "Files" section to "My Torrents" and moved the
    section to the top [TuxPaper]
    CHANGE: UI | Added the rating column by default to some library views
    CHANGE: UI | Tidied up some aspects of the rating plugin interface
    CHANGE: UI | Reset table config when the 'reset config' button
    selected in Options->Mode [Parg]
    CHANGE: UI | Increase maximum manual piece size in torrent creation
    wizard [Parg]
    CHANGE: UI | Improved the 'no updates available' text for beta users
    CHANGE: UI | Romainian language update [Laurentiu]
    CHANGE: UI | Brazilian Portuguese translation update [Havokdan]
    CHANGE: Plug | Vuze Web Remote: Support most of Transmission's remote
    API [TuxPaper]
    CHANGE: Plug | Remember side-bar close state for Swarm Discoveries and
    Embedded Media Player [TuxPaper]
    CHANGE: Plug | Remember Swarm Discoveries selection when switching away
    from the view and back [Parg]
    CHANGE: Core | Support faster refresh interval for the auto-torrent
    importer; ensure import run on startup [Parg]
    CHANGE: Core | Decrease memory used with queued UDP packets by trimming
    to MTU [Parg]
    CHANGE: Core | Decrease buffer copy operations for UDP operations (DHT
    and uTP) [Parg]
    CHANGE: Core | Added 'sleep' parameter to powrprof call when putting
    computer to sleep [Parg]
    CHANGE: Core | Improve performance for async-dispatcher operations

Version: 2013-02-18 20:08:51 UTC

azureus ( precise; urgency=low

  * New upstream version

 -- Christoph Korn Mon, 18 Feb 2013 16:26:18 +0100

Version: 2013-02-13 23:08:32 UTC

azureus ( precise; urgency=low

  * New upstream version
    2012.12.17 | Vuze

    BUGFIX: Core | Removed the 'move do not download files to a subfolder'
    feature as it is misbehaving - see the 4813 beta series if you want to
    help test this [Parg]

    2012.12.14 | Vuze

    FEATURE: Blog | See http://devblog.vuze.com/tagged/4810 for beta version
    blog posts

    FEATURE: Core | Added a 'pause for' (or 'resume after') option to the
    File menu to temporarily suspend downloads for a time period [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Added option to prevent automatic copy to iTunes after
    conversion to allow tagging [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Option to place 'do not download' stub files into a
    subdirectory (currently limited to downloads with Connection->Proxy Options there is now a
    'test' button to check proxy status [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added download context menu option to show the link that
    was used to download a torrent (where available) [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added Help->Advanced option to show a torrent's details
    without loading the torrent into Vuze [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added a 'browse to generated torrent' button to the
    new-torrent wizard [Parg]

    CHANGE: Core | Automatically accept unknown SSL certificated from HTTPS
    trackers (option to revert behaviour if required) [Parg]
    CHANGE: Core | Made it possible to disable the DNS tracker extension
    support as some users experiencing issues with their AV software and
    increased DNS activity [Parg]
    CHANGE: Core | Handle remote clients with no cookie support better
    CHANGE: Core | Improved the 'reset configuration state' behaviour
    somewhat [Parg]
    CHANGE: UI | The new-torrent wizard will now prompt to overwrite the
    created torrent file if one already exists with same name [Parg]
    CHANGE: UI | Don't permit the auto-hiding of soem devices we know
    should never auto-hide [Parg]
    CHANGE: UI | Spanish translation updated [Valtiel]
    CHANGE: UI | Brazilian Portuguese translation update [Havokdan]
    CHANGE: UI | Korean translation update [Dong-yoon Han]
    CHANGE: UI | Romanian translation update [muntealb]

    BUGFIX: Core | Fixed a SOCKS issue regarding local UPnP services [Parg]
    BUGFIX: Core | Fixed error caused by read-only plist causing incorrect
    'document dir' default under OSX [Parg]
    BUGFIX: Core | Don't block Vuze initialisation when reading UPnP state
    from 'slow' routers [Parg]
    BUGFIX: UI | Fixed bug where the upload speed options were sometimes
    missing in the right-click status icon menu [Parg]
    BUGFIX: UI | Dialogs weren't be centered correctly under some
    circumstances [TuxPaper]
    BUGFIX: UI | Show pairing errors in remote-pairing dialog [Parg]
    BUGFIX: UI | Fix columns not being able to change their default
    alignment because user saved an unchanged alignment for it [TuxPaper]
    BUGFIX: UI | Fix AllPeersView nad PeersView getting their subviews
    mixed up [TuxPaper]
    BUGFIX: UI | Fix All Peers View not showing subviews (Piece Map, etc)
    BUGFIX: UI | Fix ever growing listeners list bug [Parg]
    BUGFIX: UI | Some statistics sub-views weren't opening correctly

 -- Christoph Korn Wed, 13 Feb 2013 18:54:59 +0100

Version: 2012-10-26 21:08:21 UTC

azureus ( precise; urgency=low

  * New upstream version
    2012.10.24 | Vuze

    FEATURE: Blog | See http://devblog.vuze.com/tagged/4800 for beta version
    blog posts

