Bugs fixes in "linux-hwe-5.15"

Origin Bug number Title Date fixed
Launchpad 1987232 WARN in trace_event_dyn_put_ref 2022-09-27
Launchpad 1984103 [UBUNTU 22.04] s390/qeth: cache link_info for ethtool 2022-09-27
Launchpad 1982070 scsi: hisi_sas: Increase debugfs_dump_index after dump is \u00a0completed 2022-09-27
Launchpad 1981883 amdgpu module crash after 5.15 kernel update 2022-09-27
Launchpad 1990124 icmp_redirect.sh in ubuntu_kernel_selftests failed on Jammy 5.15.0-49.55 2022-09-27
Launchpad 1988809 ip/nexthop: fix default address selection for connected nexthop 2022-09-27
CVE CVE-2021-33061 Insufficient control flow management for the Intel(R) 82599 Ethernet Controllers and Adapters may allow an authenticated user to potentially enable d 2022-09-20
CVE CVE-2021-33655 When sending malicous data to kernel by ioctl cmd FBIOPUT_VSCREENINFO,kernel will write memory out of bounds. 2022-09-20
CVE CVE-2022-36946 nfqnl_mangle in net/netfilter/nfnetlink_queue.c in the Linux kernel through 5.18.14 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (panic) beca 2022-09-20
Launchpad 1980277 Jammy update: v5.15.40 upstream stable release 2022-09-20
Launchpad 1980278 Jammy update: v5.15.41 upstream stable release 2022-09-20
Launchpad 1978915 alsa/hda: mute led can't work on the lenovo machine with cs35l41 s-codec 2022-09-20
Launchpad 1969771 Fix beacon loss for rtl8821ce on certain platforms 2022-09-20
Launchpad 1966010 Fix audio on Zbook Studio G9 2022-09-20
Launchpad 1980087 Fix PSR flickers on Intel TGL laptops + AUO panel 2022-09-20
Launchpad 1981375 Jammy update: v5.15.42 upstream stable release 2022-09-20
Launchpad 1981468 Jammy update: v5.15.43 upstream stable release 2022-09-20
Launchpad 1981649 Jammy update: v5.15.44 upstream stable release 2022-09-20
Launchpad 1981862 Jammy update: v5.15.45 upstream stable release 2022-09-20
Launchpad 1966680 Revert drm/amd/pm: enable ASPM by default 2022-09-20

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