Package "linux-source-4.4.0"

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Name: linux-source-4.4.0


Linux kernel source for version 4.4.0 with Ubuntu patches

Latest version: 4.4.0-192.222
Release: xenial (16.04)
Level: base
Repository: main
Head package: linux


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Repository Area Version
base main 4.4.0-21.37
security main 4.4.0-193.224
updates main 4.4.0-193.224
proposed main 4.4.0-192.222


Version: 4.4.0-192.222 2020-09-29 22:08:11 UTC

 linux (4.4.0-192.222) xenial; urgency=medium
   * xenial/linux: 4.4.0-192.222 -proposed tracker (LP: #1897734)
   * mwifiex stops working after kernel upgrade (LP: #1897299)
     - mwifiex: Increase AES key storage size to 256 bits
   * xenial 4.4.0-191-generic in -proposed has a regression (LP: #1896725)
     - Revert "XEN uses irqdesc::irq_data_common::handler_data to store a per
       interrupt XEN data pointer which contains XEN specific information."

Source diff to previous version
1897299 mwifiex stops working after kernel upgrade
1896725 xenial 4.4.0-191-generic in -proposed has a regression

Version: 4.4.0-191.221 2020-09-18 16:08:08 UTC

 linux (4.4.0-191.221) xenial; urgency=medium
   * xenial/linux: 4.4.0-191.221 -proposed tracker (LP: #1896067)
   * Novalink (mkvterm command failure) (LP: #1892546)
     - tty: hvcs: Don't NULL tty->driver_data until hvcs_cleanup()
   * Xenial update: v4.4.236 upstream stable release (LP: #1895891)
     - HID: core: Correctly handle ReportSize being zero
     - HID: core: Sanitize event code and type when mapping input
     - perf record/stat: Explicitly call out event modifiers in the documentation
     - mm, page_alloc: remove unnecessary variable from free_pcppages_bulk
     - hwmon: (applesmc) check status earlier.
     - ceph: don't allow setlease on cephfs
     - s390: don't trace preemption in percpu macros
     - xen/xenbus: Fix granting of vmalloc'd memory
     - dmaengine: of-dma: Fix of_dma_router_xlate's of_dma_xlate handling
     - batman-adv: Avoid uninitialized chaddr when handling DHCP
     - batman-adv: bla: use netif_rx_ni when not in interrupt context
     - dmaengine: at_hdmac: check return value of of_find_device_by_node() in
     - netfilter: nf_tables: incorrect enum nft_list_attributes definition
     - netfilter: nf_tables: fix destination register zeroing
     - dmaengine: pl330: Fix burst length if burst size is smaller than bus width
     - bnxt_en: Check for zero dir entries in NVRAM.
     - fix regression in "epoll: Keep a reference on files added to the check list"
     - tg3: Fix soft lockup when tg3_reset_task() fails.
     - iommu/vt-d: Serialize IOMMU GCMD register modifications
     - thermal: ti-soc-thermal: Fix bogus thermal shutdowns for omap4430
     - include/linux/log2.h: add missing () around n in roundup_pow_of_two()
     - btrfs: drop path before adding new uuid tree entry
     - btrfs: Remove redundant extent_buffer_get in get_old_root
     - btrfs: Remove extraneous extent_buffer_get from tree_mod_log_rewind
     - btrfs: set the lockdep class for log tree extent buffers
     - uaccess: Add non-pagefault user-space read functions
     - uaccess: Add non-pagefault user-space write function
     - btrfs: fix potential deadlock in the search ioctl
     - net: qmi_wwan: MDM9x30 specific power management
     - net: qmi_wwan: support "raw IP" mode
     - net: qmi_wwan: should hold RTNL while changing netdev type
     - net: qmi_wwan: ignore bogus CDC Union descriptors
     - Add Dell Wireless 5809e Gobi 4G HSPA+ Mobile Broadband Card (rev3) to