    FEATURE: Plug | Swarm Discoveries
    FEATURE: Plug | The RSS Feed plugin now can filter on min+max file types
    and also has a 'copy-filter' function [Parg+Community]
    FEATURE: Core | Reduced resource usage mode on startup - still in a beta
    state [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | 'Prevent Computer Sleep' options now available on OSX
    FEATURE: Core | Added options to streaming and transcoding to prevent
    computer sleep [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Auto-preview for .nfo and .txt files (Quick View) option
    added to Library and Files view [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Analysis of .rar file content (indication of password
    protected entries) added as a Quick View function [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added 'edit as text' option to the tracker URL editor
    dialog [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added right-click menu to Sources tab to allow tracker
    URL edits [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Extended the existing 'add tracker url' Library menu
    option to accept multiple trackers [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Custom date format now applicable to ETA colums [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added 'Torrent Creation Date' column to Library views
    FEATURE: UI | Added per-column date formats for the ETA columns [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added aggregate stats view (e.g. aggregate share-ratio
    for a number of downloads) to the 'Torrent Options' view [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Added plugin install and uninstall buttons to the plugin
    configuration view [Parg]

    CHANGE: Core | The previous release disabled IPFilters for Vuze update
    torrents, this has been reverted [Parg]
    CHANGE: UI | Plugin views now listed in View menu [TuxPaper]
    CHANGE: | 64 bit support [TuxPaper]
    CHANGE: UI | Absolute ETA display now separately configurable for ETA
    and Progress column [Parg]
    CHANGE: UI | Ignore temporary 'incomplete' suffix when showing file
    types [Parg]
    CHANGE: UI | Updated Catalan translation [GosGroc]

    BUGFIX: Core | Fixed bug whereby some transcodes were being incorrectly
    failed as 'prematurely terminated' [Parg]
    BUGFIX: Core | Fixed race condition that occurred when auto-transcoding
    from an RSS feed [Parg]
    BUGFIX: Core | Fixed error when creating manually-selected piece size
    torrents [Parg]
    BUGFIX: UI | Fix CTRL-PGDN/CTRL-END in Library [TuxPaper]
    BUGFIX: UI | Fix sidebar entries for categories not updating numbers
    BUGFIX: UI | Fix sort column not refreshing sometimes [TuxPaper]
    BUGFIX: UI | Added some double buffering to fields that were
    flickering on update [Parg]
    BUGFIX: UI | Fixed UI hang under some multi-select conditions [Parg]
    BUGFIX: Plug | Transcoding was sometimes reporting 'no disk space'
    errors instead of the actual error [Parg]

 -- Christoph Korn Thu, 25 Oct 2012 18:59:58 +0200

Version: 2012-09-18 20:08:51 UTC

azureus ( precise; urgency=low

  * New upstream version
    FEATURE: Blog | See http://devblog.vuze.com/tagged/vuze4720 for beta
    version blog posts

    FEATURE: Core | Option to randomize TCP/UDP listen ports on startup
    FEATURE: Core | Window's user options to control computer sleep behaviour
    while downloading/seeding [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Ability to selectively disable tracker client protocols
    FEATURE: Core | DNS Tracker Preferences
    [http://bittorrent.org/beps/bep_0034.html] implemented [Parg]
    FEATURE: Core | Added explicit application map to be used for launch
    operations [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | New column in Library views to show file extension [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | File view columns for CRC-32 and MD5 file hashes [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Column-header right-click option on ETA/Progress columns
    to show absolute ETA [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Torrent file index and torrent path columns added to File
    view [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Keyboard accelerators added for Pause+Resume [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Torrent creation wizard now allows arbitrary selection of
    files to be added to a torrent [Parg, TuxPaper]
    FEATURE: UI | If move-on-complete is enabled for downloads the progress
    of this is now shown in the Status column [Parg]
    FEATURE: UI | Vuze remote connection status now shown in the status bar
    FEATURE: UI | Added custom date format for column display [TuxPaper]
    FEATURE: UI | Added option to disable 'backup complete' notification
    FEATURE: UI | Number of unread blog posts shown in beta side-bar entry
    FEATURE: UI | Option to specify table header height [TuxPaper]
    FEATURE: Srch | Search templates can now do variable substitution (no UI
    yet) [TuxPaper]
    FEATURE: Inst | Installer customize option now permits the clearing of
    config data [TuxPaper]
    FEATURE: Inst | Custom install now lets you choose Classic or Vuze UI
    FEATURE: Plug | DVD Burn plugin now has Library context menus to create
    new DVD and add content to existing [Parg]

    CHANGE: CORE | Added .mts and .m2ts to playable extensions [Parg]
    CHANGE: UI | Added visual feedback for device problems such as lack of
    disk space [Parg]
    CHANGE: UI | Vuze sidebar entry can now be rolled up [TuxPaper]
    CHANGE: UI | Don't show 'all' and 'uncategorized' entries in sidebar
    when no categories defined [TuxPaper]
    CHANGE: UI | 'Draw grid lines and fill blank areas' no longer fills
    blank areas when unchecked [TuxPaper]

    BUGFIX: Core | Prevent recursive backup hell if backup location selected
    in wrong location [Parg]
    BUGFIX: Core | Correctly handle invalid upload_only entries in
    handshakes [Parg]
    BUGFIX: UI | Table headers now use system colors; IP filter on status
    bar now obeys system colors [TuxPaper]
    BUGFIX: UI | Table scrollbars now have better page-scroll behaviour
    BUGFIX: UI | Fixed ctrl+home/end not working in tables [TuxPaper]
    BUGFIX: UI | Fixed inability to scroll completely right [TuxPaper]
    BUGFIX: UI | Fix message texts not being resolved for sidebar entries
    on occasion [Parg]
    BUGFIX: UI | Allow dropping .torrent files onto blank area of sidebar
    BUGFIX: Plug | DVD Burn: fix bug that was preventing warnings such as
    dual-layer, rw-disk blanking from showing [TuxPaper]

 -- Christoph Korn Tue, 18 Sep 2012 18:07:22 +0200

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