Bugs fixes in "linux-image-generic"

Origin Bug number Title Date fixed
Launchpad 960770 Packages requiring dkms at Pandaboard (omap 4) will also pull linux-headers-generic because current dkms dependencies 2013-01-18
Launchpad 1066122 Add compat-wireless v3.5 stack to Precise LBM 2012-11-30
Launchpad 1066123 Add compat-wireless v3.6 stack to Precise LBM 2012-11-30
Launchpad 1064259 Installing linux-crashdump replaces grub-efi 2012-11-30
Launchpad 1023566 Update Precise LBM to include v3.4 compat-wireless stack 2012-09-22
Launchpad 1000831 Precise: Add Calxeda Highbank arm flavour 2012-06-14
Launchpad 999726 Fix Vcs-Git in linux-meta 2012-06-14

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