Bugs fixes in "linux-kvm"

Origin Bug number Title Date fixed
CVE CVE-2019-6133 In PolicyKit (aka polkit) 0.115, the "start time" protection mechanism can be bypassed because fork() is not atomic, and therefore authorization deci 2019-02-15
CVE CVE-2018-19854 An issue was discovered in the Linux kernel before 4.19.3. crypto_report_one() and related functions in crypto/crypto_user.c (the crypto user configu 2019-02-15
CVE CVE-2018-18397 The userfaultfd implementation in the Linux kernel before 4.19.7 mishandles access control for certain UFFDIO_ ioctl calls, as demonstrated by allowi 2019-02-15
Launchpad 1813727 kernel 4.15.0-44 cannot mount ext4 fs with meta_bg enabled 2019-02-15
Launchpad 1813663 External monitors does not work anymore 4.15.0-44 2019-02-15
Launchpad 1811803 Crash on \ 2019-02-15
Launchpad 1811755 X1 Extreme: only one of the two SSDs is loaded 2019-02-15
Launchpad 1810797 bluetooth controller not detected with 4.15 kernel 2019-02-15
Launchpad 1811929 Fix not working Goodix touchpad 2019-02-15
Launchpad 1813532 x86/mm: Found insecure W+X mapping at address (ptrval)/0xc00a0000 2019-02-15
Launchpad 1785816 Consider enabling CONFIG_NETWORK_PHY_TIMESTAMPING 2019-02-15
Launchpad 1795453 [SRU] IO's are issued with incorrect Scatter Gather Buffer 2019-02-15
Launchpad 1813127 ptrace-tm-spd-gpr in powerpc/ptrace from ubuntu_kerenl_selftests failed on Bionic P8 2019-02-15
Launchpad 1812812 Fix non-working QCA Rome Bluetooth after S3 2019-02-15
Launchpad 1812797 [SRU] Fix Xorg crash with nomodeset when BIOS enable 64-bit fb addr 2019-02-15
Launchpad 1798776 kvm_stat : missing python dependency 2019-02-15
Launchpad 1813873 Userspace break as a result of missing patch backport 2019-02-15
Launchpad 1812875 ip6_gre: fix tunnel list corruption for x-netns 2019-02-15
Launchpad 1811777 Fix non-working pinctrl-intel 2019-02-15
Launchpad 1811877 Bionic update: upstream stable patchset 2019-01-15 2019-02-15

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