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Name: snapd


Daemon and tooling that enable snap packages

Latest version: 2.55.5+18.04
Release: bionic (18.04)
Level: proposed
Repository: main
Homepage: https://github.com/snapcore/snapd


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Repository Area Version
base main 2.32.5+18.04
base universe 2.32.5+18.04
security main 2.54.3+18.04.2ubuntu0.2
security universe 2.54.3+18.04.2ubuntu0.2
updates main 2.54.3+18.04.2ubuntu0.2
updates universe 2.54.3+18.04.2ubuntu0.2
proposed universe 2.55.5+18.04

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Version: 2.51.1+18.04 2021-06-17 17:06:26 UTC

  snapd (2.51.1+18.04) bionic; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1929842
    - interfaces: add netlink-driver interface
    - interfaces: builtin: add dm-crypt interface to support external
      storage encryption
    - interfaces/dsp: fix typo in udev rule
    - overlord/snapstate: lock the mutex before returning from stop
      snap services undo
    - interfaces: opengl: change path for Xilinx zocl driver
    - interfaces/dsp: add /dev/cavalry into dsp interface
    - packaging/fedora/snapd.spec: correct date format in changelog

 -- Michael Vogt <email address hidden> Tue, 15 Jun 2021 12:45:08 +0200

1929842 [SRU] 2.51

Version: *DELETED* 2021-06-11 16:06:22 UTC
No changelog for deleted or moved packages.

Version: 2.49.2+18.04 2021-04-19 16:07:45 UTC

  snapd (2.49.2+18.04) bionic; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1915248
    - interfaces/tee: add TEE/OPTEE interface
    - o/configstate/configcore: add hdmi_timings to pi-config
    - interfaces/udisks2: allow locking /run/mount/utab for udisks 2.8.4
    - snap-seccomp: fix seccomp test on ppc64el
    - interfaces{,/apparmor}, overlord/snapstate:
      late removal of snap-confine apparmor profiles
    - overlord/snapstate, wrappers: add dependency on usr-lib-
      snapd.mount for services on core with snapd snap
    - o/configstate: deal with no longer valid refresh.timer=managed
    - overlord/snapstate: make sure that snapd current symlink is not
      removed during refresh
    - packaging: drop dh-systemd from build-depends on ubuntu-16.04+
    - o/{device,hook}state: encode fde-setup-request key as base64
    - snapstate: reduce reRefreshRetryTimeout to 1/2 second
    - tests/main/uc20-create-partitions: fix tests cleanup
    - o/configstate, o/snapshotstate: fix handling of nil snap config on
      snapshot restore
    - snap-seccomp: add new `close_range` syscall

 -- Michael Vogt <email address hidden> Fri, 26 Mar 2021 16:49:46 +0100

1915248 [SRU] 2.49

Version: *DELETED* 2020-12-03 16:07:05 UTC
No changelog for deleted or moved packages.

