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Latest version: *DELETED*
Release: bionic (18.04)
Level: proposed
Repository: main


Other versions of "linux-oracle" in Bionic

Repository Area Version
security main 4.15.0-1111.122
updates main 4.15.0-1121.132


Version: 4.15.0-1117.128 2023-04-06 01:06:52 UTC

  linux-oracle (4.15.0-1117.128) bionic; urgency=medium

  * bionic/linux-oracle: 4.15.0-1117.128 -proposed tracker (LP: #2011983)

  [ Ubuntu: 4.15.0-209.220 ]

  * bionic/linux: 4.15.0-209.220 -proposed tracker (LP: #2011989)
  * CVE-2023-26545
    - net: mpls: fix stale pointer if allocation fails during device rename
  * CVE-2023-1281
    - rcu: Upgrade rcu_swap_protected() to rcu_replace_pointer()
    - net/sched: tcindex: update imperfect hash filters respecting rcu
  * CVE-2022-3903
    - USB: add usb_control_msg_send() and usb_control_msg_recv()
    - USB: correct API of usb_control_msg_send/recv
    - USB: move snd_usb_pipe_sanity_check into the USB core
    - media: mceusb: Use new usb_control_msg_*() routines
  * Bionic update: upstream stable patchset 2023-03-03 (LP: #2009237)
    - pNFS/filelayout: Fix coalescing test for single DS
    - net/ethtool/ioctl: return -EOPNOTSUPP if we have no phy stats
    - RDMA/srp: Move large values to a new enum for gcc13
    - f2fs: let's avoid panic if extent_tree is not created
    - nilfs2: fix general protection fault in nilfs_btree_insert()
    - xhci-pci: set the dma max_seg_size
    - usb: xhci: Check endpoint is valid before dereferencing it
    - prlimit: do_prlimit needs to have a speculation check
    - USB: serial: option: add Quectel EM05-G (GR) modem
    - USB: serial: option: add Quectel EM05-G (CS) modem
    - USB: serial: option: add Quectel EM05-G (RS) modem
    - USB: serial: option: add Quectel EC200U modem
    - USB: serial: option: add Quectel EM05CN (SG) modem
    - USB: serial: option: add Quectel EM05CN modem
    - USB: misc: iowarrior: fix up header size for USB_DEVICE_ID_CODEMERCS_IOW100
    - usb: core: hub: disable autosuspend for TI TUSB8041
    - USB: serial: cp210x: add SCALANCE LPE-9000 device id
    - usb: host: ehci-fsl: Fix module alias
    - usb: gadget: g_webcam: Send color matching descriptor per frame
    - usb: gadget: f_ncm: fix potential NULL ptr deref in ncm_bitrate()
    - usb-storage: apply IGNORE_UAS only for HIKSEMI MD202 on RTL9210
    - serial: pch_uart: Pass correct sg to dma_unmap_sg()
    - serial: atmel: fix incorrect baudrate setup
    - gsmi: fix null-deref in gsmi_get_variable
    - comedi: adv_pci1760: Fix PWM instruction handling
    - ARM: dts: imx6qdl-gw560x: Remove incorrect 'uart-has-rtscts'
    - HID: intel_ish-hid: Add check for ishtp_dma_tx_map
    - EDAC/highbank: Fix memory leak in highbank_mc_probe()
    - tomoyo: fix broken dependency on *.conf.default
    - IB/hfi1: Reject a zero-length user expected buffer
    - IB/hfi1: Reserve user expected TIDs
    - affs: initialize fsdata in affs_truncate()
    - amd-xgbe: TX Flow Ctrl Registers are h/w ver dependent
    - phy: rockchip-inno-usb2: Fix missing clk_disable_unprepare() in
