Package "grub-emu"

Name: grub-emu


GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (emulated version)

Latest version: 2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.23
Release: xenial (16.04)
Level: proposed
Repository: universe
Head package: grub2
Homepage: http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/


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Other versions of "grub-emu" in Xenial

Repository Area Version
base universe 2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3
updates universe 2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.23
PPA: Mint upstream 2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.9+linuxmint1
PPA: Mint upstream 2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.14+linuxmint1


Version: 2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.23 2019-11-04 17:06:46 UTC

  grub2 (2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.23) xenial; urgency=medium

  * d/p/fix_booting_for_large_root_volumes.patch: Cherry pick upstream
    fix for booting on systems with large root volumes, either by default
    or from resizing. (LP: #1840686)

 -- Matthew Ruffell <email address hidden> Sat, 19 Oct 2019 17:47:16 +1300

1840686 Xenial images won't reboot if disk size is \u003e 2TB when using GPT

Version: *DELETED* 2019-05-06 11:07:12 UTC
No changelog for deleted or moved packages.

Version: 2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.22 2019-04-29 20:06:24 UTC

  grub2 (2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.22) xenial; urgency=medium

  * debian/patches/skip_text_gfxpayload_where_not_supported.patch: Skip the
    'text' payload if it's not supported but present in gfxpayload, such as
    on EFI systems. (LP: #1826453)

 -- Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre <email address hidden> Mon, 29 Apr 2019 10:04:24 -0400

1826453 Grub2 Booting in blind mode due to \

Version: *DELETED* 2019-04-04 06:06:49 UTC
No changelog for deleted or moved packages.

Version: 2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.21 2019-03-21 23:06:25 UTC

  grub2 (2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.21) xenial; urgency=medium

  * debian/patches/squash4-fix-fragments-and-sparse-files.patch: Cherry-pick
    upstream patch to fix handling of fragments and sparse files in squashfs
    filesystems (LP: #1820898).

 -- Colin Watson <email address hidden> Wed, 20 Mar 2019 00:31:55 +0000

1820898 grub in xenial fails to read pc-linux 4.15 kernel snap

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