     - qmi_wwan: Added support for Gemalto's Cinterion PHxx WWAN interface
     - qmi_wwan: add support for Quectel EC21 and EC25
     - NET: usb: qmi_wwan: add support for Telit LE922A PID 0x1040
     - drivers: net: usb: qmi_wwan: add QMI_QUIRK_SET_DTR for Telit PID 0x1201
     - usb: qmi_wwan: add D-Link DWM-222 A2 device ID
     - net: usb: qmi_wwan: add Telit ME910 support
     - net: usb: qmi_wwan: add Telit 0x1050 composition
     - ALSA: ca0106: fix error code handling
     - ALSA: pcm: oss: Remove superfluous WARN_ON() for mulaw sanity check
     - dm cache metadata: Avoid returning cmd->bm wild pointer on error
     - dm thin metadata: Avoid returning cmd->bm wild pointer on error
     - net: refactor bind_bucket fastreuse into helper
     - net: initialize fastreuse on inet_inherit_port
     - checkpatch: fix the usage of capture group ( ... )
     - mm/hugetlb: fix a race between hugetlb sysctl handlers
     - cfg80211: regulatory: reject invalid hints
     - net: usb: Fix uninit-was-stored issue in asix_read_phy_addr()
     - ALSA: firewire-digi00x: add support for console models of Digi00x series
     - ALSA: firewire-digi00x: exclude Avid Adrenaline from detection
     - ALSA; firewire-tascam: exclude Tascam FE-8 from detection
     - fs/affs: use octal for permissions
     - affs: fix basic permission bits to actually work
     - ravb: Fixed to be able to unload modules
     - net: ethernet: mlx4: Fix memory allocation in mlx4_buddy_init()
     - bnxt_en: Failure to update PHY is not fatal condition.
     - bnxt: don't enable NAPI until rings are ready
     - net: usb: dm9601: Add USB ID of Keenetic Plus DSL
     - sctp: not disable bh in the whole sctp_get_port_local()
     - net: disable netpoll on fresh napis
     - Linux 4.4.236
   * clock: overriding the clocksource should select the requested clocksource
     (LP: #1894591)
     - clocksource: Defer override invalidation unless clock is unstable
   * alsa/hdmi: the hdmi audio stops working from Ubuntu-4.4.0-155.182
     (LP: #1895603)
     - ALSA: hda/hdmi - Read the pin sense from register when repolling
     - SAUCE: ALSA: hda/hdmi - Check pin_eld->monitor_present
   * Xenial update: v4.4.235 upstream stable release (LP: #1895031)
     - net: Fix potential wrong skb->protocol in skb_vlan_untag()
     - tipc: fix uninit skb->data in tipc_nl_compat_dumpit()
     - ipvlan: fix device features
     - bonding: show saner speed for broadcast mode
     - bonding: fix a potential double-unregister
     - powerpc/pseries: Do not initiate shutdown when system is running on UPS
     - ALSA: pci: delete repeated words in comments
     - ASoC: tegra: Fix reference count leaks.
     - media: pci: ttpci: av7110: fix possible buffer overflow caused by bad DMA
       value in debiirq()
     - scsi: target: tcmu: Fix crash on ARM during cmd completion
     - drm/amdkfd: Fix reference count leaks.
     - drm/radeon: fix multiple reference count leak
     - drm/amdgpu: fix ref count leak in amdgpu_driver_open_kms
     - drm/amd/display: fix ref count leak in amdgpu_drm_ioctl
     - drm/amdgpu: fix ref count leak in amdgpu_display_crtc_set_config
     - drm/amdgpu/display: fix ref count leak when pm_runtime_get_sync fails
     - scsi: lpfc: Fix shost refcount mismatch when deleting vport
     - selftests/powerpc: Purge extra count_pmc() calls of ebb selftests
     - PCI: Fix pci_create_slot() reference count leak
     - rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Prevent leaking urb
     - mips/vdso: Fi

