Bugs fixes in "nova"

Origin Bug number Title Date fixed
Launchpad 921774 snapshot stays in saving state if the vm base image is deleted 2013-05-10
Launchpad 996482 failed to allocate fixed ip because old deleted one exists 2013-05-10
Launchpad 1017633 deallocate_fixed_ip attempts to update an already deleted fixed_ip 2013-05-10
Launchpad 1062314 do_refresh_security_group_rules in nova.virt.firewall is very slow 2013-05-10
Launchpad 1079745 Essex 2012.1.3 : Error deleting instance with 2 Nova Volumes attached 2013-05-10
Launchpad 1075859 use_single_default_gateway does not function correctly 2013-05-10
Launchpad 1089488 Meta bug for tracking Openstack Stable Updates 2013-05-10
CVE CVE-2013-0208 Boot from volume allows access to random volumes 2013-05-10
CVE CVE-2013-1838 Nova DoS by allocating all Fixed IPs 2013-05-10
CVE CVE-2013-0335 VNC proxy can connect to the wrong VM 2013-05-10
CVE CVE-2013-1664 Denial of service via xml entity parsing 2013-05-10
Launchpad 1026210 Nova flavor ephemeral space size reported incorrectly 2013-05-10
Launchpad 1040537 Bridge port's hairpin mode not set after resuming a machine 2013-05-10
Launchpad 1043999 nova usage-list returns wrong usage 2013-05-10
Launchpad 1004791 When attach volume lost attach when node restart 2013-05-10
Launchpad 1045152 Heavily loaded nova-compute instances don't sent reports frequently enough 2013-05-10
Launchpad 1046313 At termination, LXC rootfs is not always unmounted before rmtree() is called 2013-05-10
Launchpad 1050982 ensure_default_security_group() does not call sgh 2013-05-10
Launchpad 1051924 lock files may be removed in error dues to permissions issues 2013-05-10
Launchpad 921774 snapshot stays in saving state if the vm base image is deleted 2013-05-10

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