Bugs fixes in "linux-azure"

Origin Bug number Title Date fixed
Launchpad 2003130 Jammy update: v5.15.81 upstream stable release 2023-02-10
CVE CVE-2022-3545 A vulnerability has been found in Linux Kernel and classified as critical. Affected by this vulnerability is the function area_cache_get of the file 2023-02-09
CVE CVE-2022-47520 An issue was discovered in the Linux kernel before 6.0.11. Missing offset validation in drivers/net/wireless/microchip/wilc1000/hif.c in the WILC1000 2023-02-09
CVE CVE-2022-20369 In v4l2_m2m_querybuf of v4l2-mem2mem.c, there is a possible out of bounds write due to improper input validation. This could lead to local escalation 2023-02-09
CVE CVE-2023-0179 netfilter: nft_payload: incorrect arithmetics when fetching VLAN header bits 2023-02-09
CVE CVE-2023-0461 RESERVED 2023-02-09
Launchpad 2001726 Kinetic update: upstream stable patchset 2023-01-04 2023-02-09
Launchpad 2003753 Kinetic update: upstream stable patchset 2023-01-23 2023-02-09
Launchpad 1998882 Mute/mic LEDs no function on a HP platfrom 2023-02-09
Launchpad 1998885 Add additional Mediatek MT7922 BT device ID 2023-02-09
Launchpad 1999556 commit cf58599cded35cf4affed1e659c0e2c742d3fda7 seems to be missing in kinetic master to remove \ 2023-02-09
Launchpad 1992714 [SRU] SoF for RPL platform support 2023-02-09
Launchpad 2000772 powerpc-build in ubuntu_kernel_selftests failed on P9 with K-5.19 2023-02-09
Launchpad 1999750 Set explicit CC in the headers package 2023-02-09
Launchpad 2000667 cmsg_so_mark.sh / cmsg_time.sh / cmsg_ipv6.sh in net from ubuntu_kernel_selftests hang with non-amd64 2023-02-09
Launchpad 2003053 NFS: client permission error after adding user to permissible group 2023-02-09
Launchpad 2002889 5.15.0-58.64 breaks xen bridge networking (pvh domU) 2023-02-09
Launchpad 1990849 LXD containers using shiftfs on ZFS or TMPFS broken on 5.15.0-48.54 2023-02-09
Launchpad 2003353 Azure: Fix race on per-CQ variable napi_iperf panic fix 2023-02-09
Launchpad 2004604 Azure: mana: Fix IRQ name - add PCI and queue number 2023-02-09

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