Source diff to previous version
1892546 Novalink (mkvterm command failure)
1895891 Xenial update: v4.4.236 upstream stable release
1894591 clock: overriding the clocksource should select the requested clocksource
1895603 alsa/hdmi: the hdmi audio stops working from Ubuntu-4.4.0-155.182
1895031 Xenial update: v4.4.235 upstream stable release
1889446 DELL LATITUDE 5491 touchscreen doesn't work
1893248 Xenial update: v4.4.234 upstream stable release
CVE-2018-10322 The xfs_dinode_verify function in fs/xfs/libxfs/xfs_inode_buf.c in the Linux kernel through 4.16.3 allows local users to cause a denial of service (x

Version: 4.4.0-190.220 2020-08-29 02:08:05 UTC

 linux (4.4.0-190.220) xenial; urgency=medium
   * xenial/linux: 4.4.0-190.220 -proposed tracker (LP: #1893431)
   * Packaging resync (LP: #1786013)
     - [Packaging] update helper scripts
   * [Hyper-V] VSS and File Copy daemons intermittently fails to start
     (LP: #1891224)
     - [Packaging] Bind hv_vss_daemon startup to hv_vss device
     - [Packaging] bind hv_fcopy_daemon startup to hv_fcopy device
   * CVE-2019-20811
     - net-sysfs: call dev_hold if kobject_init_and_add success
   * CVE-2020-0067
     - f2fs: fix to avoid memory leakage in f2fs_listxattr
   * CVE-2019-9453
     - f2fs: fix to avoid accessing xattr across the boundary
   * Xenial update: 4.4.233 upstream stable release (LP: #1892822)
     - media: rc: prevent memory leak in cx23888_ir_probe
     - ath9k_htc: release allocated buffer if timed out
     - ath9k: release allocated buffer if timed out
     - nfs: Move call to security_inode_listsecurity into nfs_listxattr
     - PCI/ASPM: Disable ASPM on ASMedia ASM1083/1085 PCIe-to-PCI bridge
     - drm/amdgpu: Prevent kernel-infoleak in amdgpu_info_ioctl()
     - drm: hold gem reference until object is no longer accessed
     - f2fs: check memory boundary by insane namelen
     - f2fs: check if file namelen exceeds max value
     - ARM: 8986/1: hw_breakpoint: Don't invoke overflow handler on uaccess
     - fbdev: Detect integer underflow at "struct fbcon_ops"->clear_margins.
     - rds: Prevent kernel-infoleak in rds_notify_queue_get()
     - net/x25: Fix x25_neigh refcnt leak when x25 disconnect
     - net/x25: Fix null-ptr-deref in x25_disconnect
     - sh: Fix validation of system call number
     - net: lan78xx: add missing endpoint sanity check
     - net: lan78xx: fix transfer-buffer memory leak
     - mlxsw: core: Increase scope of RCU read-side critical section
     - mac80211: mesh: Free ie data when leaving mesh
     - nfc: s3fwrn5: add missing release on skb in s3fwrn5_recv_frame
     - net: ethernet: ravb: exit if re-initialization fails in tx timeout
     - Revert "i2c: cadence: Fix the hold bit setting"
     - xen-netfront: fix potential deadlock in xennet_remove()
     - x86/i8259: Use printk_deferred() to prevent deadlock
     - random32: update the net random state on interrupt and activity
     - ARM: percpu.h: fix build error
     - random: fix circular include dependency on arm64 after addition of percpu.h
     - random32: remove net_rand_state from the latent entropy gcc plugin
     - random32: move the pseudo-random 32-bit definitions to prandom.h
     - ext4: fix direct I/O read error
     - USB: serial: qcserial: add EM7305 QDL product ID
     - ALSA: seq: oss: Serialize ioctls
     - Bluetooth: Fix slab-out-of-bounds read in hci_extended_inquiry_result_evt()
     - Bluetooth: Prevent out-of-bounds read in hci_inquiry_result_evt()
     - Bluetooth: Prevent out-of-bounds read in hci_inquiry_result_with_rssi_evt()