    - net: nfc: Fix use-after-free in local_cleanup()
    - net: usb: sr9700: Handle negative len
    - net: mdio: validate parameter addr in mdiobus_get_phy()
    - HID: check empty report_list in hid_validate_values()
    - usb: gadget: f_fs: Prevent race during ffs_ep0_queue_wait
    - usb: gadget: f_fs: Ensure ep0req is dequeued before free_request
    - net: mlx5: eliminate anonymous module_init & module_exit
    - dmaengine: Fix double increment of client_count in dma_chan_get()
    - HID: betop: check shape of output reports
    - w1: fix deadloop in __w1_remove_master_device()
    - w1: fix WARNING after calling w1_process()
    - fs: reiserfs: remove useless new_opts in reiserfs_remount
    - Bluetooth: hci_sync: cancel cmd_timer if hci_open failed
    - scsi: hpsa: Fix allocation size for scsi_host_alloc()
    - module: Don't wait for GOING modules
    - tracing: Make sure trace_printk() can output as soon as it can be used
    - ARM: 9280/1: mm: fix warning on phys_addr_t to void pointer assignment
    - EDAC/device: Respect any driver-supplied workqueue polling value
    - netlink: annotate data races around dst_portid and dst_group
    - netlink: annotate data races around sk_state
    - netfilter: conntrack: fix vtag checks for ABORT/SHUTDOWN_COMPLETE
    - netrom: Fix use-after-free of a listening socket.
    - sctp: fail if no bound addresses can be used for a given scope
    - net: ravb: Fix possible hang if RIS2_QFF1 happen
    - net/tg3: resolve deadlock in tg3_reset_task() during EEH
    - Revert "Input: synaptics - switch touchpad on HP Laptop 15-da3001TU to RMI
    - x86/i8259: Mark legacy PIC interrupts with IRQ_LEVEL
    - xen: Fix up build warning with xen_init_time_ops() reference
    - x86/asm: Fix an assembler warning with current binutils
    - x86/entry/64: Add instruction suffix to SYSRET
    - sysctl: add a new register_sysctl_init() interface
    - panic: unset panic_on_warn inside panic()
    - exit: Add and use make_task_dead.
    - objtool: Add a missing comma to avoid string concatenation
    - hexagon: Fix function name in die()
    - h8300: Fix build errors from do_exit() to make_task_dead() transition
    - ia64: make IA64_MCA_RECOVERY bool instead of tristate
    - exit: Put an upper limit on how often we can oops
    - exit: Expose "oops_count" to sysfs
    - exit: Allow oops_limit to be disabled
    - panic: Consolidate open-coded panic_on_warn checks
    - panic: Introduce warn_limit
    - panic: Expose "warn_count" to sysfs
    - exit: Use READ_ONCE() for all oops/warn limit reads
    - mm: kvmalloc does not fallback to vmalloc for incompatible gfp flags
    - ipv6: ensure sane device mtu in tunnels
    - usb: host: xhci-plat: add wakeup entry at sysfs
    - amd-xgbe: Delay AN timeout during KR training
    - tcp: avoid the lookup process failing to get sk in ehash table
    - net: fix UaF in netns ops registration error path
    - netlink: annotate data races around nlk->portid
    - ipv4: prevent potential spectre v1 gadget in ip_metrics_convert()
  * rtcpie in timers from ubuntu_kernel_selftests randomly failing
    (LP: #1814234)
    - SAUCE: selftes

