Bugs fixes in "xserver-xephyr"

Origin Bug number Title Date fixed
Launchpad 883319 xrandr --scale restricts area in which mouse moves 2013-03-09
Launchpad 1041063 mouse pointer periodically leaps to left and top of screen with absolute pointing devices 2013-02-05
Launchpad 1015292 X11 crashes with seg fault when running QT5 based applications on a Pandaboard with the SGX driver 2012-09-26
Launchpad 921236 [12.04 Xorg, xserver 1.11.3] Dual monitor, after entering password, mouse pointer stuck on LHS of screen, no desktop. 2012-07-12
Launchpad 968845 bcm5974 touchpad doesn't work after S3 on MacBookAi... 2012-06-04

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