     - vgacon: Fix for missing check in scrollback handling
     - mtd: properly check all write ioctls for permissions
     - net/9p: validate fds in p9_fd_open
     - drm/nouveau/fbcon: fix module unload when fbcon init has failed for some
     - cfg80211: check vendor command doit pointer before use
     - igb: reinit_locked() should be called with rtnl_lock
     - atm: fix atm_dev refcnt leaks in atmtcp_remove_persistent
     - tools lib traceevent: Fix memory leak in process_dynamic_array_len
     - binder: Prevent context manager from incrementing ref 0
     - ipv4: Silence suspicious RCU usage warning
     - ipv6: fix memory leaks on IPV6_ADDRFORM path
     - Revert "vxlan: fix tos value before xmit"
     - net: lan78xx: replace bogus endpoint lookup
     - usb: hso: check for return value in hso_serial_common_create()
     - vxlan: Ensure FDB dump is performed under RCU
     - Smack: fix use-after-free in smk_write_relabel_self()
     - tracepoint: Mark __tracepoint_string's __used
     - udp: drop corrupt packets earlier to avoid data corruption
     - gpio: fix oops resulting from calling of_get_named_gpio(NULL, ...)
     - EDAC: Fix reference count leaks
     - m68k: mac: Don't send IOP message until channel is idle
     - m68k: mac: Fix IOP status/control register writes
     - ARM: at91: pm: add missing put_device() call in at91_pm_sram_init()
     - ARM: socfpga: PM: add missing put_device() call in
     - drm/tilcdc: fix leak & null ref in panel_connector_get_modes
     - Bluetooth: add a mutex lock to avoid UAF in do_enale_set
     - fs/btrfs: Add cond_resched() for try_release_extent_mapping() stalls
     - drm/radeon: Fix reference count leaks caused by pm_runtime_get_sync
     - video: fbdev: neofb: fix memory leak in neo_scan_monitor()
     - drm/nouveau: fix multiple instances of reference count leaks
     - drm/debugfs: fix plain echo to connector "force" attribute
     - mm/mmap.c: Add cond_resched() for exit_mmap() CPU stalls
     - brcmfmac: To fix Bss Info flag definition Bug
     - iwlegacy: Check the return value of pcie_capability_read_*()
     - usb: gadget: net2280: fix memory leak on probe error handling paths
     - bdc: Fix bug causing crash after multiple disconnects
     - dyndbg: fix a BUG_ON in ddebug_describe_flags
     - bcache: fix super block seq numbers comparision in register_cache_set()
     - ACPICA: Do not increment operation_region reference counts for field units
     - agp/intel: Fix a memory leak on module initialisation failure
     - video: fbdev: sm712fb: fix an issue about iounmap for a wrong address
     - console: newport_con: fix an issue about leak related system resources
     - iio: improve IIO_CONCENTRATION channel type description
     - leds: lm355x: avoid enum conversion warning
     - media: omap3isp: Add missed v4l2_ctrl_handler_free() for
     - scsi: cumana_2: Fix different dev_id between request_irq() and free_irq()
     - drm/rad

Source diff to previous version
1786013 Packaging resync
1892822 Xenial update: 4.4.233 upstream stable release
CVE-2019-20811 An issue was discovered in the Linux kernel before 5.0.6. In rx_queue_add_kobject() and netdev_queue_add_kobject() in net/core/net-sysfs.c, a referen
CVE-2020-0067 In f2fs_xattr_generic_list of xattr.c, there is a possible out of bounds read due to a missing bounds check. This could lead to local information dis
CVE-2019-9453 In the Android kernel in F2FS touch driver there is a possible out of bounds read due to improper input validation. This could lead to local informat