2009237 Bionic update: upstream stable patchset 2023-03-03
1814234 rtcpie in timers from ubuntu_kernel_selftests randomly failing
CVE-2023-26545 In the Linux kernel before 6.1.13, there is a double free in net/mpls/af_mpls.c upon an allocation failure (for registering the sysctl table under a
CVE-2023-1281 RESERVED
CVE-2022-3903 An incorrect read request flaw was found in the Infrared Transceiver USB driver in the Linux kernel. This issue occurs when a user attaches a malicio

Version: *DELETED* 2023-03-28 18:07:22 UTC
No changelog for deleted or moved packages.

Version: 4.15.0-1116.127 2023-03-14 04:06:50 UTC

  linux-oracle (4.15.0-1116.127) bionic; urgency=medium

  * bionic/linux-oracle: 4.15.0-1116.127 -proposed tracker (LP: #2008413)

  [ Ubuntu: 4.15.0-207.218 ]

  * bionic/linux: 4.15.0-207.218 -proposed tracker (LP: #2008419)
  * rtcpie in timers from ubuntu_kernel_selftests randomly failing
    (LP: #1814234)
    - SAUCE: selftest: rtctest: Force passing unreliable subtest
  * btrfs/154: rename fails with EOVERFLOW when calculating item size during
    item key collision (LP: #2004132)
    - btrfs: correctly calculate item size used when item key collision happens
  * CVE-2021-3669
    - ipc: replace costly bailout check in sysvipc_find_ipc()
  * Bionic update: upstream stable patchset 2023-02-06 (LP: #2006403)
    - libtraceevent: Fix build with binutils 2.35
    - once: Fix panic when module unload
    - once: add DO_ONCE_SLOW() for sleepable contexts
    - mm/khugepaged: fix GUP-fast interaction by sending IPI
    - mm/khugepaged: invoke MMU notifiers in shmem/file collapse paths
    - block: unhash blkdev part inode when the part is deleted
    - ASoC: ops: Check bounds for second channel in snd_soc_put_volsw_sx()
    - can: sja1000: fix size of OCR_MODE_MASK define
    - can: mcba_usb: Fix termination command argument
    - ASoC: ops: Correct bounds check for second channel on SX controls
    - perf script python: Remove explicit shebang from tests/attr.c
    - udf: Discard preallocation before extending file with a hole
    - udf: Drop unused arguments of udf_delete_aext()
    - udf: Fix preallocation discarding at indirect extent boundary
    - udf: Do not bother looking for prealloc extents if i_lenExtents matches
    - udf: Fix extending file within last block
    - usb: gadget: uvc: Prevent buffer overflow in setup handler
    - USB: serial: option: add Quectel EM05-G modem
    - USB: serial: cp210x: add Kamstrup RF sniffer PIDs
    - igb: Initialize mailbox message for VF reset
    - net: loopback: use NET_NAME_PREDICTABLE for name_assign_type
    - usb: musb: remove extra check in musb_gadget_vbus_draw
    - ARM: dts: qcom: apq8064: fix coresight compatible
    - drivers: soc: ti: knav_qmss_queue: Mark knav_acc_firmwares as static
    - arm: dts: spear600: Fix clcd interrupt
    - soc: ti: smartreflex: Fix PM disable depth imbalance in omap_sr_probe
    - arm64: dts: mediatek: mt6797: Fix 26M oscillator unit name
    - ARM: dts: dove: Fix assigned-addresses for every PCIe Root Port
    - ARM: dts: armada-370: Fix assigned-addresses for every PCIe Root Port
    - ARM: dts: armada-xp: Fix assigned-addresses for every PCIe Root Port
    - ARM: dts: armada-375: Fix assigned-addresses for every PCIe Root Port
