Package "empathy-dbg"

Name: empathy-dbg


GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client (debug symbols)

Latest version: 3.8.6-0ubuntu9
Release: trusty (14.04)
Level: base
Repository: main
Head package: empathy
Homepage: http://wiki.gnome.org/Empathy


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Other versions of "empathy-dbg" in Trusty

Repository Area Version
updates main 3.8.6-0ubuntu9.2
PPA: Gnome 3 3.10.3-0ubuntu1~trusty2


Version: 3.8.6-0ubuntu9 2014-04-03 21:06:50 UTC

  empathy (3.8.6-0ubuntu9) trusty; urgency=medium

  * Revert ubuntu8 ��� we don't want to drop support for these accounts even if
    they do keep gstreamer 0.10. The right approach is to port pidgin to 1.0.
 -- Iain Lane <email address hidden> Thu, 03 Apr 2014 16:03:07 +0100

Source diff to previous version

Version: 3.8.6-0ubuntu8 2014-04-03 03:07:01 UTC

  empathy (3.8.6-0ubuntu8) trusty; urgency=medium

  * Drop account-plugin-aim and account-plugin-yahoo from recommends to
    suggests, thus removing 21.8MB of gstreamer0.10 from ubuntu desktop
    CDs. Both services have declining userbase, and related accounts are
    already in suggests (icq and yahoojp respectively).
 -- Dimitri John Ledkov <email address hidden> Thu, 03 Apr 2014 00:57:42 +0100

Source diff to previous version

Version: 3.8.6-0ubuntu7 2014-03-16 16:06:47 UTC

  empathy (3.8.6-0ubuntu7) trusty; urgency=medium

  * debian/{rules,control}: Drop arch-restrictions a little bit harder.
 -- Adam Conrad <email address hidden> Sat, 15 Mar 2014 21:31:37 -0600

Source diff to previous version

Version: 3.8.6-0ubuntu5 2014-02-27 20:07:34 UTC

  empathy (3.8.6-0ubuntu5) trusty; urgency=medium

  * debian/patches/ucc_panel_name.patch:
  * debian/patches/43_quicklists.patch:
    - Launch new unity-control-center panel (LP: #1257505)
 -- Robert Ancell <email address hidden> Wed, 19 Feb 2014 19:23:27 +1300

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