Version: 4.4.0-189.219 2020-08-11 16:08:20 UTC

 linux (4.4.0-189.219) xenial; urgency=medium
   * xenial/linux: 4.4.0-189.219 -proposed tracker (LP: #1891057)
   * Build and ship a signed wireguard.ko (LP: #1861284)
     - [Packaging] autoreconstruct -- manage executable debian files
     - [Packaging] dkms -- dkms package build packaging support
     - [Packaging] wireguard -- add support for building signed .ko
     - [Packaging] ignore wireguard modules when wireguard is disabled
     - [Config] update dkms package versions
     - [Config] wireguard -- enable for all architectures
   * ipsec: policy priority management is broken (LP: #1890796)
     - xfrm: policy: match with both mark and mask on user interfaces

Source diff to previous version
1861284 Build and ship a signed wireguard.ko

Version: 4.4.0-188.218 2020-08-09 10:08:30 UTC

 linux (4.4.0-188.218) xenial; urgency=medium
   * xenial/linux: 4.4.0-188.218 -proposed tracker (LP: #1890670)
   * Xenial update: v4.4.232 upstream stable release (LP: #1889928)
     - pinctrl: amd: fix npins for uart0 in kerncz_groups
     - mac80211: allow rx of mesh eapol frames with default rx key
     - scsi: scsi_transport_spi: Fix function pointer check
     - xtensa: fix __sync_fetch_and_{and,or}_4 declarations
     - xtensa: update *pos in cpuinfo_op.next
     - drivers/net/wan/lapbether: Fixed the value of hard_header_len
     - net: sky2: initialize return of gm_phy_read
     - drm/nouveau/i2c/g94-: increase NV_PMGR_DP_AUXCTL_TRANSACTREQ timeout
     - SUNRPC reverting d03727b248d0 ("NFSv4 fix CLOSE not waiting for direct IO
     - perf/core: Fix locking for children siblings group read
     - uprobes: Change handle_swbp() to send SIGTRAP with si_code=SI_KERNEL, to fix
       GDB regression
     - ALSA: info: Drop WARN_ON() from buffer NULL sanity check
     - ASoC: rt5670: Correct RT5670_LDO_SEL_MASK
     - btrfs: fix double free on ulist after backref resolution failure
     - x86/fpu: Disable bottom halves while loading FPU registers
     - btrfs: fix mount failure caused by race with umount
     - hippi: Fix a size used in a 'pci_free_consistent()' in an error handling
     - ax88172a: fix ax88172a_unbind() failures
     - net: dp83640: fix SIOCSHWTSTAMP to update the struct with actual
     - net: smc91x: Fix possible memory leak in smc_drv_probe()
     - scripts/decode_stacktrace: strip basepath from all paths
     - regmap: dev_get_regmap_match(): fix string comparison
     - usb: gadget: udc: gr_udc: fix memleak on error handling path in gr_ep_init()
     - arm64: Use test_tsk_thread_flag() for checking TIF_SINGLESTEP
     - x86: math-emu: Fix up 'cmp' insn for clang ias
     - Revert "cifs: Fix the target file was deleted when rename failed."
     - staging: wlan-ng: properly check endpoint types
     - staging: comedi: addi_apci_1032: check INSN_CONFIG_DIGITAL_TRIG shift
     - staging: comedi: ni_6527: fix INSN_CONFIG_DIGITAL_TRIG support
     - staging: comedi: addi_apci_1500: check INSN_CONFIG_DIGITAL_TRIG shift
     - staging: comedi: addi_apci_1564: check INSN_CONFIG_DIGITAL_TRIG shift
     - serial: 8250: fix null-ptr-deref in serial8250_start_tx()
     - serial: 8250_mtk: Fix high-speed baud rates clamping
     - mm/memcg: fix refcount error while moving and swapping
     - parisc: Add atomic64_set_release() define to avoid CPU soft lockups
     - ath9k: Fix general protection fault in ath9k_hif_usb_rx_cb
     - ath9k: Fix regression with Atheros 9271