    - ARM: dts: armada-38x: Fix assigned-addresses for every PCIe Root Port
    - ARM: dts: armada-39x: Fix assigned-addresses for every PCIe Root Port
    - ARM: dts: turris-omnia: Add ethernet aliases
    - ARM: dts: turris-omnia: Add switch port 6 node
    - pstore/ram: Fix error return code in ramoops_probe()
    - ARM: mmp: fix timer_read delay
    - pstore: Avoid kcore oops by vmap()ing with VM_IOREMAP
    - tpm/tpm_crb: Fix error message in __crb_relinquish_locality()
    - cpuidle: dt: Return the correct numbers of parsed idle states
    - alpha: fix syscall entry in !AUDUT_SYSCALL case
    - PM: hibernate: Fix mistake in kerneldoc comment
    - fs: don't audit the capability check in simple_xattr_list()
    - perf: Fix possible memleak in pmu_dev_alloc()
    - timerqueue: Use rb_entry_safe() in timerqueue_getnext()
    - ocfs2: fix memory leak in ocfs2_stack_glue_init()
    - MIPS: vpe-mt: fix possible memory leak while module exiting
    - MIPS: vpe-cmp: fix possible memory leak while module exiting
    - PNP: fix name memory leak in pnp_alloc_dev()
    - irqchip: gic-pm: Use pm_runtime_resume_and_get() in gic_probe()
    - libfs: add DEFINE_SIMPLE_ATTRIBUTE_SIGNED for signed value
    - lib/notifier-error-inject: fix error when writing -errno to debugfs file
    - rapidio: fix possible name leaks when rio_add_device() fails
    - rapidio: rio: fix possible name leak in rio_register_mport()
    - ACPICA: Fix use-after-free in acpi_ut_copy_ipackage_to_ipackage()
    - uprobes/x86: Allow to probe a NOP instruction with 0x66 prefix
    - x86/xen: Fix memory leak in xen_init_lock_cpu()
    - platform/x86: mxm-wmi: fix memleak in mxm_wmi_call_mx[ds|mx]()
    - MIPS: BCM63xx: Add check for NULL for clk in clk_enable
    - fs: sysv: Fix sysv_nblocks() returns wrong value
    - rapidio: fix possible UAF when kfifo_alloc() fails
    - eventfd: change int to __u64 in eventfd_signal() ifndef CONFIG_EVENTFD
    - hfs: Fix OOB Write in hfs_asc2mac
    - rapidio: devices: fix missing put_device in mport_cdev_open
    - wifi: ath9k: hif_usb: fix memory leak of urbs in
    - wifi: ath9k: hif_usb: Fix use-after-free in ath9k_hif_usb_reg_in_cb()
    - media: i2c: ad5820: Fix error path
    - spi: Update reference to struct spi_controller
    - media: vivid: fix compose size exceed boundary
    - mtd: Fix device name leak when register device failed in add_mtd_device()
    - media: camss: Clean up received buffers on failed start of streaming
    - drm/radeon: Add the missed acpi_put_table() to fix memory leak
    - ASoC: pxa: fix null-pointer dereference in filter()
    - regulator: core: fix unbalanced of node refcount in regulator_dev_lookup()
    - ima: Fix misuse of dereference of pointer in template_desc_init_fields()
    - wifi: ath10k: Fix return value in ath10k_pci_init()
    - mtd: lpddr2_nvm: Fix possible null-ptr-deref
    - Input: elants_i2c - properly handle the reset GPIO when power is off
    - media: solo6x10: fix possible memory leak in solo_sysfs_init()
    - media: platform: exynos4-is: Fix error handling in fimc_md_init()
    - HID: hid-sensor-custom: set fixed size for custom attributes
    - ALSA: seq: fix undefined behavior in bit shift for
    - clk: rockchip: Fix memory lea