Version: 2.48+18.04 2020-11-23 20:12:15 UTC

  snapd (2.48+18.04) bionic; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1904098
    - osutil: add KernelCommandLineKeyValue
    - devicestate: implement boot.HasFDESetupHook
    - boot/makebootable.go: set snapd_recovery_mode=install at image-
      build time
    - bootloader: use ForGadget when installing boot config
    - interfaces/raw_usb: allow read access to /proc/tty/drivers
    - boot: add scaffolding for "fde-setup" hook support for sealing
    - tests: fix basic20 test on arm devices
    - seed: make a shared seed system label validation helper
    - snap: add new "fde-setup" hooktype
    - cmd/snap-bootstrap, secboot, tests: misc cleanups, add spread test
    - secboot,cmd/snap-bootstrap: fix degraded mode cases with better
      device handling
    - boot,dirs,c/snap-bootstrap: avoid InstallHost* at the cost of some
    - tests/nested/manual/refresh-revert-fundamentals: temporarily
      disable secure boot
    - snap-bootstrap,secboot: call BlockPCRProtectionPolicies in all
      boot modes
    - many: address degraded recover mode feedback, cleanups
    - tests: Use systemd-run on tests part2
    - tests: set the opensuse tumbleweed system as manual in spread.yaml
    - secboot: call BlockPCRProtectionPolicies even if the TPM is
    - vendor: update to current secboot
    - cmd/snap-bootstrap,o/devicestate: use a secret to pair data and
    - spread.yaml: increase number of workers on 20.10
    - snap: add new `snap recovery --show-keys` option
    - tests: minor test tweaks suggested in the review of 9607
    - snapd-generator: set standard snapfuse options when generating
      units for containers
    - tests: enable lxd test on ubuntu-core-20 and 16.04-32
    - interfaces: share /tmp/.X11-unix/ from host or provider
    - tests: enable main lxd test on 20.10
    - cmd/s-b/initramfs-mounts: refactor recover mode to implement
      degraded mode
    - gadget/install: add progress logging
    - packaging: keep secboot/encrypt_dummy.go in debian
    - interfaces/udev: use distro specific path to snap-device-helper
    - o/devistate: fix chaining of tasks related to regular snaps when
    - gadget, overlord/devicestate: validate that system supports
      encrypted data before install
    - interfaces/fwupd: enforce the confined fwupd to align Ubuntu Core
      ESP layout
    - many: add /v2/system-recovery-keys API and client
    - secboot, many: return UnlockMethod from Unlock* methods for future
    - many: mv keys to ubuntu-boot, move model file, rename keyring
      prefix for secboot
    - tests: using systemd-run instead of manually create a systemd unit
      - part 1
    - secboot, cmd/snap-bootstrap: enable or disable activation with
      recovery key
    - secboot: refactor Unlock...IfEncrypted to take keyfile + check
      disks first
    - secboot: add LockTPMSealedKeys() to lock access to keys
    - gadget: correct sfdisk arguments
    - bootloader/assets/grub: adjust fwsetup menuentry label
    - tests: new boot state tool
    - spread: use the official image for Ubuntu 20.10, no longer an
      unstable system
    - tests/lib/nested: enable snapd logging to console for core18
    - osutil/disks: re-implement partition searching for disk w/ non-
      adjacent parts
    - tests: using the nested-state tool in nested tests
    - many: seal a fallback object to the recovery boot chain
    - gadget, gadget/install: move helpers to install package, refactor
      unit tests
    - dirs: add "gentoo" to altDirDistros
    - update-pot: include file locations in translation template, and
      extract strings from desktop files
    - gadget/many: drop usage of gpt attr 59 for indicating creation of
    - gadget/quantity: tweak test name
    - snap: fix failing unittest for quantity.FormatDuration()
    - gadget/quantity: introduce a new package that captures quantities
    - o/devicestate,a/sysdb: make a backup of the device serial to save
    - tests: fix rare interaction of tests.session and specific tests
    - features: enable classic-preserves-xdg-runtime-dir
    - tests/nested/core20/save: check the bind mount and size bump
    - o/devicetate,dirs: keep device keys in ubuntu-save/save for UC20
    - tests: rename hasHooks to hasInterfaceHooks in the ifacestate
    - o/devicestate: unit test tweaks
    - boot: store the TPM{PolicyAuthKey,LockoutAuth}File in ubuntu-save
    - testutil, cmd/snap/version: fix misc little errors
    - overlord/devicestate: bind mount ubuntu-save under
      /var/lib/snapd/save on startup
    - gadget/internal: tune ext4 setting for smaller filesystems
    - tests/nested/core20/save: a test that verifies ubuntu-save is
      present and set up
    - tests: update google sru backend to support groovy
    - o/ifacestate: handle interface hooks when preseeding
    - tests: re-enable the apt hooks test
    - interfaces,snap: use correct type: {os,snapd} for test data
    - secboot: set metadata and keyslots sizes when formatting LUKS2
    - tests: improve uc20-create-partitions-reinstall test
    - client, daemon, cmd/snap: cleanups from #9489 + more unit tests
    - cmd/snap-bootstrap: mount ubuntu-save during boot if present
    - secboot: fix doc comment on helper for unlocking volume with key
    - tests: add spread test for refreshing from an old snapd and core18
    - o/snapstate: generate snapd snap wrappers again after restart on
    - secboot: version bump, unlock volume with key
    - tests/snap-advise-command: re-enable test
    - cmd/snap, snapmgr, tests: cleanups after #9418
    - interfaces: deny connected x11 plugs access to ICE
    - daemon,client: write and read a maintenance.json file for when
      snapd is shut down
    - many: update to secboot v1 (part 1)
    - osutil/disks/mockdisk: panic if same mountpoint shows up again
      with diff opts
    - tests/nested/cor

1904098 [SRU] 2.48

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