Package "grub-ieee1275-dbg"

Name: grub-ieee1275-dbg


GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (Open Firmware debug files)

Latest version: 2.04-1ubuntu26.15
Release: focal (20.04)
Level: updates
Repository: main
Head package: grub2
Homepage: https://www.gnu.org/software/grub/


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Repository Area Version
base main 2.04-1ubuntu26
security main 2.04-1ubuntu26.12
PPA: Mint Upstream 2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.9+linuxmint1
PPA: Mint Upstream 2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.14+linuxmint1


Version: 2.04-1ubuntu26.15 2022-04-04 08:06:15 UTC

  grub2 (2.04-1ubuntu26.15) focal; urgency=medium

  [ Mauricio Faria de Oliveira ]
  * Call hwmatch only on the grub-pc platform (LP: #1840560)

Source diff to previous version

Version: 2.04-1ubuntu26.13 2021-08-19 10:06:18 UTC

  grub2 (2.04-1ubuntu26.13) focal; urgency=medium

  [ Julian Andres Klode ]
  * unapply all patches, use gbp pq instead of git-dpm

  [ Dimitri John Ledkov ]
  * 10_linux: emit messages when initrdless boot is configured, attempted and
    fails triggering fallback. LP: #1901553
  * grub-common.service: port init.d script to systemd unit. Add warning
    message, when initrdless boot fails triggering fallback. LP: #1901553
  * debian/grub-common.service: change type to oneshot, add wantedby
    sleep.target, after sleep.target. The service will now start after resume
    from hybernation. (LP: #1929860)
  * grub-initrd-fallback.service: add wantedby sleep.target, after
    sleep.target. The service will now start after resume from hybernation.
    LP: #1929860
  * grub-initrd-fallback.service, debian/grub-common.service: only start units
    when booted with grub. Use presence of /boot/grub/grub.cfg as proxy. LP:

 -- Julian Andres Klode <email address hidden> Thu, 12 Aug 2021 11:18:25 +0200

Source diff to previous version
1901553 Improve documentation around initrdless boot
1929860 initrdfail can result in resuming with different initrd images and hanging resume

Version: 2.04-1ubuntu26.12 2021-06-03 21:06:24 UTC

  grub2 (2.04-1ubuntu26.12) focal; urgency=medium

  * Bump the version number in the replaces for grub-efi-* to account for
    newer packages in bionic from grub2-unsigned shipping the kernel hook
    conffiles. LP: #1928674.

 -- Steve Langasek <email address hidden> Wed, 19 May 2021 22:50:50 -0700

Source diff to previous version

Version: 2.04-1ubuntu26.11 2021-04-27 11:06:20 UTC

  grub2 (2.04-1ubuntu26.11) focal; urgency=medium

  [ Dimitri John Ledkov & Steve Langasek ]
  * Relax dependencies to allow grub-efi be installed with later versions
    of grub-efi-amd64. Stop building grub-efi-amd64|arm64{-bin,dbg}
    packages, now provided by src:grub2-unsigned. LP: #1915536

 -- Dimitri John Ledkov <email address hidden> Wed, 24 Feb 2021 19:33:38 +0000

Source diff to previous version

Version: 2.04-1ubuntu26.9 2021-02-22 11:06:16 UTC

  grub2 (2.04-1ubuntu26.9) focal; urgency=medium

  * Revert: rhboot-f34-tcp-add-window-scaling-support.patch,
    ubuntu-fixup-rhboot-f34-support-non-ethernet-2.patch: these break MAAS
    LXD KVM pod deployments. LP: #1915288
  * Cherrypick fix crash in http LP: #1915288
  * Fix grub-initrd-fallback.service thanks to JawnSmith LP: #1910815

 -- Dimitri John Ledkov <email address hidden> Fri, 12 Feb 2021 22:03:32 +0000

1915288 grub 2.04 net does not like deployments with kvm maas pods
1910815 race on boot between multiple invocations of grub-editenv

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