1814234 rtcpie in timers from ubuntu_kernel_selftests randomly failing
2004132 btrfs/154: rename fails with EOVERFLOW when calculating item size during item key collision
2006403 Bionic update: upstream stable patchset 2023-02-06
CVE-2021-3669 A flaw was found in the Linux kernel. Measuring usage of the shared memory does not scale with large shared memory segment counts which could lead to
CVE-2023-0266 A use after free vulnerability exists in the ALSA PCM package in the Linux Kernel. SNDRV_CTL_IOCTL_ELEM_{READ|WRITE}32 is missing locks that can be u
CVE-2022-41218 In drivers/media/dvb-core/dmxdev.c in the Linux kernel through 5.19.10, there is a use-after-free caused by refcount races, affecting dvb_demux_open
CVE-2023-23559 In rndis_query_oid in drivers/net/wireless/rndis_wlan.c in the Linux kernel through 6.1.5, there is an integer overflow in an addition.

Version: *DELETED* 2023-03-03 05:06:49 UTC
No changelog for deleted or moved packages.

Version: 4.15.0-1115.126 2023-02-18 03:07:18 UTC

  linux-oracle (4.15.0-1115.126) bionic; urgency=medium

  * bionic/linux-oracle: 4.15.0-1115.126 -proposed tracker (LP: #2004408)

  * Bionic update: upstream stable patchset 2023-01-20 (LP: #2003596)
    - [Config] oracle: updateconfigs for INET_TABLE_PERTURB_ORDER

  [ Ubuntu: 4.15.0-206.217 ]

  * bionic/linux: 4.15.0-206.217 -proposed tracker (LP: #2004655)
  * CVE-2023-0461
    - SAUCE: Fix inet_csk_listen_start after CVE-2023-0461

  [ Ubuntu: 4.15.0-205.216 ]

