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Name: netplan.io


YAML network configuration abstraction for various backends

Latest version: *DELETED*
Release: lunar (23.04)
Level: proposed
Repository: main
Homepage: https://netplan.io/


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updates main 0.106.1-7ubuntu0.23.04.2

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Version: *DELETED* 2023-09-21 18:07:19 UTC
Moved to lunar:main:updates
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Version: 0.106.1-7ubuntu0.23.04.2 2023-09-08 11:07:37 UTC

  netplan.io (0.106.1-7ubuntu0.23.04.2) lunar; urgency=medium

  * Drop d/p/sru-compat/0024-Avoid-unnecessary-export-of-API.patch.
    Also, update the .symbols file, according to SRU review.

Source diff to previous version

Version: 0.106.1-7ubuntu0.23.04.1 2023-08-30 10:07:28 UTC

  netplan.io (0.106.1-7ubuntu0.23.04.1) lunar; urgency=medium

  * Backport netplan.io 0.106.1-7 to 23.04 (LP: #2025519)
    - Add all the commands to the bash completion file (LP: 1749869)
    - parse-nm: fix eap_method handling (LP: 2016625)
    - ovs: don't allow peers with the same name
    - parse: validate NM backend settings usage
    - nm: check the passthrough config format
    - wireguard: plug a memory leak
    - validate: drop the YAML node parameter
    - parse: don't point to the wrong node on validation
    - parse: set the backend on nm-devices to NM by default
    - parse: plug a memory leak
    - nm: return if write_routes() fails
    - libnetplan: don't try to read from a NULL file
    - networkd: plug a memory leak
    - vrfs: skip policies parsing if list is NULL (LP: 2016427)
    - parse: use "--" with systemd-escape
    - netplan: adjust the maximum buffer size to 1MB
    - cli:status: improve networkctl parameter passing
    - cli:test: use 'text' alias instead of 'universal_newlines'
    - cli:apply: use shutil.rmtree instead of 'rm -rf'
    - Use controlled execution environment, to avoid failure if PATH is unset
      (LP: 1959570)
    - meson: fix installation of legacy /lib/netplan/generate symlink
    - dbus: Use the error set by _copy_yaml_state()
    - dbus: Build the copy path correctly (LP: 1997467)
    - parse:ovs: Ignore deprecated OpenFlow1.6 protocol (LP: 1963735)
    - parser: Don't duplicate OVS configuration (LP: 2007682)
    - parser: Don't add DNS entries duplicates (LP: 2007682)
    - parser: handle duplicated routing rules (LP: 2007682)
    - netplan: cli: fix typo from 'unkown' to 'unknown'
    - meson: cli:utils: drop legacy generator path, use libexec instead
    - meson: use meson_make_symlink.sh helper instead of install_symlink()
    - ATTN: parser: validate lacp-rate properly (LP: 1745648)
    - parser: demote the new lacp-rate check to warning
    - Don't drop files with just global values on 'set' (LP: 2027584)
    - Add parser support for WPA3 Personal (LP: 2023238)
    - d/patches/lp2016473: Keyfile parsing for all tunnel types, LP: 2016473
    - d/p/lp2021884: WireGuard: auto append prefix to allowed IPs, LP: 2021884
    - d/p/lp1997467: Improve DEP-3 headers
    - CI: make use of the canonical/setup-lxd action
    - Add new spread based snapd integration test
    - Add some integration tests for DBus
    - CI: update canonical/setup-lxd to v0.1.1
    - Makefile: fully cleanup coverage data
    - spread.yaml: restore /etc/netplan for each test
    - tests: Don't use duplicated DNS entries (LP: 2007682)
    - rpm: Refresh packaging for 0.106 and sync from Fedora
    - meson: Enable finding pycoverage on RPM based distributions
    - Fix ethernets,vlans,scenarios autopkgtests on systemd 254
    - Fix NetworkManager interaction with systemd v253
    - Fix tunnels tests with iproute 6.4, using JSON interface
    - d/t/prep-testbed.sh: stop NetworkManager, to start with a common state
    - autopkgtest:regressions: Simplify assertions to avoid buffering races
    - Increase test timeouts to fix FTBFS on mips64el and riscv64
    - debian/tests: Enforce more strict integration tests.
      Also, resolve the systemd-resolved issue in ethernets test.
    - Add d/p/0012-meson-Increase-test-timeout-for-slow-architectures.patch
      To fix FTBFS due to test timeouts on mipsel, alpha, riscv64, sparc64
    - debian/tests: Fix testbed timeout with systemd v253 (Closes: #1033265)
    - Netplan docs rework (Part 2)
    - Netplan docs rework
    - Add a short netplan-everywhere howto
    - Add Ubuntu Code of Conduct 2.0
    - rtd: set the OS and Python versions explicitly
    - docs: fix bridge parameters types and add examples
  * d/patches/: Drop patches, applied upstream
  * d/control: Cleanup list of Uploaders.
  * d/control: Update Lukas' DD email address
  * Revert usrmerge packaging changes for stable series
  * Add patches for SRU backwards compatbility

 -- Lukas Märdian <email address hidden> Wed, 23 Aug 2023 17:41:14 +0200

2025519 [SRU] Update to netplan.io 0.106.1
1033265 netplan.io: autopkgtest tmpfails in unstable with systemd from experimental

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