     - AX.25: Fix out-of-bounds read in ax25_connect()
     - AX.25: Prevent out-of-bounds read in ax25_sendmsg()
     - net-sysfs: add a newline when printing 'tx_timeout' by sysfs
     - net: udp: Fix wrong clean up for IS_UDPLITE macro
     - AX.25: Prevent integer overflows in connect and sendmsg
     - tcp: allow at most one TLP probe per flight
     - rxrpc: Fix sendmsg() returning EPIPE due to recvmsg() returning ENODATA
     - ip6_gre: fix null-ptr-deref in ip6gre_init_net()
     - drivers/net/wan/x25_asy: Fix to make it work
     - Makefile: Fix GCC_TOOLCHAIN_DIR prefix for Clang cross compilation
     - regmap: debugfs: check count when read regmap file
     - xfs: set format back to extents if xfs_bmap_extents_to_btree
     - tools/lib/subcmd/pager.c: do not alias select() params
     - perf: Make perf able to build with latest libbfd
     - perf tools: Fix snprint warnings for gcc 8
     - perf annotate: Use asprintf when formatting objdump command line
     - perf probe: Fix to check blacklist address correctly
     - Linux 4.4.232
   * Xenial update: v4.4.231 upstream stable release (LP: #1888690)
     - KVM: s390: reduce number of IO pins to 1
     - spi: spidev: fix a race between spidev_release and spidev_remove
     - spi: spidev: fix a potential use-after-free in spidev_release()
     - scsi: mptscsih: Fix read sense data size
     - net: cxgb4: fix return error value in t4_prep_fw
     - smsc95xx: check return value of smsc95xx_reset
     - smsc95xx: avoid memory leak in smsc95xx_bind
     - ALSA: compress: fix partial_drain completion state
     - arm64: kgdb: Fix single-step exception handling oops
     - ALSA: opl3: fix infoleak in opl3
     - ALSA: hda - let hs_mic be picked ahead of hp_mic
     - ALSA: usb-audio: add quirk for MacroSilicon MS2109
     - KVM: x86: bit 8 of non-leaf PDPEs is not reserved
     - Revert "ath9k: Fix general protection fault in ath9k_hif_usb_rx_cb"
     - btrfs: fix fatal extent_buffer readahead vs releasepage race
     - drm/radeon: fix double free
     - ARC: entry: fix potential EFA clobber when TIF_SYSCALL_TRACE
     - ARC: elf: use right ELF_ARCH
     - bnxt_en: fix NULL dereference in case SR-IOV configuration fails
     - ipv4: fill fl4_icmp_{type,code} in ping_v4_sendmsg
     - l2tp: remove skb_dst_set() from l2tp_xmit_skb()
     - llc: make sure applications use ARPHRD_ETHER
     - net: Added pointer check for dst->ops->neigh_lookup in dst_neigh_lookup_skb
     - genetlink: remove genl_bind
     - tcp: make sure listeners don't initialize congestion-control state
     - tcp: md5: add missing memory barriers in tcp_md5_do_add()/tcp_md5_hash_key()
     - tcp: md5: refine tcp_md5_do_add()/tcp_md5_hash_key() barriers
     - tcp: md5: allow changing MD5 keys in all socket states
     - i2c: eg20t: Load module automatically if ID matches
     - Revert "usb/ehci-platform: Set PM runtime as active on resume"
     - Revert "usb/xhci-plat: Set PM runtime as active on resume"
     - Revert "usb/ohci-platform: Fix a warning when hibernating"
     - usb: gadget: udc: atmel: fix uninitialized read in debug printk
     - staging: comedi: verify array index is correct before using it
     - perf stat: Zero all the 'ena' and 'run' array slot stats for interval mode
     - mtd: rawnand: brcmnand: fix

1889928 Xenial update: v4.4.232 upstream stable release
1888690 Xenial update: v4.4.231 upstream stable release

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