  * bionic/linux: 4.15.0-205.216 -proposed tracker (LP: #2004414)
  * Bionic update: upstream stable patchset 2023-01-20 (LP: #2003596)
    - NFSv4.1: Handle RECLAIM_COMPLETE trunking errors
    - NFSv4.1: We must always send RECLAIM_COMPLETE after a reboot
    - nfs4: Fix kmemleak when allocate slot failed
    - net: dsa: Fix possible memory leaks in dsa_loop_init()
    - nfc: s3fwrn5: Fix potential memory leak in s3fwrn5_nci_send()
    - nfc: nfcmrvl: Fix potential memory leak in nfcmrvl_i2c_nci_send()
    - net: fec: fix improper use of NETDEV_TX_BUSY
    - ata: pata_legacy: fix pdc20230_set_piomode()
    - net: sched: Fix use after free in red_enqueue()
    - ipvs: use explicitly signed chars
    - rose: Fix NULL pointer dereference in rose_send_frame()
    - mISDN: fix possible memory leak in mISDN_register_device()
    - isdn: mISDN: netjet: fix wrong check of device registration
    - btrfs: fix inode list leak during backref walking at resolve_indirect_refs()
    - btrfs: fix ulist leaks in error paths of qgroup self tests
    - Bluetooth: L2CAP: fix use-after-free in l2cap_conn_del()
    - net: mdio: fix undefined behavior in bit shift for __mdiobus_register
    - net, neigh: Fix null-ptr-deref in neigh_table_clear()
    - media: s5p_cec: limit msg.len to CEC_MAX_MSG_SIZE
    - media: dvb-frontends/drxk: initialize err to 0
    - i2c: xiic: Add platform module alias
    - Bluetooth: L2CAP: Fix attempting to access uninitialized memory
    - block, bfq: protect 'bfqd->queued' by 'bfqd->lock'
    - btrfs: fix type of parameter generation in btrfs_get_dentry
    - tcp/udp: Make early_demux back namespacified.
    - capabilities: fix potential memleak on error path from vfs_getxattr_alloc()
    - ALSA: usb-audio: Add quirks for MacroSilicon MS2100/MS2106 devices
    - efi: random: reduce seed size to 32 bytes
    - parisc: Make 8250_gsc driver dependend on CONFIG_PARISC
    - parisc: Export iosapic_serial_irq() symbol for serial port driver
    - ext4: fix warning in 'ext4_da_release_space'
    - KVM: x86: Mask off reserved bits in CPUID.80000008H
    - KVM: x86: emulator: em_sysexit should update ctxt->mode
    - KVM: x86: emulator: introduce emulator_recalc_and_set_mode
    - KVM: x86: emulator: update the emulation mode after CR0 write
    - linux/const.h: prefix include guard of uapi/linux/const.h with _UAPI
    - linux/const.h: move UL() macro to include/linux/const.h
    - linux/bits.h: make BIT(), GENMASK(), and friends available in assembly
    - RDMA/qedr: clean up work queue on failure in qedr_alloc_resources()
    - net: tun: fix bugs for oversize packet when napi frags enabled
    - ipvs: fix WARNING in __ip_vs_cleanup_batch()
    - ipvs: fix WARNING in ip_vs_app_net_cleanup()
    - ipv6: fix WARNING in ip6_route_net_exit_late()
    - parisc: Avoid printing the hardware path twice
    - HID: hyperv: fix possible memory leak in mousevsc_probe()
    - net: gso: fix panic on frag_list with mixed head alloc types
    - bnxt_en: fix potentially incorrect return value for ndo_rx_flow_steer
    - net: fman: Unregister ethernet device on removal
    - capabilities: fix undefined behavior in bit shift for CAP_TO_MASK
    - net: lapbether: fix issue of dev reference count leakage in
    - hamradio: fix issue of dev reference count leakage in bpq_device_event()
    - drm/vc4: Fix missing platform_unregister_drivers() call in
    - ipv6: addrlabel: fix infoleak when sending struct ifaddrlblmsg to network
    - tipc: fix the msg->req tlv len check in
    - dmaengine: mv_xor_v2: Fix a resource leak in mv_xor_v2_remove()
    - drivers: net: xgene: disable napi when register irq failed in
    - net: cxgb3_main: disable napi when bind qsets failed in cxgb_up()
    - ethernet: s2io: disable napi when start nic failed in s2io_card_up()
    - net: mv643xx_eth: disable napi when init rxq or txq failed in
    - net: macvlan: fix memory leaks of macvlan_common_newlink
    - arm64: efi: Fix handling of misaligned runtime regions and drop warning
    - ALSA: hda: fix potential memleak in 'add_widget_node'
    - ALSA: usb-audio: Add quirk entry for M-Audio Micro
    - nilfs2: fix deadlock in nilfs_count_free_blocks()
    - drm/i915/dmabuf: fix sg_table handling in map_dma_buf
    - platform/x86: hp_wmi: Fix rfkill causing soft blocked wifi
    - btrfs: selftests: fix wrong error check in btrfs_free_dummy_root()
    - udf: Fix a slab-out-of-bounds write bug in udf_find_entry()
    - cert host tools: Stop complaining about deprecated OpenSSL functions
    - dmaengine: at_hdmac: Fix at_lli struct definition
    - dmaengine: at_hdmac: Don't start transactions at tx_submit level
    - dmaengine: at_hdmac: Fix completion of unissued descriptor in case of errors
    - dmaengine: at_hdmac: Don't allow CPU to reorder channel enable
    - dmaengine: at_hdmac: Fix impossible condition
    - dmaengine: at_hdmac: Check return code of dma_async_device_register
    - x86/cpu: Restore AMD's DE_CFG MSR after resume
    - selftests/futex: fix build for clang
    - drm/imx: imx-tve: Fix return type of imx_tve_connector_mode_valid
    - ASoC: core: Fix use-after-free in snd_soc_exit()
    - serial: 8250_omap: remove wait loop from Errata i202 workaround
    - serial: 8250: omap: Flush PM QOS work on remove
    - tty: n_gsm: fix sleep-in-atomic-context bug in gsm_control_send
    - ASoC: soc-utils

2003596 Bionic update: upstream stable patchset 2023-01-20
1968681 rdpru in ubuntu_kvm_unit_tests failed on B-4.15 node riccioli with FAIL: RDPRU raises #UD
2003053 NFS: client permission error after adding user to permissible group
2002889 5.15.0-58.64 breaks xen bridge networking (pvh domU)
CVE-2023-0461 RESERVED
CVE-2022-3628 A buffer overflow flaw was found in the Linux kernel Broadcom Full MAC Wi-Fi driver. This issue occurs when a user connects to a malicious USB device
CVE-2022-3545 A vulnerability has been found in Linux Kernel and classified as critical. Affected by this vulnerability is the function area_cache_get of the file

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