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Name: clamav


This package is just an umbrella for a group of other packages, it has no description.
Description samples from packages in group:

  • anti-virus utility for Unix - sendmail integration
  • anti-virus utility for Unix - test files

Latest version: 0.100.2+dfsg-1ubuntu0.16.04.1
Release: xenial (16.04)
Level: security
Repository: universe


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Other versions of "clamav" in Xenial

Repository Area Version
base main 0.99+dfsg-1ubuntu1
base universe 0.99+dfsg-1ubuntu1
security main 0.100.2+dfsg-1ubuntu0.16.04.1
updates universe 0.100.2+dfsg-1ubuntu0.16.04.1
updates main 0.100.2+dfsg-1ubuntu0.16.04.1

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Version: 0.100.2+dfsg-1ubuntu0.16.04.1 2018-10-11 18:06:59 UTC

  clamav (0.100.2+dfsg-1ubuntu0.16.04.1) xenial-security; urgency=medium

  * Updated to version 0.100.2 to fix security issue.
    - CVE-2018-15378
  * Bump to new symbol version
    - debian/rules: set CL_FLEVEL 93.
    - debian/libclamav7.symbols: updated to new version.

 -- Marc Deslauriers <email address hidden> Wed, 10 Oct 2018 13:31:49 -0400

Source diff to previous version
CVE-2018-15378 denial-of-service in MEW unpacking feature

Version: 0.100.1+dfsg-1ubuntu0.16.04.3 2018-09-18 08:07:03 UTC

  clamav (0.100.1+dfsg-1ubuntu0.16.04.3) xenial-security; urgency=medium

  * debian/clamav-daemon.config.in: fix infinite loop during
    dpkg-reconfigure (LP: #1792051)

 -- Marc Deslauriers <email address hidden> Thu, 13 Sep 2018 13:59:54 -0400

Source diff to previous version
1792051 [regression] clamav-daemon: Infinite loop at dpkg-reconfigure

Version: 0.100.1+dfsg-1ubuntu0.16.04.2 2018-07-26 17:06:52 UTC

  clamav (0.100.1+dfsg-1ubuntu0.16.04.2) xenial-security; urgency=medium

  * SECURITY REGRESSION: clamav-daemon fails to start due to options
    removed in new version and manually edited configuration file.
    (LP: #1783632)
    - debian/patches/Deprecate-unused-options-instead-of-removing-it.patch:
      add patch from Debian stretch to simply warn about removed options.

 -- Marc Deslauriers <email address hidden> Thu, 26 Jul 2018 10:27:58 -0400

Source diff to previous version
1783632 clamav-daemon won't start after upgrade to 0.100.1+dfsg, complaining of \

Version: 0.100.1+dfsg-1ubuntu0.16.04.1 2018-07-24 19:06:47 UTC

  clamav (0.100.1+dfsg-1ubuntu0.16.04.1) xenial-security; urgency=medium

  * Rebuild as security update for 16.04 to fix multiple issues
    - CVE-2018-0360
    - CVE-2018-0361
  * Re-enable LLVM support:
    - debian/control: add llvm-3.6-dev to BuildDepends.
    - debian/rules: add llvm back.
  * debian/clamav-daemon.postinst.in: updated version to drop support for
  * debian/control: switch libtfm-dev to libtommath-dev
  * Revert to Debhelper in 16.04:
    - debian/compat: set to 8
    - debian/control: set debhelper to 8.9.7, add dh-systemd
    - debian/rules: add --with systemd
  * debian/{libclamav7,libclamav-dev}.install: fix file locations
  * debian/control: remove Multi-Arch and Rules-Requires-Root tags.
  * Added clamav-dbg package:
    - debian/control: added package section
    - debian/rules: use --dbg-package, not --dbgsym-migration

 -- Marc Deslauriers <email address hidden> Thu, 19 Jul 2018 08:07:50 -0400

Source diff to previous version
CVE-2018-0360 ClamAV before 0.100.1 has an HWP integer overflow with a resultant infinite loop via a crafted Hangul Word Processor file. This is in parsehwp3_parag
CVE-2018-0361 ClamAV before 0.100.1 lacks a PDF object length check, resulting in an unreasonably long time to parse a relatively small file.

Version: 0.99.4+addedllvm-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 2018-03-08 14:06:28 UTC

  clamav (0.99.4+addedllvm-0ubuntu0.16.04.1) xenial-security; urgency=medium

  * Updated to 0.99.4 to fix multiple security issues
    - CVE-2018-0202
    - CVE-2018-1000085
  * Removed patches no longer required
    - bb11549-fix-temp-file-cleanup-issue.patch
  * debian/libclamav7.symbols,debian/rules: bumped cl_retflevel.

 -- Marc Deslauriers <email address hidden> Wed, 07 Mar 2018 13:40:11 +0100

CVE-2018-0202 Out-of-bounds access in the PDF parser

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