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Name: subversion


Advanced version control system

Latest version: 1.13.0-3
Release: focal (20.04)
Level: base
Repository: universe
Homepage: http://subversion.apache.org/


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security universe 1.13.0-3ubuntu0.2
updates universe 1.13.0-3ubuntu0.2

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Version: 1.13.0-3 2020-04-28 21:56:04 UTC

  subversion (1.13.0-3) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ James McCoy ]
  * rules: Use "pyversions -s" instead of "pyversions -i"
  * Build with swig3.0 to fix FTBFS with swig4.0 (Closes: #951893)
  * Declare compliance with Policy 4.5.0, no changes needed
  * Build-Depend on debhelper-compat (= 12)

  [ Dimitri John Ledkov ]
  * swig.m4: Do not include ruby include subdir

 -- James McCoy <email address hidden> Tue, 24 Mar 2020 08:33:36 -0400

951893 subversion FTBFS with swig 4.0.1

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